Anna is growing way too fast.  She had a ball with Mimi here the last two weeks. 

Now she just walks around saying “Mimi?”..  She is repeating everything lately. 

Now is the time to watch what we say.. you know,

all those “not so nice” words.. like “stupid” and “shut up”..

I am going to have to stay on top of David. 


Here are a few pics that I wanted to share



Here is Annaleah getting a haircut.  I had decided to cut her bangs. 

Her hair is not think enough for barrettes yet and it is always in her face..

 we decided to make the drastic cut.. layers..



Annaleah and David playing in the snow



Playing with the snow indoors..

She loved burying all her little people and farm animals.


And finally.. Annaleah in her new dress..

My mother and I worked on this together. 

I am just learning to sew.