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Good Morning

Or should I say, good afternoon.. I seem to be having a hard time getting anything done this week.. gee.. it is just too busy.  Watching Anna with the twins is a full time job.. she is something else.. She seems to be content with bugging the twins.. Touching them when they don’t want to be touched.. not listening to me at all.. It is like she wants to figure out how far she can get.  I wonder what is on her mind. 


Hello.. It is amazing how time flies.. Well, today I am sitting home and just taking care of the basics..   Annaleah fell asleep at 3:36pm.. I am going to regret this tonight.  She has a slight cold and can be quite clingy.  I have so much catching up to do.  Angel took a sick day yesterday .. and we finally got the portable pool clean up and stored away for next year.  Well, off to pick up the toys..

Hello.. It has been a busy week.  I am hoping to post tomorrow..

I wanted to post that I am starting my new book.. The Excellent Wife.

Good morning.  It is 6:24am here and I am up.. Angel has left for military duty today.  He will be going through the weekend.  He is in the Army Reserves.  David is in the shower, getting ready for school.  I had to babysit yesterday so the pj option was not there.. but it is today.  Angel won’t be home until after 6pm.  I am going to just do my daily cleaning and figure out how to change this page.  I am getting there but didn’t realize how much was involved.  Right now just taking one of the skins and changing some of the info is quite a challenge. 

I hope everyone else has a nice, calm, relaxing day.

It has been a horrible day!!  So many things went wrong today.. Where do I begin?

  • First of all, we woke up an hour late which meant David had 10 minutes to get to the bus stop.
  • Daddy left the big bag of Smarties where Annaleah could reach and I walked into the kitchen to find the floor covered.
  • While trying to get dressed for the grinder lunches, I walked into the living room to find a bag of peanut shells and crumbs all over the living room floor.. (a bag that Daddy left on the couch the night before)
  • No time to clean it up.. gotta get dressed.. finished dressing to find that Annaleah is using her baby stroller to dump the peanut shells and etc. down the hall.
  • We leave to find it is raining quite hard.. No stroller today.  Load Anna into the Maya Wrap, grab her backpack and my bag along with little umbrella (now realize how important it is to have big umbrella.
  • As I arrive to the school, Left side of my body is in severe pain, backside soaked from rain. 
  • As we are leaving the school, it is pouring mad.. offered ride from another volunteer.. which is worse.. getting into car without car seat (which is in hubby’s car at work) or Annaleah getting sick from walking in pouring rain.. we chose to take up ride offer.  I only live around the block.. I know someone is going to yell at me.. She did get strapped into a booster seat.. although that isn’t much help.
  • Anna naps .. I have 2 hours to regroup before Angel arrives to pick us up for the company bowling league.
  • This week Angel and I both bowl (our team rotates through 7 players) so Anna must stay with us.. She is really good.. but once we order something to eat for dinner, she smears the ketchup all over her shirt, pants, shoes, seat, and table.. oh yeah.. and the face.  Now.. who put the ketchup near her?? 
  • Head to Laleche Meeting with Annaleah in ketchup stained shirt and pants.. oh yeah.. Annaleah falls into puddle on the way to the car.
  • I am able to enjoy Laleche meeting.. yay!..

I am exhausted!!  What a day!!  Tomorrow I go absolutely nowhere.. housebound is for me.. heck.. maybe we will stay in our pj’s all day..

Oh yeah, I gotta babysit tomorrow.. Oh well, sweats are nice and comfy too. 

I hope everyone else had a much better day.. yay!!.. Anna is falling asleep..

Here it is, Monday morning and I am sick!  I hate being sick.  I slept on the couch all night because laying upright helps minimize the coughing a bit.. not much but a little.  Annaleah slept with me.  She woke up right when we were getting ready for bed.  She is so silly in the middle of the night.  I put a cd in the dvd player so the music will help her sleep.. She spent 15 minutes dancing in the living room before she finally joined me on the couch.  She just loves to dance.

I am hoping to spend some time today playing with this site.  I hope I figure it out today. 

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