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Well, it is Saturday evening.  I finally went to the clinic today.  I have benign positional vertigo.  I hate spending $25 co-pay just to find out there is really nothing you can do about it.  Hopefully it will be over in a few days.. I am so sick of being dizzy. 

Annaleah is talking so much more lately.  She is quite a handful.. Now it sounds like she is saying Yah ma.. it is funny. 

Everything else here is fine.. but I am having a hard time focusing on this so I am going to stop now.  I will post again soon.  


Good Morning!!

I am amazed at all the things I have accomplished this morning. It is only 7:20am and here is what I have done so far.

  • Washed and dressed
  • Made David a smoothie and his lunch before school
  • Put away all dishes
  • Used the sweeper on the rug (dog hairs.. ugh)
  • Signed all paperwork for David
  • Took my vitamin (always forget this one)
  • Put a load into the washer
  • Read my bible

I am shocked.. Usually I would just sit around and be lazy or extremely tired.

Let me tell you about last night! My wonderful husband came home from his annual training (a two-hour drive) to spend one and half-hours with me then drove back. He just made my day. I miss him terribly when he is away. Annaleah was so excited to see him. She kept hugging him and giving him kisses. He will be back on Friday. I am already planning one of his favorite meals.

Bible Reading: Today I read Proverbs 29 and this verse stuck out at me.

A fool uttereth his mind: but a wise man keepeth it in till afterwards. Proverbs 29:11.

How many times have I just spoke what was on my mind without even thinking about it. Then later kick myself because I ended up doing damage I regret. This verse definitely hit me hard.

My Goal for today:

To maintain my routines. I wanted to go for a walk but that is out due to the rain. I think I will work on my household book. I am hoping to have my notebook filled with all the necessities of managing a home.

Hello everyone.  It has been quite a weekend.  We went to my cousin’s wedding.. It was beautiful.  David, my 13 year old, babysat Annaleah, my 1 year old.  He did a great job.  Of course I didn’t do so well.  I was a wreck.  I am proud of him though. 

My wonderful husband is away on annual training.. I miss him already (he only left this morning). 

David starts 8th grade tomorrow.  I am both excited and sad.  It will be good though.  I am hoping to be able to start a schedule of my own tomorrow.  I want to start taking walks and getting some things accomplished during the day.  We will see how it goes.

Hello everyone.  My weekend has been rather bland so I really didn’t post anything.  I have actually been depressed but can’t for the life of me figured out why.  Of course, this morning I woke up sick.. Yuck!!  I hate being sick. 

I am hoping to post a few pics of Annaleah at the zoo.  She seem to have a great time. 

I am going to go nurse my cold now. 

Wow! It has been a long time since I have posted. I wanted to post on Tuesday evening but before I could sit down to the computer, we had a power outage. So now I will go on to tell you about our last few days.


We decided to go to the beach today. We had a great time. Annaleah had never been to the beach before. She loved the water as well as the huge sand I was trying to imagine what she was thinking regarding the sand. When we got back I made some corn chowder for dinner. It was delicious. Got the recipe from a friend. Annaleah said “eye” today for the first time.. It was quite a shock because as soon as she said it.. she poked my eye. But we were thrilled that she finally said it. So now she is obsessed with the word.. and our eyes. I will say it was a very good day, Until the power went out. Then I had to move Annaleah from the bedroom to the living room. Angel had to drive a half hour to work at 12:30 just to do 15 minutes worth of work. Usually he would log on from home.. but that wasn’t happening. So David, Jade, Annaleah and I slept on the floor in the living room until 3:30am. We had a candle lit so we could see each child. But I must tell you want happened just before the power outage. David was in his room and discovered about 30 queen ants swarming one of his socks!! We are being invaded. We have been seeing them a lot lately. So now we are laying on the living room with visions of ants invading us, not a fun night. I even found my husband running a flashlight along the walls, checking for ants.


