Yesterday was a busy day.. we did some shopping and running around.  This little blisters are starting to go away on my nose and forehead.. Last night I put bandages on them before putting on the mask and it seemed to help.  It is getting a little easier at night but I am still waking up quite a bit. 

Yesterday was a gorgeous day.. it felt like spring was finally here.  Annaleah played out side in the mud for about an hour.. we came in.. she got a bath and then she fell asleep at 5:00pm and didn’t wake up for good until 6:00am with me.  Wow.. she did climb in bed with us last night.. she is having a hard time getting used to her bed being away from me..  Oh, her bed is now two couch cushions with a crib sheet over it.  Seems to be working great.. So we are going to practice naps in the room for a while before we do night times in there.. Annaleah doesn’t seem to care about the mask considering she had to climb over me to get in bed.. lol.. this morning she asked me if I had to wear it for my boo boo nose.. lol.

Well, today is church day.  We having a crockpot fellowship after church and we are trying something different.  I will post the recipe if it turns out good.  It is gingery beef strips to be served over rice.. it sure smells good this morning.. making me hungry..

Well, off to get dressed.. bye