All that stuff I said about posting me week.. didn’t happen.. what else is new.  I just don’t know where to find the time.  These are all the things that I do in my life.

  • Sunday School Teacher

  • Nursery Worker

  • Church Bulletin Maker

  • Grinder Lady

  • Laleche Fundraiser Coordinator

  • Patchwork and Preserves Consultant

These are all of my goals

  • Learn to cook more from scratch

  • Be a neat housekeeper

  • Fix up the areas of my home that need fixing

  • Learn how to keep house plants alive

  • Build a Personal Webpage

  • Lose 100+ pounds

  • Feel better about myself

  • Have another baby. 

I guess I want it all!!  Is it unrealistic to want these things??

Patchwork and Preserves is a direct sales company.  We sell Amish made products.  I say we but in reality I just started so I haven’t sold anything yet.  There is so much to do..

  • I need to purchase all the supplies

  • I need to advertise myself. 

  • I need to buy to present myself better..

This last one hit hard this morning.  I was talking to my husband.. telling him that I sometimes feel like I look slobbish.. and he said that I do.  That hit hard.  But he is right.  I live in sweats.. I buy the cheapest thing there is.  I am very overweight.  My hair is long and think and I don’t wear makeup.  I just feel blah.  His answer is get my hair cut and buy some nice clothes.. But where do we get the money to do that??  

I don’t feel so good right now.