Tell the devil today …
You are a liar!
you will not take my joy, my peace or disturb my  spirit.
you cannot sit in my chair-I will not give you a cushion of comfort.
You cannot sleep in my bed- there’s not enough cover.
you can’t touch my body==it’s covered in the blood.
you cannot audit my finances–I’ve changed accountants.
you cannot enter my home–the locks have been changed.
you must leave my workplace–you’re not on my list of things to do
for today.
you must take your hands of my children because I’ve laid hands on
I have no time for your nonsense, criticism or fears–I am on a
mission, and I walk by faith.
No more tears, heartaches, or headaches–because there’s another He,
that restoreth my soul.
Listen up devil, you’ve been warned!!!!
I have a gentle, powerful inner peace within that comsumes me and
leaves mo room for confusion.
I will -respond soothingly to a crying child, a tense spouse, or an
impatient friend.
I will find no fault with a relative, friend or colleague.
You must to leave my tongue alone– for I will not talk of anyone,
before placing God at the beginning our my thought.
My God is…because He said.
God said, “My people  will abide in a peaceful habitation … and in
quiet resting places. ” (Isaiah 32:18)
devil, you are a liar!!!!!