We received some really sad news recently.. First let me go back a bit. 

I was a member of Blackstone Valley Baptist Church for 10 years before marrying Angel and moving to Connecticut. 

My church and my pastor have always been in my heart..  I miss them greatly. 


Dr. Robert L. Lewis has devoted himself to Global Resource Group.


Recently, he and several others are in Iraq and have been working with Iraqi
nationals to set up independent Baptist churches in Baghdad.


On Saturday, February 14, 2004,  a van loaded with four of the Pastors, was attacked in an execution style attack. Their van was sprayed with automatic weapon fire. The attack came from a small passenger car that was behind the van. The car passed the van on the right side and  repeatedly sprayed the vehicle with bullets. Three of the men in> the van received minor wounds, but Pastor John Kelly of the Curtis Corner Baptist, Wakefield Rhode Island, was killed in the attack.


Please pray for the Pastors that are still there along with the family members of all involved. 


We have received another email from Pastor Lewis with the latest update.  The Lord has continued to open many doors.  On Monday, Dr. Lewis  baptized 4 Iraqi believers.  They will become the first members of a new independent Baptist Church in Iraq. 


They have secured a home for the church in Zayoona.  They are able to pay the first year’s rent in full before they leave Baghdad.  Please pray for their safe return..


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