Annaleah’s Doctor’s Appointment


Ok.. lets see.. we left here at 9am to head to Hartford.. I packed her back pack with diapers and extra clothes, I little bag with ice for her milk/juices, and then a big bag full of things to do (stickers, crayons, paper, books, little people, popsicle sticks, etc.)  Angel took everything to the car.. We get there.. and the bag of toys are not in the car!!  All I kept thinking about is what is this poor child going to do for 3.5 hours..


Annaleah had her hearing test done first.. it was too cute.. First they checked her ears.. there is pressure build up in the left ear and fluid in the right ear.  The tubes are also sitting in the ear canal.. ready to fall out after a year.  When they tested her.. she sat in my lap.. they had these speakers.. on to the right and to the left.. on the way.  On top of the speakers where these stuffed musical bears.. so everytime she heard a sound.. she would turn to the direction of the speaker.. and the musical bears would beat their drum.  It was so funny watching her look back and forth.. she though it was funny.. Then she wore the headphones and followed directions on touching her eyes, nose, hair, etc.. She did very well, behavior wise.. The test showed a slight hearing loss but they believe it is from the fluids.. We are supposed to go back in two months for another one. 


While I was there.. she asked if I would like to get a quick test on me.. that would tell me if it is sensory or nerve damage that I have.. Well the test showed I have a severe hearing loss (knew that part already.. lol ) and that it is nerve damage.. which can be hereditary.. So now she wants to do a test on Annaleah every year.. just to keep a close eye on her..


Then we went to the craniofacial team.. Here are the results..


1. Dentist wants Annaleah to see the dentist as soon as possible.. she believes in dental care by the age of one.. What will be tough is finding a dentist in our local area that believes the same thing. 


2. The doctor who did the surgery.. said the palate looks great.. however, we won’t know how successful it was until she says all her sounds. He believes that Annaleah should be in Birth to Three til she is three ..and then moved to a school program for the speech.. He also  said to speak to Kelly (the speech pathologist) about it.. and find out her recommendation.


3.  Kelly said Annaleah sounded wonderful.. but she noticed she was not saying certain sounds .. and told me to get birth to three to keep her in the program for at least another 6 months.


4. The Ear, Nose and Throat doctor.. wants to see her in 2 months.. if the fluid goes away on it own than great.. if not then he wants to put new tubes in..


So that was it.. Annaleah was wonderful..did everything that was asked.. she is such a big girl.  Where did my baby go?? 


Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!