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Good morning everyone.. Gee.. where did the time go??  I am just not doing well with nightly updates.. oh well.

Hubby is home this week.. It has been really nice.. so far he has stripped the rug from the stairs and Cut a tree and a few bushes from our front yard.. oh and we raked and picked up alot of leaves that were behind the bushes. It is looking good.. but we don’t expect him to spend his whole vacation working..

Yesterday, I had the daytime LaLeche Meeting.. which was nice.. I love the company.. and then a friend stayed for lunch.. it was so nice chatting that the entire morning and afternoon just disappeared.. Then we had to go bowl on the company league. 

Today we are taking Annaleah to the Children’s Musuem.  I have been driving everyday this week.. and it seems to be getting alot easier.. yippee.. I am starting to think I can really do this. 

Well, I gotta do the dishes.. Talk later.. I leave you with a pic of my little Angel



Well, things are going smoothly.. I have part of what I want on my computer.. now I have to work on the worst part.. the modules..but I have a much better understanding of html now.. very interesting.. I know that if I had skipped church (I know.. bad thinking) and sat here all day.. I probably would have finished it.. but I will be patient..

I forgot to share what happened on Friday.  I don’t know if I mentioned it before.. but I will explain now anyways…

Annaleah was born with a cleft palate (soft).  She has been in an early intervention program since birth.. Now developementally she has always done terrific.. After her palate surgery (Feb 2002) she started making all her sounds beautifully.. Now I was told that because she is at high risk for speech problems.. she would have speech through this program and then when she turned three it would be turned over to the school.. and that speech was extremely necessary because many kids end up with problems later.. it is not alway evident immediately.  Also that we would not know how well surgery went until she was able to make all the sounds necessary (which could be elementary level)

Birth to three provides a child developement specialist and speech patholigist visits once a month.. she is doing so great that she is not eligible for service anymore.. Problem is .. we won’t know how well surgery was until after she can say everthing.. which isn’t til elementary grade level.. If she is removed from the program then we lose all of the help.. and it is harder to get back in..

After passing the first test with flying colors.. they decided to do a complete speech evaluation (the first was mostly child developement)Annaleah showed a two month delay in the speech evaluation.. I know this sounds weird to be happy about this.. funny thing is.. she could do almost everything she was asked to do.. but Anna was completely distracted and unwilling to cooperate on most of the questions.. It was so funny.. Sue kept giving me looks and saying.. did you give her a lecture??  It was hilarious because we both new that she could do it..


The sad part is Julie (the child developement specialist) has to give her up.. .. We knew it would come to this eventually.. She has seen Anna since she was 4 months old.. and she said it was a relief to see a child actually doing so well.. She almost broke down crying today.. I totally felt bad.. she will be coming one more time (next month)..

maybe I can do something special.. any ideas? 

I am so happy!!  Thank you, Trish! .. It worked..

Now I am off to check out that site!  I have alot to learn.

Can anyone tell me why this page is extended pass my window??  What did I do??

I figured out how to get the pictures on the site.. but so far.. that is it.. Angel bought me a book last night..HTML for the world wide web … with xhtml and css.. guess I should get to work on it.

Well.. yesterday was a major disappointment.. we went to David’s school to speak with his counselor.  We have been receiving a fax of homework daily so we could keep track of David’s work.. (he wasn’t doing so well).. He received an 84 on his science project so we were very happy.. we went in feeling very positive.. Boy were we disappointed when we saw 3 f’s on his progress report.  We have no clue what happened.. Is he trying to make a statement??  So we get to meet with his teachers next week.. and get after him even more.. so guess what I get to hear.. more complaints from him.. and yelling of course.  I just don’t know what to do.. I am so worn out .. He is only 14.. I don’t think I am going to make it to his 18th birthday..

We went grocery shopping last night.. my little girl is something else.. Daddy took her for a walk through the store and guess what I found halfway through.. Anna and daddy kicking a ball back and forth.. Oh brother.. Anna ended up playing “kick the ball” with a lady in the freezer aisle.. she sure puts a smile on everyone’s face..

Well, I am going to get ready for bed.. tomorrow is going to be a cinch.. The dishes are done, sink empty, everything put away.. bills are on the table, Anna’s toys picked up.. this is what I need to do everyday. 

Oh.. I have a pic to share of Anna painting a picture..she loved it!

I love this one.. she crawl right into his arms.


Good Afternoon..


Yesterday, we went to my nephew’s birthday party.. He just turned three.. Kids grow way too fast.. I still can’t believe I am planning Annaleah’s 2nd birthday party.. Then we went to Barnes and Nobles.. I actually bought myself 2 books and a magazine.. I never buy myself anything.. I bought the Mothering Magazine, Confessions of an Organized Homemaker, and Fascinating Womanhood.. I should learn alot. 


I went to schedule an appointment with Annaleah’s ear, nose and throat doctor.. he wanted to see Anna about the fluid in her ears.. well .. he has been activated… He is leaving tomorrow.. they were in a meeting to find out what to do with his patients.. Yikes.. this is hitting to close for me.  We are very concerned.. So far, Angel has not heard anything.. so we are waiting.


Well, I have been playing around with this site.. It is awesome to find neat things to add.. I am off to find some more

Tell the devil today …
You are a liar!
you will not take my joy, my peace or disturb my  spirit.
you cannot sit in my chair-I will not give you a cushion of comfort.
You cannot sleep in my bed- there’s not enough cover.
you can’t touch my body==it’s covered in the blood.
you cannot audit my finances–I’ve changed accountants.
you cannot enter my home–the locks have been changed.
you must leave my workplace–you’re not on my list of things to do
for today.
you must take your hands of my children because I’ve laid hands on
I have no time for your nonsense, criticism or fears–I am on a
mission, and I walk by faith.
No more tears, heartaches, or headaches–because there’s another He,
that restoreth my soul.
Listen up devil, you’ve been warned!!!!
I have a gentle, powerful inner peace within that comsumes me and
leaves mo room for confusion.
I will -respond soothingly to a crying child, a tense spouse, or an
impatient friend.
I will find no fault with a relative, friend or colleague.
You must to leave my tongue alone– for I will not talk of anyone,
before placing God at the beginning our my thought.
My God is…because He said.
God said, “My people  will abide in a peaceful habitation … and in
quiet resting places. ” (Isaiah 32:18)
devil, you are a liar!!!!!

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