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Wow! It has been a while..



The Girls

We had a great week with the girls.. Jade came on the Tuesday after Easter and Katelynn came on Friday.  They both stayed till Sunday. 

Had to share this one.. Baby (the cat) really wanted that squirrel.

The Surgeon

As most of you know.. I had my first mammogram done in February.. I was told that they couldn’t see well.. and wanted more done at the hospital with an ultrasound also.. Well, that next appointment in march was horrible.. they took tons of pics and spent forever on the ultrasound.. what it came down to was, I have a bunch of small masses.. but there is one that is a little bigger.. it didn’t show up on the ultrasound.. They said they didn’t believe anything was wrong with it but just wanted to make sure.. I needed to contact a surgeon..


Well, Tuesday, my appointment with the surgeon finally came.. I had to run to the hospital to grab the mams and ultrasounds.  Then made it to my appointment at 1:00pm, my appt was at 1:15.. We waited.. The surgeon came in and got a run down of what had been going on, then left me to go look at the pics while i got undressed.. this took awhile.  When she came back she did a breast check while talking to me.. as usual.. no lumps can be felt.  Then she tells me that she saw the mam and ultrasound and then I have two choices, first choice is they can get a small portion of the mass removed and they will test it.  However, if it turns out negative, that doesn’t mean the entire mass is ok.. and I would need to have a mam done every 3 months with the posibility of needed more biopsies.. Or they can just remove the entire mass.. (this has to be done in the OR since I am over the weight limit by 3 pounds) .. Well, I hate this type of stuff and really would do my best to prevent it happening again.. So I said ok  to removing the mass..


After about 30 minutes the attendent finally came in with papers for me to sign and tells me the surgery will be done on Thursday.. (it is Tuesday).. We were in total shock!  I was so stunned all I could think about was Anna’s party.. I didn’t have anything ready at all.. not even a gift for her..


We finally left the docs at around 3pm.. (2 hours wasted there!) We headed straight to some party stores after visiting Angel’s workplace.. then we went to ToysRUs.. Annaleah fell asleep so that was a tremendous blessing.. Then we headed home..


All day Wednesday, I cried.. I was a mess.. I absolutely hate surgeries.. and was really scared.. I called a friend to see if she could babysit Annaleah on Thursday.. I spoke with her a few times that day.. something didn’t sit right with her.. She had some experience with cancer and biopsies, etc.. through her Nana and sister.. After talking to her I realized, 

  • I never saw the mammogram
  • They didn’t tell me how big the mass is
  • They didn’t explain the procedure to me
  • There is a possibility it is a liquid mass which could be why it didn’t show up on the ultrasound
  • They didn’t check to see if it was liquid
  • There is no cancer on my mother’s side of the family

 Everything was happening too fast.. and my friend said.. it just didn’t sound right.. so while I am trying to figure this stuff out in my mind.. I get a call from the hospital.. It will cost us $250 co-pay to have this done!!!  Now I don’t have 250.00 laying around.. ugh!  So at dinner I sat and discussed everything with Angel .. and we toyed with the possibility of canceling the surgery and getting another opinion.. Then we got ready to go to my La Leche Meeting..


While at the meeting.. one of the leaders mentioned to me (while we were discussing my situation) that she had a biopsy when she was young and to this day has difficulty pumping or nursing on that side.. .. Ok.. I had just asked the surgeon the day before if this surgery had any possibilily of effecting nursing in the future.. she shrugged it off as not even a possibility.. so she lied to me??  I have read lots of stories on the internet now.. and we decided that night .. we were cancelling..


So I cancelled the next day.. They are not happy.. my primary care doc is not happy.. I feel 100% bettter.. but now I need to figure out a way to find a surgeon that will explain everything to me, let me see the pics and discuss all the options. 


The Party

The Party went great.. We only had 3 girls here besides Annaleah.  I am going to have to share some pics.


Annaleah’s 3rd Birthday Party

Theme: Dragon Tales

Pin the tail on Ord (sorry it is dark)

The hunt for dragon eggs

The Queen of Dragon Land has announced a 18 eggs have been stolen. 

