I am so glad this day is over. What a day! Jade and Annaleah have been great but it was so hard to accomplish anything. I am exhausted and have a major headache. Between keeping them occupied, the normal cleaning, cooking and other household stuff, not to mention it is also bill paying day.. I am just not getting everything done. Tomorrow we go to the beach and I am so looking forward to a day away from home. Of course I may change my mind tomorrow after chasing Annaleah and answering Jade’s endless questions.

I am loving her being here though. Annaleah loves playing with her and she watches everything Jade does. I actually cried today because around 12:30pm. Annaleah asked for her cup (more like whined) and then walked right into my room, laid down on her crib mattress and went to sleep.. I cried. My 15-month-old went to bed on her own. It just broke my heart.

Well, I guess it is time for me to start cleaning if I want a break tomorrow.. Gotta pay those bills too.

Good Night!