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The Sleep Study


It all started on Wednesday evening.  I had to be there by 7:30pm…hubby stayed with me for a while..

The technician explained how he was going to hook me up.. he was really nice…

the room had a video camera on the ceiling as well as a microphone over the bed.. 
it was a full size regular bed.. and there was a tv/vcr 

After I changed into Pajamas, the technician proceeded to hook me up to all the wires and things
 anna sat on my lap watching with big eyes.
 they were in my hair, forehead, sides of my face, neck and on my legs
 While I was getting wired, we had a really nice conversation just about everything.

Then angel and anna left.. around 9:15 and I started to read my book

I made it to about 6 pages before I dropped the book to the floor..

then I tried a crossword puzzle.. couldn’t think.. he then knocked to check on me.. 
I told him I was ready to fall asleep.. so he helped me with the wires to get in the bed..

and hooked me up to a box,

He had to calibrate the machine so I had to open eyes, close eyes, blink 5 times,

look up down, left, right.. hum, swallow and bend each leg..

then he shut off the light and shut the door.. 

I think I was out quickly.. but slept very lightly..

so lightly that I realized I was gasping for air alot..
it was really freaky.

Around midnight.. he came in and wanted me to wear the mask for the c-pap.. so I did.. 

I still woke up a bit.. and keeping my mouth closed was difficult. 

If I opened my mouth.. it felt like the air was attacking me.. lol. .but I got the hang of it.

At around 4:30, my back started to hurt..

so I waved at the camera.. and tried to say hello with the mask on.. lol..

The technician came in.. unhooked me.. and I carried the wires to the bathroom.. 

Oh boy.. what a sight I was.

When I got back he helped me get on my side and hooked me up again..

I actually slept this time (mask back on) and started dreaming..

he had told me I had an hour left.. but I felt like I slept longer than that at this point..

 Around 5:30, he woke me up .. and took off all the wires..

I mentioned that I must have been really bad before the mask..

He said, “maybe” .. he really could not comment..

however, he did say that he understood why I was so tired during the day.

I mentioned that I could feel myself gasping and that it was very freaky.

After I got dressed we just chatted.. he really was a very nice guy..

we talked about our spouses and children..


Angel came and we went out for breakfast then to the doc.. 
We talked about the lab results.. everything looked great, except for my sugar.  

My fasting sugar was 90.. which she said isn’t bad.. but my regular sugar was 120..

she said that wasn’t good.. not diabetic.. but still not good. 

she told me to stay away from sugar and white bread products.. ugh.
 she gave me a referral to an allergist.. appt is in 2 weeks.
and she asked about the study.. I told her .. she isn’t jumping into apnea yet..

when she gets the results in 2 weeks ..

she will call me and then send me to an ear, nose and throat doc.
 to make sure I have no blockage, then we go from there.


Thanks for all the prayers!


The weeks seem to go by really fast lately.  The mammogram never happened.. come to find out my insurance will not pay for an in office mam.. so I have an appointment for next month to go to a lab.  I am kind of disappointed.. it would be great to be over and done with.  Well it has been a very long day.. I am really beat.  I leave you with two thoughts below


WILKES-BARRE – A judge late Wednesday afternoon gave a local hospital permission to force a woman to deliver a baby via Caesarean section against her will.



Ok.. the above article leaves me in shock.. Do we have any say anymore?? 




I was so sad to see Stephen Baldwin go.  He really wanted to figure out who the mole is.. and he was playing hard.  So was Corbin the week before.  I am thinking Angie is the Mole and Tracy wins.. of course with my luck.. Tracy will be the Mole. 

Wow.. it has been a while since I have posted.. hmm.. let’s see.. where do I start..


Friday: I left Annaleah for 21 hours!!!  Unbelievable.. I have never left her that long before..

I just couldn’t wait to get her into my arms again. 

As for why we left our precious baby girl.. we were desperate for time alone.. lol..

We decided to grab a bite at the Chinese Buffet. 

Then we headed for the theater to see Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. 


Boy.. it was long.. I was having a hard time sitting that long..

but I thought it was very good.. however..

hubby wasn’t happy that they missed alot and changed part of the story..

I never read the book.. so he had to explain alot to me. 

When we got home, I called to see how Anna was and she was sleeping.. 


The next morning, we needed to do some serious grocery shopping..

so I called to see how Annaleah was doing and then we headed to Super Walmart..

I do not do good in crowds..

I finally got her back home before 3pm and had alot of groceries to put away..

we also picked up Sleeping Beauty

(going in the vault at the end of the month) for Annaleah..

she hasn’t stopped watching it since. 



