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Hello… I need help with advice and ideas.. Let me explain:


August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month.. it is also The LLL World Walk for Breastfeeding.. Well, our LLL wants to sponsor a walk-a-thon.. However, while we have been thinking of this for over a month.. and received permission to use a local park.. I just found out yesterday that due to uncontrollable circumstances the leaders have not been able to do much.


We don’t really know how to start.. the event is August 23rd.. The plan is to have a bring your own picnic, games, raffles and a moonwalk.  I tried to do a search for games but I am getting nowhere for those types of games.. and my mind is blank.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to do something like this?? 



Pics from Lake Compounce


Here is Angel, David and Justin (back to us) on the first ride of the day. 

Annaleah.. was not happy about getting sprayed with water.

Although she did seem to enjoy this one.

and she definately loved this one..

Doesn’t she look comfortable.. lol

She wanted to go in the pool.. but was too nervous

It is Garfield’s 25th Birthday!

Let’s not forget Odie

I wonder what is going through her mind.

I couldn’t get her to turn around

waiting for the next show

She liked the monkey.. she wanted to hug him..

She rode this one twice!

The Construction Zone

Oh oh.. here is where it happens.. (Notice she doesn’t even hold on

The last pic.. I am standing on a small wall to take this.. the ride stops briefly.. Anna tries to get out .. I panic and walked right off the wall.. face first into the ground, with camera in my hand. 

and I end up here.. feeling silly with a big lip, scraped arm and blood down my knee.  Of course I would not have come here if they only had paper towels in the bathrooms.. oh well..

Anna had tons of fun playing with the gravel.

I love the way she crosses her legs..

Annaleah is trying to watch a variety show, through the crowd.

Anna wanted to feed the fish… but we had no quarters..

These are really cute.  There are lego people throughout the park. We spotted this one on the way out.

A full view.

Oh no.. is Anna gonna eat me??? She loves to growl

My Sweet Annaleah


Yes.. I am reading more than one book.. I have had this book for a very long time and felt a huge desire to finally read it.. The thing that hit me in Chapter One is:

“The Christian mother, then, must turn a deaf ear to the babble of voices vying for her attention adn listen to God.  It is in Scripture that she will find the only safe and reliable information about how to fulfill her calling as wife and mother.”

I have just started reading the Tightwad Gazette and it is really interesting.  I am going to share a few of the things I have read so far. 

  • To save money you need to spend fewer dollars than you earn. 

  • The “Don’t save more, earn more” philosophy is  avery one sided approach.  And it has one big flaw.  Nearly everyone that earns more automatically spends more.

  • Telling you to earn more instead of saving more is like saying “Don’t eat less, exercise more.”

  • When I learned that walking a mile burned up the same amount of calories as in an apple I wondered how many miles I would have to run to burn the calories in a candy bar.  It made more sense to give up the candy bar

  • Most Americans are running to burn up candy bars.  They are running out of the house, running to the daycare center, running on the job.. so they can afford candy bars and Nintendo games, meals at McDonald’s and designer sneakers.

  • The solution is to find the right balance of earning more and saving more

This really makes sense to me.. I have been sitting here agonizing over the fact that we are always broke.. and hubby is always worried about money.. I don’t want to work outside the house.  I don’t want to put Anna into daycare.. I want to stay home and teach her and spend time with her and my family.  I don’t want the added stress of an outside job.  I really hope this book will teach me a thing or two about saving. 

Ok.. it is time for me to go to bed.. the storm is over, (I think) and it is 1am here.. Goodnight everyone

This or That Tuesday

1) DVD or VHS? DVD
2) Best Literary/Movie Villan: Voldemort (Harry Potter) or Sauron (LoTR)? Voldemort
3) Meat: rare or well-done? well-done
4) High Speed Internet-Cable or DSL? DSL
5) Women: 1-piece bathing suit or Bikini? 1 piece
6) To be fair–Men: Boxers or briefs?
7) Beer or Liquor/Wine?
8) Coke or Mountain Dew? Coke
9) In honor of my 10/18/03 nuptials: Morning or Afternoon/Night Wedding? Afternoon
10) Carpet or Hardwood Floors Hardwood
11) American cars or foreign? doesn’t matter
12) Cutest TV Twin: Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen? no idea
13) Coffee: Caffeinated or Decaf? none
14) Thought-Provoking Question of the Week: Computers: Do they make life better or worse? Why? Depends on how they are used. 

First I want to thank everyone that commented.  I do feel much better.  When I wrote that last entry I was very angry and hurt and it really did help to get it out there.  I have decided that I will just wait and see what happens.  Right now I am doing quite a bit of scripture searching mothering and infants.. if anyone has verses that could help me.. please pass them this way. 

