Tuesday’s Report



LUNCH:Chicken salad on a salad

SNACK:Never buy halloween candy early.. ugh (hubby’s fault .. he opened the bag

DINNER: hot dogs and beans

SNACK: 2 smores (never had them before)

EXERCISE: nope..completely forgot


Where oh where has my self-control gone, oh where oh where can it be


Wednesday, Oct 22, 2003

BREAKFAST: Rice Krispies


LUNCH: Egg Salad and chips

SNACK: about 3 little halloween candies (better than yesterday)

DINNER: Salad, wheat free spagetti (brown rice spagetti- not bad at all) with meat sauce

SNACK: ice cream

EXERCISE: 10 squats and 10 counter pushups


Finally.. we finally did it!!  Anna was asleep before 10pm.. Tuesday night!! Whoo hoo!!   Lately she has been up til 1am.. Talk about tired and cranky.. I was a horrible person at  that time!  I am so so happy she slept.. and I had mommy time.. I paid all the bills and was just able to physically relax. 


Annaleah was such a hoot Tuesday.  The things she says absolutely amazes me.  We had so much fun together.. just playing.  I think I read The Foot Book 3 times.  I have lots of pics to post..


Uh oh.. Anna was up late again last night.. oh well


Well, La Leche Meeting went very well.. We don’t always get alot in attendance.. but it is so nice to have other moms over.. and chat for a bit.  The part I really enjoy is lunch with Steph.  Annaleah has a hard time sharing with the other kids.. but she is getting better.  Anna scared me to death a little while ago.. she was sitting at the table.. and got down from the chair.. ended up falling right into the corner of my desk.. hard.   but she is fine.. somehow she did scrape her thumb pretty good.. but now she has a blue crayon bandaid on it.. which made it so much better .. 🙂 Last night she decided she needed a big yellow one for her head..  and she fell again.. right off the coffee table onto a plastic crate.. my poor baby..


Meet the Babyz

I found it at the mall for 4.99.. I figured Anna would love it. 

You have to feed her and change her diapers and such..

Anna did love it .. a little too much..

Here she is trying to hold the baby.. she is emotionally attached to this game.  She was crying when I put the baby to sleep.. kept saying “wake her up”.. I had to leave the game on or she would start crying.. but I couldn’t sit at the desk to take care of it.. so the baby got cranky and started to cry.. then I heard Anna.. “oh no.. she crying!”

It will be a while before we turn this game on again..


Here are the boo boos after the first fall..

if you look  closely, you can see a straight line on her forehead



On Tuesday we painted her pumpkin


She worked so hard on it


will painting be in her future?


Anna loves slinging her baby..




After church, Anna decided to do another daring thing..

climb up on her changing table.. ugh.. will she ever learn??