Yesterday started off with David not feeling well, again.  He has been complaining about his side for quite some time now.. off and on.  Well, I decided to get him to a doctor.  We got an appointment for 2:30.

I did great cleaning in the a.m. Partly because Anna slept til almost noon.. no nap for her!  The poor girl just keeps hurting herself.. first she placed her hand, palm down, on a hot burner.. The girl drags any chair she can, to the kitchen so she can see what is on the counter, stove, and tables.. she actually climbs on to the table.  I really, really hope that burn scare keeps her away from the stove.. I keep telling her .. but boy she is stubborn.. and every time I turn around.. there she is.. doing something she isn’t supposed to be doing.  The burn was very very minimal.. but it could have been much worse..

I decided to let her paint so I can work on Avon paperwork.. well, she painted all over her clothes and her hair.. then she painted her arm, while it was on her head.. trying to hide it from me.. I didn’t take pics cause I took her and all the avon stuff into the bathroom.. she played in the tub and I worked.. maybe I can fit a desk in there.. lol

We have a small flood in our basement, from all of the rain.. we have two sump pumps down there.. but discovered.. the spare wasn’t plugged in.. We are having a problem with mold/mildew so we headed straight to Sears for a dehumidifier.. We are not supposed to be making big purchases.. but what in the world are we supposed to do.. now the microwave is on the brink.. if it isn’t one thing… it is another..

We also bought Jenga.. Annaleah loves that game.. and she does pretty good all by herself.. she should be a champ by the time she is 5.. lol..

My good online friend, Katy, is in the hospital.. I think.. she was having contractions all night.. we are all anxious for that baby to be born.. I Love Babies!

Well, must get back to the household duties..