I just received very sad news.  Someone we knew has died from Carbon Monoxide poisoning..

East Lyme –– Carbon monoxide that leaked from a propane gas furnace claimed a third victim Monday, less than a day after killing two of the six people in a Niantic home.

David Dunn of 10 Orchard St. died at Kent Hospital in Warwick, R.I. His wife, Kelly, and their two children, Elissa, 3, and Chelsea, 7, remained in critical condition in Hartford.

Dunn’s mother-in-law, Aralia Cameron, and her friend, Kathleen Demais, both of Montville, were found dead Sunday night inside the Dunns’ gray, two-story home in the Pine Grove section. According to a neighbor, Cameron and Demais walked into the home on Saturday and never came out.

Emergency officials were called to the house at 8:30 p.m. Sunday when Dunn’s sister, Karen Davenport, called 911. Davenport, who lives in New York, drove to East Lyme when her brother failed to return her phone calls. East Lyme Fire Marshal Richard Morris said Monday that Davenport last spoke to her brother Saturday morning, when he told her his entire family had the flu.

Karin Boucher, who lives next door to the Dunns, said she thought it was unusual to not see the Dunns come out of the house Saturday, but figured the brutally cold weather was keeping them inside.

On Sunday night, Davenport, David Dunn’s sister, came running to Boucher’s door with 7-year-old Chelsea in her arms.

“I took her and tried to talk to her,” Boucher remembered. “She was flushed and her eyes were huge. She had dried blood coming out of her mouth. She was there, but she wasn’t there. I don’t know what you’d call it. She was moaning like she knew something was going on.”

Boucher’s husband, Henry Hahn, then ran next door and managed to pull Kelly Dunn out of the house.

“He wasn’t in there very long, but he said it was horrible,” Boucher said. “He couldn’t breathe. He felt like someone punched him in the stomach.”

After Hahn emerged, firefighters and emergency personnel wearing oxygen packs went inside, eventually pulling Elissa and David Dunn, Cameron and Demais from the house. Cameron and Demais, who were found near the kitchen downstairs, were pronounced dead at the scene.

Boucher said that Kelly and Chelsea Dunn had been sitting on a downstairs couch, while Elissa, the 3-year old, and David Dunn were in an upstairs bedrooms. Cameron, who looked after the children every day and brought them to school, had gone to the house on Saturday to help out.

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Please everyone, keep safe this winter.  Take precautions and read up on how to prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning