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This is a letter I got from my mom last week.. sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while.

Dear BVBC Member for your prayer……”Great News”…….My husband went for the catheterization this morning ….his heart is very stong…..they check his heart and there is no blockage… everything is fine….but he stlill need to see our primary Doctor .. for his lung and the pinch nerve he has in his left arm and neck to make a apointment for some tests…….”I PRAISE THE LORD….HE is so Great and Awsome…and our prayers are answer……And I Thank the Lord for your prayers


Please pray for my dad. 

He had an angina attack this morning.

Thank you!

Hello Everyone.. I haven’t posted in forever.. (or at least it feels like it)

It has been a pretty busy couple of weeks.. Angel took a week off work and we got rid of a few bushes and a tree in our front yard.. We still have more bushes to cut down but it is looking much better out there.. I also practiced driving daily. I have really got to get more time on the road. We also took Annaleah to the Children’s Musuem.. She had a lot of fun playing with Daddy.  If you click on the pic.. you will see a bigger pic.

April 1st – Annaleah survived her first trip to the dentist.. left with tears in her eyes.. but still smiled and said bye to the doctor and the nurses. Her teeth look very good… He said they look great compared to many cleft palate babies who requires alot of dental work. So Yippee!!

I wrote this letter to a friend last week.. Satan really tried to grab ahold of me..

Well, today I am in a pretty bad mood.. I am irritated at my husband and myself.. I am sitting here and the more I think the angrier I get.. but then part of me just doesn’t get why I am so angry.. which just makes me angrier.. I just feel like a complete failure.. Why.. hubby didn’t have any clothes to wear today.. I washed clothes on Monday.. but he only has 4 pairs of pants.. and the black ones had white lint on them.. so he was not happy and that just makes me upset with myself.. He is fine now.. He smiled.. gave me a kiss and left for work.. while I am still upset..

Why am I upset?? I feel like a failure.. if hubby is not happy then I am not happy.. I am a lousy housekeeper.. there is dust in the corners, kitchen floor in bad need of a wash, paperwork scattered everywhere.. downstairs is a complete disaster.. our closets are overflowing with clothes, bathrooms need cleaning.. rug needs to be pulled up.. yard stuff needs to be done.. the lists just goes on and on..

As for my business.. It is going nowhere.. hubby encouraged me to do this because we need the money badly.. but I can’t find the time.. I am shy.. there are so many reasons..

I need to stop now.. thinking of hitting the delete key.. but part of me says no..

Tonight we go to counseling.. do I want to open up my life to some counselor?? Is this really going to help David?? Am I wasting my time??

I am just rambling here.. going to stop now.

I have two great friends who helped me tremendously after I wrote this.. Katy and Roberta – Thank you!!

After writing this letter I decided to started pulling off the carpet in the hall.. Wow.. it was a lot of work the wood floor needs a little work but it still looks better than the stained carpet… Now we need a splurge of energy to finish the living/dining area. We are definitely nervous about what is under the carpet. We did discover that the landing near the front door is tiled. The entire staircase in wood but right smack in the middle is tiles.. oh well.. talking to the neighbors we discovered all the homes are like that (raised ranches anyways).

I am so excited about Annaleah’s birthday Party.. Last year.. someone threw away one of those Loving Family Dollhouse ($60).. yes it is a bit used.. but still looks great.. I cleaned it up and put it away.. We have been trying to figure out what to buy Annaleah for her b-day.. she is really into imitating things lately.. Well, on Thursday we went to meet a counselor for David (another story) and she had a big doll house.. in her office.. Annaleah was absolutely amazed with it.. and she played with the people.. My mom has been asking what she should get Annaleah… so last night I made a suggestion that we work on the people and furniture for the dollhouse.. Well.. I got a call on Saturday morning.. I only need to buy the living room set.. My mom and Angie just went nuts at Walmart this morning.. She has all the other furniture and mom, dad, siblings and baby.. I am shocked.. I can’t believe Anna will have all the pieces to her house.. whoo hoo.. I can’t wait to play.. lol

For those of you praying for our situation with David. We finally went to see a counselor. We are really hoping that it will help David to have someone to talk to.. He is really struggling with the teachers at school and with his homework. David really wants to pull up his grades and knows what to do..but feels like some of his teachers are not willing to work with him. He is now starting the last quarter.. but please.. pray.. He did get accepted into Grasso.. so he is really psyched about that.

Wow.. this was long.. sorry about that

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