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Yesterday started off with David not feeling well, again.  He has been complaining about his side for quite some time now.. off and on.  Well, I decided to get him to a doctor.  We got an appointment for 2:30.

I did great cleaning in the a.m. Partly because Anna slept til almost noon.. no nap for her!  The poor girl just keeps hurting herself.. first she placed her hand, palm down, on a hot burner.. The girl drags any chair she can, to the kitchen so she can see what is on the counter, stove, and tables.. she actually climbs on to the table.  I really, really hope that burn scare keeps her away from the stove.. I keep telling her .. but boy she is stubborn.. and every time I turn around.. there she is.. doing something she isn’t supposed to be doing.  The burn was very very minimal.. but it could have been much worse..

I decided to let her paint so I can work on Avon paperwork.. well, she painted all over her clothes and her hair.. then she painted her arm, while it was on her head.. trying to hide it from me.. I didn’t take pics cause I took her and all the avon stuff into the bathroom.. she played in the tub and I worked.. maybe I can fit a desk in there.. lol

We have a small flood in our basement, from all of the rain.. we have two sump pumps down there.. but discovered.. the spare wasn’t plugged in.. We are having a problem with mold/mildew so we headed straight to Sears for a dehumidifier.. We are not supposed to be making big purchases.. but what in the world are we supposed to do.. now the microwave is on the brink.. if it isn’t one thing… it is another..

We also bought Jenga.. Annaleah loves that game.. and she does pretty good all by herself.. she should be a champ by the time she is 5.. lol..

My good online friend, Katy, is in the hospital.. I think.. she was having contractions all night.. we are all anxious for that baby to be born.. I Love Babies!

Well, must get back to the household duties..


I have been working on Chapter 5 in the book I am reading,and it really touched me.. I wanted to share….


Mastering Motherhood

Chapter 5 – How is God’s Kind of Love Expressed?

Physical Expressions of Love:

Is 66:12-13

God’s kind of Love is Physical

This verse is amazing to me.. God says that he will comfort us as a mother comforts her child.  You can’t do better than that.  The Author also mentions in this chapter how Jesus laid His hands on the children has he blessed them.. and the waiting father in the Prodigal Son (who represents God) kissed his son.  Children need to be touched.. here is a quote from the book.  “We must cuddle our children and coo at them from the start, or later we may feel so awkward that we avoid initiating the kind of physical contact that will meet both their needs and ours.”


Verbal Expressions of Love:

John 15

God spoke of his love for the Israelites over and over again.  We need to be reminded because we areaware of our wandering ways and know He has a right to be angry with us.  In the same way, our children must be reassured constantly and verbally that we love them.   They need to know that their mistakes and disobedience, as well as the ensuing discipline, have not alienated us from them. 


Time and Attention:

God expresses his love for us by the things He does for us.  He prepared a world perfectly suited to our needs.  God did not create us and then lose interest.  He is available to us every moment and has promised never to leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5) We too, prove our love for our children by the kinds of things we do for them.  They know we care deeply for them when we are willing to spend time with them. 


Sacrificial Love

God not only provides for us and spends time with us, He “demonstrates his own love toward us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8) No greater proof of God’s Love can be imagined; and the sacrifices we are willing to make for our children will be some indication of the depth of our devotion for them.  These sacrifices are not always evident to youngsters until they reach adulthood.



Hebrews 12:6 For whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.  Proverbs 23:13 Withhold not correction from the child…


So .. while most people know that discipline is an important part of parenting.. how about the rest??  I think most parents forget about the rest of our roles as moms and dads.. don’t forget to touch your children, hold them, tell them you love them..spend time with them.. treasure them..

Share your thoughts

Tuesday’s Report



LUNCH:Chicken salad on a salad

SNACK:Never buy halloween candy early.. ugh (hubby’s fault .. he opened the bag

DINNER: hot dogs and beans

SNACK: 2 smores (never had them before)

EXERCISE: nope..completely forgot


Where oh where has my self-control gone, oh where oh where can it be


Wednesday, Oct 22, 2003

BREAKFAST: Rice Krispies


LUNCH: Egg Salad and chips

SNACK: about 3 little halloween candies (better than yesterday)

DINNER: Salad, wheat free spagetti (brown rice spagetti- not bad at all) with meat sauce

SNACK: ice cream

EXERCISE: 10 squats and 10 counter pushups


Finally.. we finally did it!!  Anna was asleep before 10pm.. Tuesday night!! Whoo hoo!!   Lately she has been up til 1am.. Talk about tired and cranky.. I was a horrible person at  that time!  I am so so happy she slept.. and I had mommy time.. I paid all the bills and was just able to physically relax. 


Annaleah was such a hoot Tuesday.  The things she says absolutely amazes me.  We had so much fun together.. just playing.  I think I read The Foot Book 3 times.  I have lots of pics to post..


Uh oh.. Anna was up late again last night.. oh well


Well, La Leche Meeting went very well.. We don’t always get alot in attendance.. but it is so nice to have other moms over.. and chat for a bit.  The part I really enjoy is lunch with Steph.  Annaleah has a hard time sharing with the other kids.. but she is getting better.  Anna scared me to death a little while ago.. she was sitting at the table.. and got down from the chair.. ended up falling right into the corner of my desk.. hard.   but she is fine.. somehow she did scrape her thumb pretty good.. but now she has a blue crayon bandaid on it.. which made it so much better .. 🙂 Last night she decided she needed a big yellow one for her head..  and she fell again.. right off the coffee table onto a plastic crate.. my poor baby..


Meet the Babyz

I found it at the mall for 4.99.. I figured Anna would love it. 

You have to feed her and change her diapers and such..

Anna did love it .. a little too much..

Here she is trying to hold the baby.. she is emotionally attached to this game.  She was crying when I put the baby to sleep.. kept saying “wake her up”.. I had to leave the game on or she would start crying.. but I couldn’t sit at the desk to take care of it.. so the baby got cranky and started to cry.. then I heard Anna.. “oh no.. she crying!”

It will be a while before we turn this game on again..


Here are the boo boos after the first fall..

if you look  closely, you can see a straight line on her forehead



On Tuesday we painted her pumpkin


She worked so hard on it


will painting be in her future?


Anna loves slinging her baby..




After church, Anna decided to do another daring thing..

climb up on her changing table.. ugh.. will she ever learn?? 

Thank you all for the prayers.. My dad decided to walk out of the hospital.  He has very little patience for hospitals and doctors.  Please continue to pray for him. 

I have also finished the Autumnfest pictures.. finally.. Here they are

Woonsocket Autumnfest

Now I need to finish the older pics of David, Angel and I.

Please pray for my daddy.. he is in the hospital.  He was having chest pains for 3 weeks.. his blood pressure started going up and mom called the ambulance yesterday.  Thank you!

Ok.. I was a bad girl again.. just can’t seem to find the time..

someone yell at me tomorrow to post them..

I just wanted to post quickly, a response to an anonymous reader.   I would love to post everynight.. but time just flies away too quickly.. so I try to post as often as I can.. and sometimes.. I think of tons of things to write.. but then.. when I start to type it.. it sounds dumb to me.. so then I stop.. I need to tell myself it is ok to ramble.. 🙂

I do have weekend pics to post of the parade and Autumnfest.. I am not going anywhere tomorrow.. so I should have no excuse..

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