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Wow! I don’t know how anyone does it.. I feel like such a failure. I am not getting much done at all around here. The house is trashed and here I am.. on the computer. Angel is working from home today.. then heading to a baseball game. Annaleah is in my room watching Toy Story again. Today is grinder day at the school so Anna and I will be spending some time there.. (next week is the last week!! Yah!) Tonight is a LaLeche meeting and then we head to the grocery store. I have got to make sure I bye healthy foods tonight. I have been very emotional yesterday and need to keep comfort foods away.

Last night Annaleah hurt herself. She was trying to find a tape to watch and likes to sit on the arm of the couch to look.. it is the only way she can reach the shelves.. well she fell and got stuck between the shelf and the couch. I should have known better. I am very upset about it. There was quite a bit of blood in her mouth. She seems to have cut inside the top lip. She had a really hard time drinking her cup last night. But it doesn’t seem to effect her moods today..she woke up very happy today. Of course I still feel miserable.

I am a little sad today.. All of my shows are over for the year. I think the most shocking is 7th Heaven and Everwood. Did they really have to end with a cliffhanger like that.. Ugh. I missed 24 last night (that is when Anna fell). I did watch Gilmore Girls.. and cried.. still have to watch Smallville (on tape) and I cried during Dawson’s Creek. I am so happy Joey chose Pacey! I have been watching the Dawson reruns on TBS and now remember why I am a fan of Joey and Pacey. So now what.. I know this sounds horrible but watching tv is our family time.. I can picture the summer being like this… after dinner, Angel and David head downstairs to their computers and I end up upstairs with Annaleah and my computer.. I know.. that is sad.. we really need to find something to do as a family.

Well, I must continue cleaning this place up.. right now Angel is making himself breakfast.. What kind of a wife am I.. <giggle> Actually.. I have a great husband.. he doesn’t demand me to make him anything.. He just offered me some..

Goodbye for now.

Well.. I couldn’t actually post this until now.. I can’t use the dsl connection when my hubby is working from home.. he just left for the game. I will be heading out for grinder duty.


Hi.. it has been quite a busy weekend.. hopefully I can share tomorrow.. but I must share two pics.

Annaleah painting with water

Anna and Jade at our annual Mother/Daughter Banquet

What a weekend!!  I will share..

Friday:  I recieved a phone call from David’s school.  He got into a fight on the bus.  Oh great.  So I call Angel at work.  David has a 3 day suspension.  Angel went down to the school and all of David’s teachers had gone to the principal to tell him they didn’t think David should be suspended.  They said that David is doing wonderful this quarter.  He has done a 180 turnaround.  I am so proud of how well he is doing in school.

Saturday:  We got to sleep and cuddle.. it has been so long.  Annaleah is so funny first thing in the morning.  I wish we could do that everyday.  Then we went to a Kids Only Yard Sale.  Annaleah got 7 Veggie Tales tapes.  Then we spend the rest of the day at home.. a nice quiet evening.  I also spent the day working on a website to honor my mom.

Sunday:  We went out to a Chinese Buffet after dinner.. yum.  Mother’s Day ended with a visit from the police.. yikes.  Angel tried to call his mom and we diall 10-10-811 to help with our long distance.. Looked like he dialed 911 instead.. Oops.. then to top it off.. he hung up.. not good.. Now.. I wonder what the neighbors are thinking..

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I have been busy.. check it out

What a day!  Poor Annaleah is consipated again.  I feel so bad for her when she goes through this.  She will not allow us to touch her when she is like this.  I put some mineral oil in her cup  twice today, like her doctor suggested.  I hope it kicks in soon.  I also hope she sleeps tonight.  She had such a hard time last night, tossing and turning.  Not to mention crying.. she actually had me crying because I was so tired. 

Annaleah hates flying bugs.. It is quite funny to watch her.  She covers her eyes and just yells.. Well today it was a fly.  I handed her the fly swatter and told her, “when you see the fly, hit it” So she walked around the house for 30 minutes, with the fly swatter in hand yelling “fly, fly.”  Then every once in a while you hear, “there it is” but it would disappear too fast. 

She went to the ENT in Glastonbury today.  One hour there for a 15 minute exam and then an hour back.  It gets a little frustrating.  Annaleah still has fluid in one in a month we go back for another hearing test and see the ENT again to see if the fluid went away.  If not, they we have to discuss reinserting tubes.  I really hope we don’t have too.  I don’t want to see Annaleah go through another experience like last time. 

Well, I am falling asleep now.  Hopefully we can get some sleep tonight.

Hello everyone,

Time has passed by way too quickly.. It is amazing how busy my life can get.  We have also been sick for the past 2 weeks.  I am praying for consistant warm weather. 

Annaleah had her birthday party.. It was a blast!!  I loved it.  I will definately look forward to planning her future parties. 

I finally put a site together with her pics through the last 2 years.. check it out.

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