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Yesterday was a busy day.. we did some shopping and running around.  This little blisters are starting to go away on my nose and forehead.. Last night I put bandages on them before putting on the mask and it seemed to help.  It is getting a little easier at night but I am still waking up quite a bit. 

Yesterday was a gorgeous day.. it felt like spring was finally here.  Annaleah played out side in the mud for about an hour.. we came in.. she got a bath and then she fell asleep at 5:00pm and didn’t wake up for good until 6:00am with me.  Wow.. she did climb in bed with us last night.. she is having a hard time getting used to her bed being away from me..  Oh, her bed is now two couch cushions with a crib sheet over it.  Seems to be working great.. So we are going to practice naps in the room for a while before we do night times in there.. Annaleah doesn’t seem to care about the mask considering she had to climb over me to get in bed.. lol.. this morning she asked me if I had to wear it for my boo boo nose.. lol.

Well, today is church day.  We having a crockpot fellowship after church and we are trying something different.  I will post the recipe if it turns out good.  It is gingery beef strips to be served over rice.. it sure smells good this morning.. making me hungry..

Well, off to get dressed.. bye


Yesterday I did some major re-arranging in my room.  I put Anna’s bed into her room.  I also managed to put an end table near my bed.  The guy came with the machine and showed me out to set it up/use it /clean it.  He was very nice.  I wore the mask for anna during the day for a bit.. and she tried it out.  She told me to put it on and go to bed.. lol..


Anna took fell asleep on the couch during her nap(which is usual) and I decided to move her to her room.. I wanted her to wake up during the day in there so she wouldn’t be scared at night.. she did great.. she woke at one point, looked around and went back to bed.. and after she was awake she didn’t want to come out right away.. wow .. this was going to be easier than I thought.. I was so incredibly sad about it.


So last night.. I put a sleeping annaleah in her room.. and wanted to cry.. I put a night light in there.. and then left the hall light on.  I put the gate in the hall so she would have no where to go but into our room.  We set up the baby monitors.. they were working great.  Then I settled in with the mask. 


Now, that thing is going to take alot of getting used to.. I am usually a mouth breather first of all.. it is hard to keep my mouth shut.. not to mention trying to get used to breathing normally with it.  Well, I did fall asleep.  However, I think I woke up about 4 times and had to remove the mask.. I felt like it was too much.. I had to breathe without it for a bit.. then put it back on.. Not to mention worrying about Anna.. Is she covered.. is she cold.  Is she ok.. I am used to just looking over at her.  ds


I don’t know what time it was.. but we heard screaming.. Annaleah was in the hall.. the monitor did not pick up her voice out there.. I had to hold her to console her for a bit while Angel brought in her mattress.. then I put her down next to me.. she was fine and I went back to sleeep..


I can’t say if I slept well.. cause i woke so much.. I think we are moving anna back in our room.. we will both sleep a whole lot better.  And I woke up with beautiful mask marks on my face.. lovely.. LOL



To answer  prairierose:  I have been have sleep issues since Annaleah was 6 months.. she is turning 3 in April.  I fall asleep all the time.. especially while on the computer, watching tv, driving, at church, even writing checks.. I fall asleep in the middle of conversations.. while I am talking, while reading anna a book.. all the time.  I have alot of other issues as well, with my skin and allergies.. just a whole bunch of stuff.. so I am going through all kids of stuff lately.. so much fun..


I am hoping that this will really help.. It has done wonders for my dad.  I just have to start thinking positive.  It really helps that I am not alone.


*** Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments!



I am going through alot of emotions lately.. It started off feeling like I just wasn’t being the wife/mother/woman God wants me to be.. Just walking around feeling like a failure.  I have already been through 2 rounds of skin tests.. the second one was food and animals.. and I had a reaction.  Now I am anxious to find out what the reaction was from.. I have one more round to go.  I also had the cat scan and mammogram.  The Mam.. hurt me.. I was very very sore.  They took 13 pictures.. I got a call last week.  They want me to go to the hospital for more… I took down the appointment, got off the phone and cried.. I hate all of this.  My emotions are so out of whack.  I am not afraid of the result.. I don’t want to go through it again.  Ok.. well, maybe a little afraid..


I received another call yesterday.  This time a guy on the phone tells me that he was told to make an appointment to come to my home and set up a cpap machine for me.  I was really speechless as I was never told the results of the sleep study.. He had a copy in front of him and told me that I had stopped breathing 190 times before the mask and 6 time while wearing the mask.. I was shocked.. I had gone to sleep around 9:30 or 10pm that night and at 12 midnight they put the mask on.. so in 2 – 2.5 hours I stopped breathing 190 times!!   That means I probably stop breathing about 400-500 times a night??  Oh boy.. this is really bad..


Now, of course I have tons of excuses .. the main being.. what is going to happen to anna.. her bed is right next to me.. if she has a bad night.. I just turn over and hold her hand and she goes back to sleep.. I love it.. well.. now I need a table there for the machine so what happens to her bed now.. (small room) and of course.. I will look so beautiful for my husband to see .. I have been thinking about sleeping on the couch.. I am still walking around in shock.  


