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Hello Xanga Land!

Things have been quite busy around here.. I am trying so hard to catch up. But at this moment there is something that bothers me quite a bit. I can not get it off my mind. Now I may lose a few readers here.. but I am just so tired of pretending it doesn’t bother me. Especially in real life. So here it goes.

First of all, I am a Christian. A follower of Jesus Christ. A Child of God. Now I am not perfect and my relationship with Jesus is not perfect. However, I am learning. The Lord teaches me something daily. I need to get better at spending time with him. I have pushed him aside and focused on my family first. I know that is wrong and I am working on it.

Second of all, I am a wife. I fully support my husband. He makes the final decisions about everything, whether he likes it or not. He is the head of our home. That doesn’t mean that I sit by with my mouth shut. He does not treat me like that. He loves me and treats me with respect. He respects what I have to say.. and yes.. sometimes he will change his decisions based on my input. He doesn’t shut me up and I do not tear him down.

Third, and this is the real sore spot for me. I am a mother. What does that mean.. I am blessed with children. God gave them to us to raise. I have learned so much in the last 2 years. I believe in co-sleeping, nursing, carrying, nurturing, homeschooling, and many more. I believe God gave them to me..not to the state or someone else to care for. But what gets me is hearing things like.. She needs to be in her own room.. You need to let her cry.. it is good for her.. Don’t coddle her.. she’ll get over it. God has never done that to me.. why should I do it to her.. When I am sad, depressed and crying… and I pray to God… he comforts me.. even when I don’t deserve it.. If I feel isolated from Him it is because I walked away.. not God.. He is always by my side.. Why would I do that to Annaleah. Do I want her to feel alone and unworthy.. No Way!! Am I going to stick her in her room at night and when she has a bad dream.. not comfort her?? Or when she is afraid to be alone?? Is that what Adam and Eve did?? Did they make a crib and stick there babies into it and let them cry?? Did they only feed their babies on schedule?? I am sorry.. but I am tired of being told that I need to do this.. I refuse to let her think I am abandoning her at night.. or in daycare, or any other enviroment.

I am not going to judge anyone who puts their babies/toddlers in a crib or in their own beds. That is not me.. Everyone does what they feel is necessary. However, if you feel that something just doesn’t feel right.. they explore that. Don’t just listen to everyone tell you what to do. We tend to listen to everyone else.. We need to find out what is right for us. Annaleah sleeps in her own bed, in our room. We (yes, Angel agrees) do not feel comfortable keeping her in her room with the door shut or a gate that she can climb over, through the night. There are some nights when Annaleah needs comfort and she climbs in bed with us.. and yes.. sometimes we are uncomfortable.. (we desperately want a bigger bed).. but in the morning when she wakes up cuddled next to us and a big grin and we spend a few moments snuggling and giving her attention before we rise and start our day.. it is the most precious time you could ever ask for.

The only time I leave her is in the church nursery, and I don’t feel comfortable with that at times.. I do whatever I need to make her feel comfortable. I don’t leave until she is ready. I will stay with her and when she starts to play and get comfortable I give her a kiss and wait a little longer.. then I leave.. she doesn’t cry when I leave.. and she doesn’t watch me leave.. she just knows.. and when I come back.. she is all smiles. If she starts to cry before I leave.. then I come back but this hardly ever happens when following the above.

I pray that the Lord will continue to show me what is right for my children. I pray that I will listen to him and not others. I think I will be looking up some verses about this. I really hope I didn’t insult anyone.. I just feel so strongly about the way I am raising my baby girl.. I was starting to get really ticked off at all the comments that keep coming my way.

If anyone knows of any sites that mix Christianity with Attachment Parenting.. please post them here.. I would love to take a peek.



Twenty Questions
(From Anna)

Tony and Linda


Spy Kids 2

I enjoy 7th Heaven, Everwood, and Gilmore Girls.. oh yes.. and 24

Nope.. but David (my son) can

No.. I am the oldest of 3



Summer – I hate being cold

Chocolate chip cookie dough

Lots of butter

dusty rose and country blue

have no faves

Sliced Smoked Turkey Breast with Swiss cheese and mayo

15.  What would you do IF YOU WON BIG IN THE LOTTERY?
After tithes, pay our debts

beige – hope to change it someday


4.. just the necessary ones.. I lost my keys about 2 months ago.. had alot on those

not sure



White Neon

Happy Birthday to my hubby!!