We had a good time at Lake Compounce yesterday.. unfortunately hubby had to work all night.. so he was exhausted.. and I took a pretty bad fall.. Annaleah was on a caterpillar train.. and hubby thought if I stood on the side to take a pic.. it would be alot closer.. I stood on this little wall.. well the train stopped briefly and Annaleah thought the ride was over.. so she started to climb out over the belt.. and all I could think about was getting to her incase the lady didn’t see her standing.. (I am sure she did.. but it was mommy brain for a quick instant) well I forgot I was on the wall and ended up face down in the cement.. hubby went to help and I said.. no. go to anna.. So I got up and then tried to clean off in the bathroom.. but there was no paper towels.. only air dryers.. so I headed to first aid with blood down my leg.. just as the first aid lady was about to clean off the wound she got a call.. someone was having contractions.. so I got to wait for them to get an ambulance for her.. the room was filled with her family and friends.. so there I am scraped up knee, foot, arm, and big puffy lips for all to see.. not to mention being totally embarrassed by the fall itself.  so I wobbled around the park some more.. but annaleah’s rides were cut short..


I wasn’t going to go to church this morning.. I am really sore.. I called the coordinator’s home and spoke with his wife.  Well.. she was in the hospital yesterday and is on crutches.. so part of me feels guilty.. then she mentions the important meeting after church.. so I decided to ignore the pain as best as I could.. and go..


So here I am.. sore all over.. but that isn’t what hurts the most.. For the past 2 months I have been teaching the 2-3’s .. which I love to do.. (used to do it a long time ago) I had told the coordinator that I would love to commit to more than the quarter.  We were on a rotating schedule.. My hubby is teaching juniors.. ( or learning.. lol) See, Anna doesn’t leave my side.. and I don’t just leave her with people.. I wait until she is comfortable.. then I will go.. I have had the pastor’s wife insists that I leave and that she will be fine.. but I refuse to leave her crying.. So when I was asked to teach this class.. it was perfect.. I would stay with her for sunday school.. then go to service.. and she was very comfortable by that time.. Well, just before I started teaching the class.. the pastor’s wife asked if I would prefer teaching 4-5’s ..  she felt that I might have a difficult time with anna.. um.. no.. I insisted on staying.. 

A few weeks ago.. we had a meeting.. the coordinator was looking for teachers to commit to a year at a time.. I then reminded them that I would.. on the way home.. (Pastor gave me a ride that day) I spoke with Pastor and he is not normally suggested to teach a class with your own child there.. sometimes that could have problems.. (the past teacher’s 2 yr old was hitting and pushing Anna in the class to get his mom’s attention).. I explained that I understood that.. but I never had a problem with David.. and I taught his classes until he moved on to primary classes (ages 6 and up).. Well, he said.. “David is a unique child”..


Well, we had a meeting today.. during the meeting it was stated who the new teachers for the next quarter was.. and they said the names.. The pastor’s wife will have the 2-3’s .. and so on.. hubby will still have the juniors.. well, this hit me hard.. but I didn’t say anything.. Then the coordinator came to us and was talking to Angel.. and he said.. “In the future, I would like to make you both a team.. ”  Then I found out on the way home.. that the coordinator went to hubby personally that morning and asked if he would be a permanent teacher for the juniors..


I am so hurt.. I cried all the way home.. I felt like a child at this point.. it really hurts alot.. Part of me feels like they are really pushing me to seperate from my daughter for some reason.. hubby feels the same way.. part of me thinks I am overreacting.. but it still hurts..


I also have a problem with staying awake.. I can’t remember if I have mentioned it before.. but I fall asleep if I am in once place for too long.. whether it be on the computer, watching tv, in the car.. and definately in service.. I feel asleep once talking to david after school.. right in mid sentence too.. I have been to a doctor.. but he wasn’t willing to listen to everything I have to say.. so I am searching for another doc.. but it will be impossible for me to sit in service to 2 hours.. I don’t know how I am ever going to do that..


Hubby said.. “don’t go to sunday school”.. just come to church.. but I don’t feel right about that.. I don’t know how I am supposed to feel.. or what I am supposed to do.. am I just being too protective.. am I suppose to go against these instincts that I have when it comes to leaving her with others.. or do I follow them.. I mean.. anna could be comfortable in less then 5 minutes depending the the teacher.. and then I leave.. but some are impatient with that..


I am sorry for thinking out loud here.. I am hurt.. but physically and emotionally.. and typing sometimes is the only way for me to put things in perspective..


If you got this far.. thanks for listening..

Karen Hellier

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