Why does it always seem like the house is completely trashed over the weekend when we are hardly even home??  I starting to have a major problem with Mondays..

Saturday Morning we went to the Mall and to Bj’s.. Nothing really interesting.. We also checked out Ames’ clearance.  Nothing interesting at all.  I actually felt like it was a complete waste of a day.  We got absolutely nothing accomplished. 

We watched Lord of the Rings Saturday night.  Angel and David were eating some candy and Annaleah ended up with a lollipop.. what a mistake!!  She was spinning around in a circle and laughing her head off.  She would stop and stare at the floor.. and then this giggle would just bubble up.. It was hilarious.  We actually missed part of the movie because we just couldn’t help but laugh with her.  No more candy for Anna.

Sunday, of course, was church.  I ended up missing the service.  I refuse to leave Anna crying.. So usually I will just play with her and have the worker for that day play with her.. and as soon as Annaleah feels comfortable enough, I leave.  So far everyone has said that she doesn’t cry.. until I get back.. (Mommy, you left me…lol)  Yesterday, she was not letting go of me at all.  Another little girl was screaming for her mom and it made Anna very nervous.  She did finally get comfortable 10 minutes before church was over.. so I went to the bathroom and waited outside the door.  I figure every minute helps.  I know that everyone thinks I am spoiling her rotten.. but I truly don’t want her to feel abandoned.  She is to young to understand exactly where I am going and that I will be back.. So far she is doing great.. she will have days where she is clingy and she will have days where she could care less where I am. 

Well, I have tons to do today.. so I should go..