Sunday: was church day.. and it snowed, and snowed and snowed..

we slid (literally) all the way home..

(we live 30 minutes away).. 

Then we watched Surreal Life that night..

I felt bad for Gary Coleman in a way..

I don’t think Vanilla Ice realized how much he humiliated him..

although I would have loved to hear the classic phrase..



the surreal life: Mel’s Diner

Monday: Typical day at home..

Can’t think of much except that my nieghbor gave me a ton of craft books.. 

Anna and I will have lots to do.. πŸ™‚ 

Monday night we watched smallville (taped).. I really enjoy Lex in this show..

I know the story line for Superman is messed up now.. but I still enjoy it..

We also watched Average Joe- Hawaii..




The ones they brought in as the hunks really bug me..

I mean really.. do they have to be that competetive?? 

They were real jerks.  I preferred the first one big time..

I so wanted Adam to win Melana’s heart..

but I was glad to hear that he is doing great! 

He has a website.. 


Tuesday:  I went for my bloodwork..

they had a really hard time looking for the vein. 

I had to do the 12 hour fasting so we went to breakfast afterwards..

my baby girl was so good..

I really thought she was sick or something..

she just sat next to me and ate..

normally she is playing with the salt, pepper, jams.. syrup..

flirting with the other customers.. etc..

It was so odd.. 


Well, that is it for now..

I have to get ready to leave for my first mammogram 

and I am freaked out about it. 

I just received very sad news.  Someone we knew has died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning..

East Lyme –– Carbon monoxide that leaked from a propane gas furnace claimed a third victim Monday, less than a day after killing two of the six people in a Niantic home.

David Dunn of 10 Orchard St. died at Kent Hospital in Warwick, R.I. His wife, Kelly, and their two children, Elissa, 3, and Chelsea, 7, remained in critical condition in Hartford.

Dunn’s mother-in-law, Aralia Cameron, and her friend, Kathleen Demais, both of Montville, were found dead Sunday night inside the Dunns’ gray, two-story home in the Pine Grove section. According to a neighbor, Cameron and Demais walked into the home on Saturday and never came out.

Emergency officials were called to the house at 8:30 p.m. Sunday when Dunn’s sister, Karen Davenport, called 911. Davenport, who lives in New York, drove to East Lyme when her brother failed to return her phone calls. East Lyme Fire Marshal Richard Morris said Monday that Davenport last spoke to her brother Saturday morning, when he told her his entire family had the flu.

Karin Boucher, who lives next door to the Dunns, said she thought it was unusual to not see the Dunns come out of the house Saturday, but figured the brutally cold weather was keeping them inside.

On Sunday night, Davenport, David Dunn’s sister, came running to Boucher’s door with 7-year-old Chelsea in her arms.

β€œI took her and tried to talk to her,” Boucher remembered. β€œShe was flushed and her eyes were huge. She had dried blood coming out of her mouth. She was there, but she wasn’t there. I don’t know what you’d call it. She was moaning like she knew something was going on.”

Boucher’s husband, Henry Hahn, then ran next door and managed to pull Kelly Dunn out of the house.

β€œHe wasn’t in there very long, but he said it was horrible,” Boucher said. β€œHe couldn’t breathe. He felt like someone punched him in the stomach.”

After Hahn emerged, firefighters and emergency personnel wearing oxygen packs went inside, eventually pulling Elissa and David Dunn, Cameron and Demais from the house. Cameron and Demais, who were found near the kitchen downstairs, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Boucher said that Kelly and Chelsea Dunn had been sitting on a downstairs couch, while Elissa, the 3-year old, and David Dunn were in an upstairs bedrooms. Cameron, who looked after the children every day and brought them to school, had gone to the house on Saturday to help out.

To read more, go to

Please everyone, keep safe this winter.  Take precautions and read up on how to prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning



I just wanted to share some pics from this weekend.

Jade is now taking Ballet Lessons and wanted to show us a few steps


There she is.. hugging Anna and posing.

Here she is showing us some tap moves..


She loves Annaleah so much

Annaleah loves her

Aren’t they adorable

Another pose

We just had to get Annaleah involved

Jade is showing Annaleah a step and leap type thing.

Now Anna will try.. They are just too cute!

Wow!  I actually got to sleep last night.. Yippee!! 

Annaleah didn’t wake up at all..

The night before was horrible.. she was thrashing everywhere all night long and refused to go to sleep in her bed.. My poor baby.. her top molars are certainly doing a number on her.  It was so bad I fell asleep everywhere yesterday.. I am in shock that I got 5 1/2 hours of uniterrupted sleep.. then the alarm went off.. and I slept another 30 minutes.  whoo hoo..

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