Yesterday I did some major re-arranging in my room.  I put Anna’s bed into her room.  I also managed to put an end table near my bed.  The guy came with the machine and showed me out to set it up/use it /clean it.  He was very nice.  I wore the mask for anna during the day for a bit.. and she tried it out.  She told me to put it on and go to bed.. lol..


Anna took fell asleep on the couch during her nap(which is usual) and I decided to move her to her room.. I wanted her to wake up during the day in there so she wouldn’t be scared at night.. she did great.. she woke at one point, looked around and went back to bed.. and after she was awake she didn’t want to come out right away.. wow .. this was going to be easier than I thought.. I was so incredibly sad about it.


So last night.. I put a sleeping annaleah in her room.. and wanted to cry.. I put a night light in there.. and then left the hall light on.  I put the gate in the hall so she would have no where to go but into our room.  We set up the baby monitors.. they were working great.  Then I settled in with the mask. 


Now, that thing is going to take alot of getting used to.. I am usually a mouth breather first of all.. it is hard to keep my mouth shut.. not to mention trying to get used to breathing normally with it.  Well, I did fall asleep.  However, I think I woke up about 4 times and had to remove the mask.. I felt like it was too much.. I had to breathe without it for a bit.. then put it back on.. Not to mention worrying about Anna.. Is she covered.. is she cold.  Is she ok.. I am used to just looking over at her.  ds


I don’t know what time it was.. but we heard screaming.. Annaleah was in the hall.. the monitor did not pick up her voice out there.. I had to hold her to console her for a bit while Angel brought in her mattress.. then I put her down next to me.. she was fine and I went back to sleeep..


I can’t say if I slept well.. cause i woke so much.. I think we are moving anna back in our room.. we will both sleep a whole lot better.  And I woke up with beautiful mask marks on my face.. lovely.. LOL



To answer  prairierose:  I have been have sleep issues since Annaleah was 6 months.. she is turning 3 in April.  I fall asleep all the time.. especially while on the computer, watching tv, driving, at church, even writing checks.. I fall asleep in the middle of conversations.. while I am talking, while reading anna a book.. all the time.  I have alot of other issues as well, with my skin and allergies.. just a whole bunch of stuff.. so I am going through all kids of stuff lately.. so much fun..


I am hoping that this will really help.. It has done wonders for my dad.  I just have to start thinking positive.  It really helps that I am not alone.


*** Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments!