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Who would you call at 3am in the morning if you needed to talk to some one? What is it about that person that leads you to choose them?

I would have to say.. my cuz, Lisa

Why??  It is so hard to explain.. yet feels so right.  Lisa and I have this connection.. we don’t agree on everything (who does).. However, I totally respect her.  We have this unconditional thing going on…  I guess you could say, we connect emotionally (I hope she feels the same way.. lol)  We haven’t talked in a while.. and sometimes it seems so distant.. but when we do.. everything just feels so much better.. We can laugh and enjoy our time together and just forget about our life for a while.  I miss Lisa so much.  I left her when I got married, left her in another state while I moved here.. and even though we don’t see each other much anymore.. she is always on my mind.  She has been a tremendous friend and blessing to me.  I hope I can become a tremendous blessing to her someday. 

I Miss You, Lisa!!


Ok.. everything is a jumble here.. I tent to write off of xanga and then post.. however I haven’t posted in 3 days.. so I am now posting all at once.




Friday Five


1. Are you going to school this year? No

2. If yes, where are you going (high school, college, etc.)? If no, when did you graduate? I actually quit school when I was 16.. due to alot of reasons.. then received my GED at 20.  After that I went to a school and received my bookkeeping diploma.

3. What are/were your favorite school subjects? Math

4. What are/were your least favorite school subjects? Biology

5. Have you ever had a favorite teacher? Why was he/she a favorite? I am having a mind block here.. I can’t remember!!  Am I getting too old??


Here are a few pics of Anna with uncombed hair




Her scary look!


Friday’s Daily Double

1. Have you ever met up with someone who you originally met on the internet? No.. but would love to meet a few online friends.

2. Do you have any unusual hobbies or talents? Don’t think so.. but when I was around 16 I developed a love for The Monkees.  I have a scrapbook around here somewhere.. I found every information I could.. My favorite Monkee was Mickey Dolenz.. <who also played “The Circus Boy” under the name Mickey Braddock.  As for talents.. does twisting my tongue count.. I can twist it upside down.. <boring>

Friday’s Prompts

What angers me the most is…Mothers who constantly put their needs before their children. 


What are your pricey pleasures? Don’t really have any.. Although one my children’s birthday parties I go all out.. buying and putting together theme ideas.. I plan games and prices, food, everything.. according to that theme.. I love kid’s parties.



Well… it happened.. David started high school today. 

Well, he is off.. it was a good morning.. I am glad.  The last two years were very tough in the morning.. and he always left angry.  He seems to be more mature this year.. not so much bugging him.  Even shopping was pretty good.. He didn’t care so much about the pants.. but did ask for one that he really wanted.  Shoes which is always a huge deal.. was very good.. $60 total on sneakers and work boots.. .  I hope the next four years slows down a bit.  The last four are just a blur.  Time moves way to fast. My boy is growing up.. <sniff>




Annaleah was consipated for about 40 hours.. crying and whining and not letting me touch her.. she had no milk for 40 hours.. only grape juice.. tried suppository.. nothing.. Last night we decided to buy an enema .. then I take off her diaper.. pull out her potty .. put blanket on the floor.. I heard her cry.. I sat on the floor.. she got up off the potty.. I start readinig the box and open it.. turn around and there it is like a brick on the floor.. geez

She was just amazed.. she kept saying.. I pooped.. look mommy I pooped.

I wrapped it up.. and kept saying.. wow!! Annaleha.. you pooped.. great job.. yeahh.. and clapped and she looked at me like I was nuts.. then out of the corner of her mouth.. she smirks.. lol.. All I heard was about the poop.. and of course she insisted on throwing it away herself.. 

 now she is feeling much better.. has been quite a handful already today.. gee..


It is amazing how I could be in a terrific mood.. someone comes home in a bad mood.. and my mood changes to total irritation..


Annaleah did a great job with her sticker book yesterday..


She matched all the stickers to each pic like a pro



Then we did arts and craft.. suncatchers.. of course Anna wanted to paint a picture too.


thursday’s daily double

1. Describe your dream home.  A large Victorian Home.  (I am too tired to get into details.)

2. Have you ever been on a diet? Was it effective? I have been on quite a few diets, and they were all successful..the most I lost was 20 pounds on one before I gave up..  unfortunately I get bored with them..