Oh.. I wanted to let you all know that my former Pastor and the other pastors arrived home safely last week.  They were able to accomplish all the things they went to Baghdad to do.  Pastor Kelly’s funeral was last Tuesday.  From what I hear it was a huge turnout.  My mom said the music and everything was beautiful.  My Pastor’s (in CT) daughter, Darenda Barta, also song a song.  I wish I could have been there..  Thank you all for the prayers! 


**Thank you for those comments.. they made me cry.. but not bad tears..


We received some really sad news recently.. First let me go back a bit. 

I was a member of Blackstone Valley Baptist Church for 10 years before marrying Angel and moving to Connecticut. 

My church and my pastor have always been in my heart..  I miss them greatly. 


Dr. Robert L. Lewis has devoted himself to Global Resource Group.


Recently, he and several others are in Iraq and have been working with Iraqi
nationals to set up independent Baptist churches in Baghdad.


On Saturday, February 14, 2004,  a van loaded with four of the Pastors, was attacked in an execution style attack. Their van was sprayed with automatic weapon fire. The attack came from a small passenger car that was behind the van. The car passed the van on the right side and  repeatedly sprayed the vehicle with bullets. Three of the men in> the van received minor wounds, but Pastor John Kelly of the Curtis Corner Baptist, Wakefield Rhode Island, was killed in the attack.


Please pray for the Pastors that are still there along with the family members of all involved. 


We have received another email from Pastor Lewis with the latest update.  The Lord has continued to open many doors.  On Monday, Dr. Lewis  baptized 4 Iraqi believers.  They will become the first members of a new independent Baptist Church in Iraq. 


They have secured a home for the church in Zayoona.  They are able to pay the first year’s rent in full before they leave Baghdad.  Please pray for their safe return..


You can read more about the death of Pastor Kelly in …

Christianity Today  The Providence Journal 2-16   Providence Journal 2-17 

The Woonsocket Call  Curtis Corner Baptist Church




I attempted to do this early this am.. but xanga ate it..




We started off with breakfast..



Then I had to go to the allergist for my first skin test.  It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  I had to lay on my stomach and after they we done I had to stay there for 30 minutes… then my spots were measured. 


When I arrived back home, it was time to start lunch.. Jade’s favorite is eggplant so that is what we had. 



Annaleah decided that tuna fish would taste great on hers..




Jade and I played with her Ello Set and then I finished her potholder for her.. I had to get it off the loop thingy.. a little difficult for her to do.. but now she can start the next one. 


After dinner, we received a phone call from Angie, Jade’s mom.  We found out that poor Katelynn has been home (I thought she was spending the week with her dad’s family).. she has been crying for jade.. and wanted to see David and Annaleah.  So we made some change in plans.  Angie is now going to bring Katelynn in on Thursday and Kate will stay until Saturday morning when Angie comes to pick them up.  So now the two girls will turn to three.. whoo hoo.. triple the fun!!


After the phone call.. Jade and Annaleah took a bath.. then Jade needed a haircut.  She told us.. her mom said “Either Mimi cuts off 3 or 4 inches or we go to the salon.. “.. So Jade asked Mimi to do it..




After Jade was done.. Anna decided it was her turn.. so she got a little trim..



Jade is holding her hair.. she measured 5 inches (it is actually 6)..

she was just a little sad.. but understanding. 




These girls were fully enjoying their ice cream afterwards..






Then it was time to lay down and watch Mrs. Doubtfire, while I made some cheesecake. 

Monday’s Activities:

Well, we were expecting a visit from Nana today.  (My grandma).. So the girls got all dressed up in their best.  Nana came with Valentines gifts for the girls and David.  We had such a good time that I forgot to take pictures.  After Nana left we played animals with the girls.  Then made dinner.. I missed a great photo opportunity at the dinner table.. Annaleah took a sliver of carrot from the salad.. put it on the end of her tongue and then started to stick her tongue out and move it around.. then she said. “I a snake”.. we were rolling with laughter.. my daughter is something else..

Then she takes her rib bone, puts it in her mouth and starts barking..

Yes, my daughter thinks she is a dog.. it is driving us crazy.. she spends hours a day, barking and asking for a bone.. and crawling.. telling me she is pongo.. Last week she helped me make my bed.. with her teeth.. ugh.. I spoke with another mom at church.. she informed me that her daughter did it for 3 years.. Alyssa is very very smart.. so I am thinking .. maybe it is an intellectual thing.. lol.. (a mom can dream)..

After dinner, we got washed up and changed.. and danced to Shania Twain.. then we settled down for a game of memory.. I am really surprised that Annaleah did pretty good.. of course she quit after a while.. she informed us that she “had to go to beeed..

Then we let them get the wiggles out .. before settling down to watch a movie. 

Tonight’s movie was The Challenge with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen



Mom and Jade got here yesterday.  The fun begins.  Yesterday we played Cooties. 

David won first place.  Here he his showing off his cootie

Here is Jade with her 2nd place cootie

Next is Annaleah with her 3rd place cootie

and last but not least .. . Mimi with her 4th place cootie

We ended the day with popcorn and Alice & Wonderland.  Wonder what is in store for us today. 

*** My error.. Jade has just informed me that the day did not end with Alice & Wonderland..

she fell asleep watching The Veggie Tales Story of Ester

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