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We spent last night trying to cover the coop for today.. since I will be gone all day today and tomorrow.  We find at least one bird out of the coop daily.  As we were working I noticed one of the chicks had somehow gotten on top of the pen.. and was walking along the wire.. so I went in to grab my camera.. when I got back.. their were two on top of the door.  We have no clue how they got up there I we were too busy working.  I guess they have gotten better at flying then I thought.. lol.


I am so glad I don’t have to worry about one getting out now..

Ok.. I am off for the day.


Taken a few minutes ago

She has been asking to swim all last week.. here she is finally, dunking her hair..

Did I surprise you?

Blowing a kiss to daddy.

Thursday – Happy Birthday to my hubby today!

Dentist appointment: I am so glad that is over.  I do not care for going to the dentist one bit.  My hygentist always makes me feel like I do a horrible job.  I ended up taking Annaleah with me.  But she got to stay with daddy, and she had a blast.  The put gloves on her and she was in charge of spraying the water into daddy’s mouth.. They even took pics.  They were wonderful with her.  Now that she is three I could actually change her dentist to this office so we can all get done at the same time.  But I really like her dentist.. so that really is not an option I want to consider. 

I finally got to get a hair cut today.  I haven’t had one done professionally since I was pregnant for Annaleah.  Daddy got to take Annaleah to Walmart all by himself while I was getting my haircut..


Just had to share a pic of my Reds.. I love their coloring.

Here Annaleah is digging a hole for them.. as you can see.. they are very curious. 


Happy Father’s Day, Daddy!

Annaleah is showing you the card she made while in her gardening gloves.

On Saturday we went to a wedding.. My cousin Louann got married!!

Congrats! Scott and Louann!

Louann looked beautiful in her wedding gown. 

I wish I had asked her permission to be on the website.

I will not show faces without permission

Kayla was my table companion

The Gorgeous Wedding Cake – and delicious too!

My mom and dad have been married for 36 years

Angel won this.. it is huge and all glass vase.  I have no clue where I am going to put it.

Silly mom

Had to share pics of Annaleah.. she looks too cut in this.

I wish my baby girl had a butt.. yes you read right.. I wish she had a butt.  We have started having a problems with keeping her diapers on.  We were in Super Walmart on Friday night.  I heard Angel say.. “her diaper fell off”.. so I look and Anna pulls up her dress to show everyone in the entire store that her diaper fell off.. I look behind her and there is this guy..  completely mortified at what he just saw.. I am running to pull her diaper back up.. and Angel is standing there laughing like crazy..  Ok.. so this has happened like 4 times now.. enough already.. any ideas on how to help a child develop a butt??   Hubby suggests we us suspenders to keep them up..

On Sunday I felt horrible for having to pen up my chickens all weekend.. So I decided that I would let them roam while I go to church.. David was supposed to be home at 9pm so I told him to lock them up … well we got home at 10:00pm and no David.. So I go to check on the chicks.. They appear to be all inside.. (hard to tell because they sleep on top of each other.) .. So I do a quick scan around the pen to make sure nothing is there that isn’t supposed to be there.. Then I go to leave.. I notice at the corner of my eye that there appears to be a large rock sitting in front of my shed.. Now I was in there earlier that morning.. and there was no rock there.. So I take the light and look closer.. it was one of my girls.. she was sitting there in the dark, scared and alone.  She let me pick her up.. and I held her for a bit. I put her in front of her cage and she walked in.  I am sure she was very happy to be back with the others.. I am so glad she didn’t go hide someplace else.  Now if hubby doesn’t cover that pen soon.. I am going to have to clip wings.. I don’t want to do that..


Ok.. Let’s see .. what have we been up to.. on friday we did some shopping.. We went to the mall, Target, and super walmart. 

On Saturday we had a full day.  First we went to my cousin’s daughter, Kayla’s, birthday party.. Here are a few pics..

Getting ready for our long drive to R.I.

Annaleah has to have her cup and blanket..

Whoo hoo.. look at Annaleah!

Keep dancing Jade!

Annaleah tripped on her grass skirt and skinned her knees.. so grass skirt is off..

she loved the water balloons

Happy Birthday Kayla!

The cake was yummy!

Then we had to head on back to CT for the Pastor’s farewell banquet

I have no clue what she was doing here.. lol

Ok.. let’s see.. Sunday it was official.. We now have a new pastor.  Welcome, Pastor Terrain!

That is it for tonight.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend also.




wow.. I wish I took a pic. 

Being an Avon Rep.. My daughter loves helping me unpack all the products, seperating them into bags, and delivering them.. She is especially fascinated with make up.  So I decided to start ordering a little something for her.. so now she has her own little bag with pink eye shadow, pink blush, pink lip gloss and pink nail polish.. She was doing great with the nail polish.  she knows she has to do it at the table..

What was I thinking.. am I nuts.. she is 3!  I got distracted and started paying some bills.  Forgot that she was painting.. she just came up to me asking for help.. she painted her entire left arm and hands.. it was pretty much dry and freaking her out.. lol.. I wish I took a pic.

So now the nail polish has a new home and will only be pulled out on friday evenings with me by her side.. Another lesson learned.

My Little Princess

has a boo boo


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