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Just wanted to wish everyone a

Happy New Year!!!

 Crechemom asks: Does that baby hoover really work?

Yes, it really does work.. Annaleah loves it.  It does require batteries but she loves the hose and attachments.


Merry Christmas!!!


I won yesterday’s puzzle contest over at .  I do this puzzle daily but never thought I would win the $50 gift certificate!! 

Another Puzzle I do daily is .. so if you love puzzles as much as I do.. go check it out.

Annaleah has been asking to see Santa Claus.. So I got her all dressed up and off we went to the mall with digital camera in hand. 


There was absolutely no line.. great..


so I ask the lady up front.. are we allowed to take pictures??  She says.. yes.. when you purchase a portrait package.. umm.. ok.. 


So we look at the chart.. 19.99 for 8 wallets or 4 4×6’s (i think) or 2 5×7’s..(what!!) 


Ok.. so Angel and I discuss it.. (we are tight for money) Anna sees santa and keeps asking .. so Angel goes to the machine upstairs to get some money..


Meanwhile, Anna rides on the Ice cream truck. 




I took a few pics of her in front of a Christmas Tree..




Then daddy gets back and we head for Santa.. Annaleah was so excited..

until she got in front of him.. she just started rubbing her eyes and getting all nervous. 

The lady asked if I wanted pictures and I said yes. 

There was no way Anna was going to get on Santa’s lap..

so the lady pulled out a box for Anna to sit on. 


I took a few shots






then the lady tells me that the system crashed


.. so she let me take more pics..




Santa gave her a book.. and we said bye.. so cool.. I didn’t have to pay a penny….

 at one point the lady wanted to help me get better pics by having anna do something else.. but Anna started crying..

 my poor baby.. of course santa was all she could talk about later..



We walked down to another part of the mall and Annaleah got to ride a reindeer.. whoo hoo…

all the other kiddies were in the sled.. Anna sure loved that reindeer..







A little bit of what happened on Wednesday:

I wanted to make linguine and sausages for dinner last night.  So I cooked up the sausages.. then I ran downstairs to get the pasta.. I boiled the water, added the oil, etc.  then.. I took out the pasta from the box.. I wasn’t really paying attention to it.. but it felt grainy.. I looked and their were little specks everywhere.. I was thinking.. what is that.. so I look closer and there right in front of me.. matter of fact I touch one.. was a bunch of little wormy things.. I freaked.. threw the box away from me.. screaming.. when David and hubby got to me I was in tears and couldn’t even calm down enough to talk.. I am getting shivers just talking about it.. Then Anna walked into the kitchen, barefooted and said.. “Mommy, what’s wrong?”  ugh..
Now we did have some of the bugs in our upstairs pantry.. which we discarded tons of stuff and I washed down and contacted the shelves.. but this box was in a dark, cool, basement… I really didn’t expect it.  what I had forgotten was that angel had cleared the pasta from the upstairs closet before we discovered the bugs.. he checked and all of the linguine pasta was affected.. ugh..
I HATE BUGS!    Especially spiders and ticks!

Annaleah loves her blanket.. I told her it needs to be washed.. so she insisted on carrying it to the laundry room downstairs.. and before she put it in the wash.. she gave it a kiss… awww.


Wow!!  What a messy weekend.. I will start with Friday..


Christmas Snow


Friday: It snowed!!  Took hubby 2.5 hours to get home from work (normally 25 min) Angel has a drill in the am and I am spending the day in RI with my mom.  Angel will be dropping me off.



Saturday: Weather doesn’t look too bad.. took forever to get to the highway.. but should be ok.. ended up taking 2 hours to get to mom & dad’s .. (normally 1 hr and 15 min)  Angel still insists on going to the drill.. Car slides three times getting out of city.. he changes his mind and comes back to mom’s place.. we wait it out a bit..

Car 2


Bad move!  It got worse.. four hour drive home.. looked like we drove through a blizzard, snow coming at us on the highway hard.. most of the trip at 20 miles an hour.. yikes….I saw a car spin completely in a parking lot, and we saw some cars sliding on the road.  We get to Connecticut and everything is calm…. I am so glad that is over.  next time it snows.. I want to lock myself indoors.. It was very scary..


Sunday morning: Angel makes another attempt to get to his drill.  Heads back home. 


Real Bummer: This coming Saturday, we had plans, great plans, now most of you know I hardly ever leave Anna alone.  We were supposed to go to a Christmas Party with a bunch of people from his workplace.  But hubby still hasn’t gotten around to paying so we decided to go Christmas Shopping all day (we barely have anything) and then go out by ourselves.  I even have a babysitter for the day.. a day without Annaleah.. oh my.. I can’t even imagine.




not gonna happen now .. thanks to all this snow and Angel not making it to his drill.. he now has to make up for it next weekend.. which means no christmas shopping and no dinner.. (base is 2hrs away) Can I cry now???


Need A Hug


Thank you, Lord, for protecting us this weekend.  Thank you for helping us to drive home saftely and with any damage at all. 

Karen Hellier

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