Thursday’s Prompts


What is the worst food accident you have ever had ( Mustard on tie, etc)?

  • drinking a chocolate milk in the school cafeteria with my cousin and a guy I had a huge crush on.. My cuz said something funny and the next thing you know chocolate milk is pouring out of my nose.. it was everywhere.





Wednesday’s Daily Double

1. Do you post at any message boards/forums?

  • I enjoy reading joyful mothers board.. however I am horrible at posting.

2. What was a game that you loved to play when you were a child?

  • Monopoly, and 500 Rummy with mom.. made me feel like a big girl to know how to play that game. 



Week 29

I say … and you think … ?

  1. Bay:: Boston
  2. Boarding school:: All Girls
  3. Riddle:: Joke
  4. Hunger:: Pizza
  5. Allergy:: sneeze
  6. Sponsored:: charity
  7. Spin:: top
  8. Interest:: crafts
  9. Scrabble:: words
  10. Mold:: gross

9 years ago today:

I got my first kiss from a wonderful guy!  My future husband


Good morning everyone!  I wanted to thank my commentors: Zvanoizu, Tata123, and susiefan for their prayers and support.  I have prayed and God forgives my attitude.  I also have a wonderful online friend who is was there for me. 

Also want to welcome: Kage_sCupotea, Tata123, and nattiewrites

I read the funniest blog the other day.. Check out Anna’s blog about a Kirby salesperson

David is finally home.  He says he had a terrific time in Rhode Island.  It is nice to have him back.  We had such a quiet week with him away though.. Now we have to get ready for the first day of school.  So today is the dreaded trip to the mall and Target for serious clothes and school supply shopping.  I don’t picture today to be peaceful at all.  Especially since David does not agree with us when it comes to the price of certain items.. So it should be an interesting day.

Daily Double

1. Which music video do you think is the most inappropriate?

    • I really have no idea.  I do not listen to today’s music or watch music videos

2. What online games do you play?

Oh.. check out my before and after pictures below!  I have to say.. I tried to incorporate more raw into my diet last week.. did the plan that is in the weight loss section and lost 5 lbs!!  My not be much over all but it is a start into my journey for better health. 

I have only been home a short time.. yet I have already had a meltdown.. hubby says I need to talk.. I can’t talk to him.. too ashamed of my feelings.. I don’t know..


How am I feeling.. ??



  • At the sticking ants that keep invading my kitchen.. I scrubbed every stinking area.. scrubbed the sink.. everything.. what happens.. in my rush to get out of the house, I forgot about the box of crackers on the counter.. we come home and they are everywear.. can’t even prepare lunch on my counter

  • at me for leaving the box there

  • at the cat for clawing me

  • at the sink full of dishes everytime I turn my back

  • at David’s school because I am still waiting for the items needed list and school starts on the 28th.

  • at God

  • at myself for being angry at God

  • at hubby for not fully understanding, even though he tries


  • because I don’t like my hubby or Anna seeing me like this

  • because I stepped on the cat just before she clawed me

  • because I heart aches for another child

  • because I don’t want to be angry with God

  • because I started my period

  • because I have no close friend to talk to face to face.

My heart hurts.. I can’t stop crying..  I don’t understand.. everyone around me is expecting.  I don’t understand.. did I do something wrong.. what is it that he knows and says it is not my time??  Will it ever be my time.  Will my girl ever have a little playmate?? It really hurts.. ok.. I have had enough sharing. 


I have no time for these feelings, lots to do.. must move on..

In response to a comment:

I haven’t been to a regular theater in 2 1/2 years.. the drive in is my only way of seeing a movie with Annaleah.. lol.. When she gets to be a handful.. I stick her in the back seat of the car.. then I sit right outside with the window down.  She usually falls asleep before the second movie starts. 


Are you NASTY or NICE?
Quiz made by Angela

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

1. What/Who is on your current desktop paper?

Absoluetly nothing.. just the typical green screen.. gotta change it.. boring..

2. What was the most recent movie that you’ve watched?

A drive-in double feature

Freaky Friday

Pirates of the Caribbean

Loved them both!

Ok.. going to bed now.. lol

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