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Good Morning..

We are cold this morning.. brrr..  Our furnace decided to quit last night.  Someone is coming to take a look at it.. Hopefully soon.. brr..

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  We did.  We have tons of food leftover.  I tend to go a little overboard.

We did a little shopping yesterday morning.. we got a new 27-inch tv in one of the early morning sales.. Our tv was a mess.. this is the biggest I have ever had.. Annaleah is amazed at the huge Clifford on the television now.  lol

Well.. I should start my day today.. We have to go buy a new microwave.. that quit too…. of course after the oil man gets here..


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone had a great day.  We invited Angel’s brother and family over for dinner.  It wasn’t bad at all.  Now I am sitting in the midst of Chaos.. lol.. I  have tons to do before the early morning shopping.  I will post again real soon.

All that stuff I said about posting me week.. didn’t happen.. what else is new.  I just don’t know where to find the time.  These are all the things that I do in my life.

  • Sunday School Teacher

  • Nursery Worker

  • Church Bulletin Maker

  • Grinder Lady

  • Laleche Fundraiser Coordinator

  • Patchwork and Preserves Consultant

These are all of my goals

  • Learn to cook more from scratch

  • Be a neat housekeeper

  • Fix up the areas of my home that need fixing

  • Learn how to keep house plants alive

  • Build a Personal Webpage

  • Lose 100+ pounds

  • Feel better about myself

  • Have another baby. 

I guess I want it all!!  Is it unrealistic to want these things??

Patchwork and Preserves is a direct sales company.  We sell Amish made products.  I say we but in reality I just started so I haven’t sold anything yet.  There is so much to do..

  • I need to purchase all the supplies

  • I need to advertise myself. 

  • I need to buy to present myself better..

This last one hit hard this morning.  I was talking to my husband.. telling him that I sometimes feel like I look slobbish.. and he said that I do.  That hit hard.  But he is right.  I live in sweats.. I buy the cheapest thing there is.  I am very overweight.  My hair is long and think and I don’t wear makeup.  I just feel blah.  His answer is get my hair cut and buy some nice clothes.. But where do we get the money to do that??  

I don’t feel so good right now. 

Where does the time go??  I want so badly to post on a daily basis.. yet I can’t find the time.  It is not like my life consists of nothing.  There are things going on constantly.  I just feel so unmotivated.. Well! Not anymore!  It is time to get out of this semi depressed state and move on.  Ok.. I now feel like I am rambling.. but I am allowed to do that.. there are no rules to the site.. I can write whatever I feel.. Wait, my family and friends are probably reading this.. Now they think I am crazy. 

Alright, I am going to take a breather.  I plan on posting what has gone on in my life for the past week.  Get ready.  But first I am going to have some breakfast.

First of all.. My cousin finally got to come down and spend the night with 2 of her 3 kids.  It was nice to have her here.. but the time was short. 


David’s 14th birthday party went great.  We only had a few family members here.. so it was my mom, my gram, my uncle Nick, my cousin – Lisa and her 2 kids, my neice – Jade, her mom – Angie, and Angie’s neice – Katelynn.  We bought David a stereo (6 cd changer) after we told him that we could not afford something that big and that we would think about it for Christmas..


Well, after he opened everyone’s cards.. Angel put the stereo in the hall.. (still in the box).  I asked David to please get me a diaper for Anna.. He walked right by the box.. practically tripped over it.. and went into Anna’s room.. We were all giggling because he didn’t even notice.. Then we heard “Do you want cloth diaper?” and everyone burst out laughing.. Of course David came out to see what was going one and he started laughing.. as soon as he seen the box..  He was definately surprised and is now very happy!!  (not to mention $125 richer too.. )



Then on Sunday we went to Woonsocket for Katelynn’s 3rd birthday party.  They both share a birthday, Nov 10.  We had a really good time.. of course we are done with cake and party food.. I need some real good home cooking.

Annaleah & Jade


It has been a long time since I have posted.. It has been quite a week.  I ordered my kit for Patchwork & Preserves.  I am very nervous.  Check out the website ..

Thursday I had an At Home America Homecoming.. It was nice and I can’t wait to get the Jesus Loves Me afghan I ordered for Annaleah.

I will have to share the rest of my week in the morning.. Time for bed.

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