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Well it is day 2 of my eating plan.  I did pretty good yesterday.. I made a smoothie with fresh squeezed oj, frozen bananas and strawberries.  It was not bad at all..  However I did feel guilty the rest of the day.  But my goal is to start slow..

I also started The Lord’s Table.  It is an online bible study that focuses on our  eating.  Check it out :

Well aside from the list I was supposed to do yesterday.. I am not going to be getting much done.. My grandma is coming today to see the girls.. we just love seeing Nana and Uncle Nick.

By the way,  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Good Morning everyone.  What a beautiful day. 

My Eating Plan:

Today is the day I offically start my new eating plan.  I am going to really do this right this time.  My friend Katy is teaching me so much about foods and what I need.  I am working one week at a time.  This week I will be eating fruits in the am.  No other foods before noon.. only fruits.  I am starting today with a smoothie made from fresh squeezed orange juice, bananas and strawberries.  ..

My Daily Agenda:

Well, my mom and neices are here for the week.  Jade is now 5, Katelynn is 3 and along with Anna (20 months) it should be a really interesting week..

  • Wash dry and put away 1 load
  • keep kitchen dishes clean
  • vacuum family room
  • vacuum living room
  • Clean 2 bathrooms
  • Work on Patchwork and Preserves Business Cards
  • plan meals for the week

I have alot of work to do with Patchwork today.

Hello.. and Good morning..

I tried to post a few days ago but the page froze before I saved. 

Things have been so busy around here.  Here is my list of things to do.

Oh my.. this list is going to be very long


  • clean dining room

  • Straighten Living Room

  • Vac Living Room

  • Do all dishes

  • clean counter/table

  • sweep/mop floor

  • make my bed

  • wash 3 loads of laundry

  • balance checkbook

  • clean Anna’s room

  • Clean 2 baths

  • wrap all gifts

  • make various cookies

  • make Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

  • prepare scallopped potatoes

  • Chocolate dipped pretzels (maybe)

  • Look up any other needed recipes

  • Bathe Annaleah

  • take nighttime bath myself

Wow.. it is like 11pm and I don’t feel like I accomplished much at all today.  I did something I never do.. I left Anna with a friend while Angel and I bowled in his company league.  We usually take her with us.  Annaleah had a marvelous time.  Karen is a wonderful lady and I trust her completely.  I am just not used to my baby not being with me.  I do feel better knowing that they all had a ball together.  Annaleah was so tired she didn’t even need her cup to fall asleep. 

I just might do this a little more often..

Well, I am off to clean up and hit the sack.. I have the twins tomorrow.. Good night everyone.

Oh.. by the way… susiefan … thank you for the comment.  I like that and need to post it somewhere.

AmazingMystery – as far as I know.. we are allowed to .. I have so many online friends that it would definately benefit me.  I am guessing you check out the products online.  They are beautiful.

lil_dyn_no_myte – I love that story you wrote on your site, about the poor dog.  Some people are unbelievable.. lol  .. As for the site.. it seems like such a waste to pay for premium and not know what to do with it.. I am trying desperately to find the time..

Ok.. I figured out how to get a pic on the top of the page.. but now I have to figure out how to get the clip site on the side.. so here is the link and site for now..


First of all, forget that “healthy eating” yesterday.  I completely blew it.  Time to start all over again.. oh well. 

I am so excited.  I got my patchwork and preserves stuff in the mail.. the catalog does not do it justice at all.  Everything is so wonderfully made.  I can’t wait for my open house in January.  In case anyone is wondering.. I just signed up for a direct sales company call “Patchwork & Preserves”.  They are all handmade products from the Amish.  Check it out at

I have tons to do today.. I hope I can accomplish them.  Bye for now!

Good Morning everyone! 

It is 16 degrees here in Ledyard.. Yikes.. but the sun is shining and I am indoors.. lol

ok.. today I officially start my trek to a healthier lifestyle.  This morning I ate..

  • 1/2 grapefruit

  • 1.5 toast lightly buttered. 

I could have gone with something healthier than toast.. I know.. but I did it.  I will have to have a better plan tomorrow.  The toast was because Anna will actually eat that so I just had to have one. 

Time to get back to cleaning this mess..

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