Things have been really busy.. hopefully I can post tomorrow about our week so far.

Hi.. boy did I get busy this weekend.. well so much is done.. not everything I really wanted..but looking good.. I scrubbed the kitchen floor twice, cleaned off the deck, did Anna’s closet, dresser, and room.. even love the pics and shelves on the wall.  I bought some containers and put her furniture for her loving family house in one, barbies in another, then smaller ones for barbies clothes and accessories (she is too young for the last anyways.) I took down the dreadful curtains for the patio door (came with the house) to wash it and hubby decided we needed blinds.. so found one big enough at home depot for $20.. I was so psyched.. We paid alot more for the ones in the living room.  My room is clean, all bathrooms scrubbed down, toys all in proper places, vac’ed living and dining.. small table set up for the little ones, all clothes washed, dried and put away.  There is one corner in the dining room with business stuff and paperwork that is cluttered.. but hey.. I am not perfect.. <smirk>..

My mom and to nieces have arrived.. we had quite a busy night.  Annaleah automatically jumped right into to playing and following the girls around.  After dinner I had them pick up the toys and we heading outdoors to play (they were completely hyper) they rode cars and played ball before heading to the back yard.. where I helped Angel put up most of the swingset.  The girls played on the slide, in the sandbox, and then David came out and they caught frogs.. Annaleah even held them.. she cried when David let them go again.. I wish I could have taken pics but I was helping hubby.. oh well.

Then we came in and the girls took quick showers, read a story, ate an apple (not anna she passed out.. lol) and watched Fox and the Hound until they fell asleep.  Jade was still up at 11pm.. They both woke at 7:00am and now are laying there waiting to get up.. (Mimi says it is too early).. I am so glad they loved being here.. I miss them. 

Mom and I played cards last night.. 500 Rummy and I won.. It was really nice to sit and talk and play cards..

Well, today is another day.. let’s see what adventure waits for us today.

I finally put Annaleah’s birthday pics up.. check it out..


Hello everyone..I have lots of pics to share..

On Monday we headed out to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center where Annaleah had her hearing test.. It wasn’t good at all.. She still has fluid in both her ears and they believe that was the reason for poor results.  While we were waiting, Annaleah and Daddy were doing something and Annaleah said “Good Job”.. it was so cute.  (I have this thing about saying good girl.. I don’t want her to think she can be a bad good.. I don’t know why.. so whenever she does something good..I tell her “good job”)

After speaking with the ENT we decided to go ahead and have new tubes put in.  Her ears have had fluid in them since February.. maybe even longer.. and while she had never had an infection.. we don’t need to wait for one.. so she is scheduled for surgery on July 15th (Happy Birthday to me ) I am happy to know that this time.. I can stay with her until she falls asleep.  Last time she was only 9 months and I just had to hand her over.. honestly.. that would never work now.  I am nervous about going through this again.. Although it will be nothing compared to her cleft surgery.. I am not anxious to see her that angry again.  Hubby did remind me that she will not have all the tubes and such preventing me from really holding her this time.. I pray that I will be able to comfort her.

It amazes me how much fun a $1 toy is to a child.. She had a blast with this bubbles set..

Then, last night Annaleah wanted to help Daddy with the garlic for the Perni.  She became a pro at taking them out of the bunches and peeling most of the skin off.. She even tasted one. 

Well, it is time to start my day.. Just want to quickly thank those who leave comments on my page.. I am really bad a leaving comments but I read everyone on my SIR as often as possible. 

Have a terrific day!


It is happening again.. I am not getting my instant updates for all my SIRs.  I miss getting them..

Well, another Sunday that I spend at home.. Anna just can’t seem to shake her cold.  She is really congested and runny noseee.  I am praying that she will feel 100% better for tomorrow.  She has a hearing test scheduled and then off to the ENT.  If she still has fluid and it effected her test.. then we schedule an appointment for new tubes.  I just don’t want to go through that.  The last time she went under she was so angry.. It was really hard to watch her go through that. She was only 9 months and she hit the doctor in the nose because he got too close.. Not only that.. but how in the world do I just hand her over to strangers.. when she was 9months it was easy to divert her attention.  but this time.. she is going to fight.. I don’t know if I can do it. 

Ok.. here is yesterday’s pic.. she tried to be very helpful with cleaning  yesterday.. even tried to do the dishes and sweep the floor. 

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