Please help us search for the eggs before they hatch!

All 18 eggs were saved!!

The Pinata

Searching for those pinata goodies

Annaleah didn’t want to blow out the birthday candles.. Too many people staring..

But while she was alone.. she blew them all out.

Presents Time


Happy Birthday Annaleah!!


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I get a monthly email from Lisa Whelchel..  In case you don’t know who she is .. she played Blair on The Facts of Life… a show I used to watch as a child.  She has a beautiful website.  I recommend you to check it out when you can.  This recent email I received really touched me.  Check it out below.  Here website is


> April 2004 E-Letter
> I don’t know about you but I am very intimidated by the Proverbs 31 woman!  I’m tempted to skip that whole chapter and jump ahead to the “everything is vanity” theme of Ecclesiastes which is closer to where I actually live.
> The other day I was asking the Lord why He would put such an unattainable example in the Bible that only makes women feel like failures in comparison.  I felt like He said, “Because that is how I see her and that is how I see you.  I see all of the good things you’ve ever done or will do and all of your sins are covered by my Son’s blood so I don’t see them.”
> I suddenly understood that I should read that chapter from a proud and loving Parent’s perspective.  For example, if my mother were to write a chapter describing me she would probably write, “My daughter, Lisa, is an amazing woman.  She graduated high school as valedictorian, she’s a Grammy-nominated singer, a creative mother, an actress on a hit television series, a loving wife, she’s made millions of dollars, a ballet, tap and jazz dancer, a glider pilot, a talented musician, great cook, teaches multiple grades, keeps a beautiful home, her nails always look gorgeous, she sews her children’s clothes, keeps a record of their lives in scrapbooks, she’s up before dawn having her devotions, she wears designer clothes, and she is a record-setting race car driver.”
> Now all of that is true but my mother would have left out quite a few pieces of significant information.  For starters, I’ve done all of those things over the course of forty years; I don’t do them all now.  She would have also left out many of my secrets that she alone knows that I would be terribly ashamed if anyone else knew.  And there is even more to each story she has listed.  Here’s a perspective from someone other than my own mother:
> “Lisa is an amazing woman. (Some of the time.)  She graduated high school as valedictorian, (there were three students in her graduating class,) she’s a Grammy-nominated singer, (who recorded each line of the song multiple times and the engineer pieced together a whole song that was on pitch,) a creative mother, (if you don’t count the yelling,) an actress on a hit television series, (who almost got fired for getting too fat,) a loving wife, (except for years 2-7,) she’s made millions of dollars, (and lost it all,) a ballet, tap and jazz dancer, (she was the worst one in her class,) a glider pilot, (who hasn’t flown since she got her license,) a talented musician, (she can play two songs on the guitar,) great cook, (she cooks two standard “company” meals well, ) teaches multiple grades at the same time, (with only one child in each class,) keeps a beautiful home, (with the help of a once-a-week housekeeper,) her nails always look gorgeous, (they are fake,) she sews her childre!
> n’s clothes, (the sewing machine hasn’t been touched in years,) keeps a record of their lives in scrapbooks, (she’s three years behind,) she’s up before dawn having her devotions, (there was that week back in 1999 when she was up before dawn for a week straight,) she wears designer clothes, (that a wardrobe person picks out and she only wears while filming, )and she is a record-setting race car driver, (at a Malibu Grand Prix go kart track.)”
> Now, both of these perspectives are true, it’s just one of them is being written through the loving eyes of a parent.  I believe that is how God looks at us.   He sees all the good we’ve ever done and can do in the future.  He forgets our mistakes and focuses on our successes.  From that perspective maybe we actually can be Proverbs 31 women.

Well, Annaleah is feeling much much better.  In fact so much better that she decided not to take a nap yesterday.. yikes.. I am guessing she got plenty of rest the day before. 

Jade is, of course, being a doll.  I love having her hear.  Oh, in case I forgot to mention.  Jade is here for the week.  She was sick last Friday so she didn’t get to come in until Tuesday.  But she is being so wonderful.  Today, Katelynn is coming and they will both stay until Sunday.  All I can say is they are already wearing me out.  The day goes by so fast with them here.  Yesterday I was so worn out I couldn’t even eat dinner.. I think I will need a vacation. 