This was “catch up day”. I spent the day doing all of the laundry. (Four loads). During breakfast I was trying to get Annaleah to eat her eggs and toast. When I gave her the toast she gave it back and said “no”. I was amazed. Luckily “yah” is still her favorite word but I loved the fact that she is really started to connect her gestures with words. I filled up the kiddie pool for the girls because it was incredibly hot today. Angie (Jade’s mom) was coming to visit us today. She missed Jade so much after 4 days. Our plan was to stop at Nana’s house on the way to the drive-in. We were taking Jade to see Spy Kids 2. Today was Nana’s Birthday so we decided to stop by her house on the way and give her chocolates, flowers, and a card. Well, our plans were suddenly changed because Jade decided to go home. So we had to pack up all her clothes (good thing I did laundry). I just started crying. I don’t know why. It just hurt so badly. I do know there are a few factors to cause my behavior. One being the fact that I planned this whole week for her. I really wanted her to have a great time. I had been planning this for 2 months. Annaleah loved having her around and was learning so much from her. I am planning to ttc this month which means that I won’t be able to take Jade alone again for a few years. I had to wait two years for this time. I like to be able to devote my time to her as much as possible and that just isn’t going to happen with a baby. Last, but not least, my monthly visitor was supposed to arrive on Monday, which means my emotions have run amok. Jade was very sad because I was sad and came to me crying.. she told me “Auntie Linda, I love you very much, but I really want to go home.” So after big hugs and drying tears I told her that I knew she loved me and that I would always love her.

So, because we had to pack her up to leave, we had no time to see Nana (my grandmother). We did go see Spy Kids 2 and Master of Disguise at the drive-in. I used the kid’s harness on Annaleah. It felt really weird but she just loves to run. I am so afraid we are going to turn around and she will be gone.. so we tried it. She thought it was funny until she realized what it was for. She was really mad at us. She got over it quickly. During the movie she kept looking up at the stars and pointing. Daddy was holding her and he said “stars” and she repeated after him. I am loving this. We arrived home at 1:30am after another exhausting day.

Thursday (today)

Well, today we headed out to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence. I wanted to leave there a lot earlier but that never happens. We stopped off for a bite to eat at Burger King. Now if I can only get Annaleah to sit still and actually eat. She was climbing the table, playing with those hats, playing with my ketchup.. just making a mess.. Gee. I find myself eating as fast as I can to get out of there. She seemed to like the zoo.. but had more fun carrying around the red cooler. She was funny. She just loves hard work. You could tell the cooler was heavy but she was not giving up. She was completely exhausted before we finished the trail. It was too hot to be going to the zoo. We decided next time to go either early spring or late fall. We did finally get to see the Cheetah.. right in front of us. As soon as we got to the window he jumped from his hiding spot and walked right by us. Of course, Anna was sleeping. We managed to stop and see Nana today. She was surprised. It was nice to see her but we couldn’t stay long. It is an hour drive to get home. We finally got in at 10pm. Annaleah is sleeping soundly again. These day trips are completely wearing her out.

Tomorrow we stay home.. yippee!! We gave in and called the pest control and they are coming tomorrow as well.. I hope the cost isn’t too high.


I am so glad this day is over. What a day! Jade and Annaleah have been great but it was so hard to accomplish anything. I am exhausted and have a major headache. Between keeping them occupied, the normal cleaning, cooking and other household stuff, not to mention it is also bill paying day.. I am just not getting everything done. Tomorrow we go to the beach and I am so looking forward to a day away from home. Of course I may change my mind tomorrow after chasing Annaleah and answering Jade’s endless questions.

I am loving her being here though. Annaleah loves playing with her and she watches everything Jade does. I actually cried today because around 12:30pm. Annaleah asked for her cup (more like whined) and then walked right into my room, laid down on her crib mattress and went to sleep.. I cried. My 15-month-old went to bed on her own. It just broke my heart.

Well, I guess it is time for me to start cleaning if I want a break tomorrow.. Gotta pay those bills too.

Good Night!

I am so excited.. a few ladies have read my weblog and even commented.. thank you.  It is nice to know someone is actually reading what I write. 

My niece, Jade, has arrived.  She is spending the week with us.  I am loving the fact that she keeps Annaleah busy for me.  Annaleah loves having someone to play with.  I was able to do the dishes after dinner.. which is usually the worst time to try and do anything. 

Well, it is late and I must go to bed.  What an exhausting day.

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