Well, must get some cleaning done while they are still sleeping.. It is 6:30am here..

Easter Morning

My little princess is sick..

The girls and I are sleeping in the living room..

and Anna threw up last night.. twice.. my poor baby.. and she feels hot. 

I need to take her temp.


oh no.. threw up again

How to Make a Farm with Eggs

By Annaleah Ramos

First you start by putting the dye tablets into water

Then stir until the dye tablets dissolve into the water. 

Try not to spill any liquid.

Then you drop the eggs into the liquid until you like the color.

Take the eggs out carefully and then set them to dry.

** There are no pictures because mommy had to really make sure I didn’t drop the eggs..

Don’t tell anyone.. I dropped one .. I got to eat it.. yum..

Then we took a bath.. After the bath was done.. the eggs were dry

We carefully put on stickers…

 Here is my cow

And there you have it.. An Egg Farm.. That was fun.. I don’t think mommy thought so..

She says she is now very tired and needs to go to bed..

Click on the Pic to get a better view..

Have a Great Easter.. and don’t forget.. Jesus Lives!

Hello all!  I don’t know what is up with me .. I just don’t feel like posting.. but I will do a brief update..

Friday: the pampered chef party .. wasn’t so good.. only one person showed up.  However, Donna, was great and still did the entire demonstration.  I am going to miss her. 

Saturday:  Angel decided not to go on his drill.  It was the last one.. If he didn’t pass the pt test.. he is out.  He wasn’t going to pass.. he hasn’t been working on it much.  We still went to Woonsocket.. Mom’s building had a tag sale.  I spoke with Angie (brother’s ex) about taking Jade on her school vacation.. Then spoke with Bill.. Ended up inviting Bill, Danielle (gf), mom, and dad to Easter dinner.. just so he can bring Jade.. lol.. I would do anything to get that girl for a while.  I ended up taking Jade and Annaleah with me to my cousin’s Princess House Party.  Jade doesn’t get to see Samantha and Kayla hardly ever anymore (my cousin’s children) I used to babysit all of them.. but neither of them remember that now.  They seemed to have a good time.. however, they were fighting over Annaleah.. Poor Anna.. she was just so popular that night.. 

Sunday: Angel still didn’t go on his drill.. he didn’t feel well.. so we let him sleep and went to church.  I miss my old church so much.. It felt great to be there.. but then again.. there are so many new faces.. even the music director.. Here is a sentimental moment.. When I went there.. we always sat in the third pew from the front… David used to always fall asleep during service.. well, we sat in the third pew..and Annaleah fell asleep.. Silly, I know.. but it just brought back memories.. and the teens are all gone.. One of them was there.. she is now married and living in Oklahoma.. she was there with her brand new baby girl.. The teens were a big part of my life when I was there.. when they were younger, they were my helper in class, (they took turns) and my helpers at David’s parties.. It was hard for me because I just couldn’t seem to fit in.. I was the unmarried mom.. and couldn’t find my spot.. so I was there for the teens.. and that made me feel worthwhile.. It was hard to fit in with the married mothers.. shouldn’t have been.. but it just was.  Now most of those teens are in college our away.. There is a whole new group of teens..and the funny thing was.. I babysat some of them.. when they were really little.. they were all david’s age and younger.. and I didn’t even recognize some of them.. I am so getting old.

Lana and the girls were there.. Gary was in Maine with his mom at the time.  I was able to speak with Lana for a little bit.  They are really glad to be home.  Continue to pray for Gary. 

Ok.. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.. no clue..just your typical every day things.. Nothing really to report there..

Today I sit here.. it is a little after 9am.. Annaleah is still sleeping.. I am playing WOW worship, and the house is clean.  I am planning the menu for Easter.. hubby doesn’t want me doing too much.. so I will do a spiral ham, mashed potatoes, veggies, and a salad.. I need a vegetarian dish (for Danielle) .. something simple.. any ideas.  I also need a simple dessert..

Ok.. well I must go now.. Thanks for listening.

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