Ok.. this may seem like a very strange entry.. but it is 11:21pm and I need to clean but I don’t want to..hmm.. I also wanted to share some things.  I have not been blogging like I should.  I just got done cleaning my dining room so I guess I will share a little. 

I am extremely nervous today.. My girls are sleeping outside alone for the first time.. My poor chicks.. I knew I was going to get attached.  I went to go check on them tonight and lock them into their cage.  I had my little light.. They were already in the cage (we don’t have an actual coop yet. ) but I could only see two.. I put the light lamp down and they all started piling out.. they were all snugly laying there in the corner.. They came out to say hi to me.. I gave them extra food and water for the night and then guided them back in.. and they sat at the door and watched me walk away.. ..sniff.. so sad and so hard to let them go.. They were probably saying.. “But, Mommy, aren’t you going to bring us inside with you?? ”  So sad.. Here are a few pics of them from earlier..

~~Well, I put away dishes, washed another strainer-full of dishes, and cleared the stove and one counter.. At least I am getting somewhere..

Annaleah found a little friend today.. She would not let this poor guy go.. We finally had to convince her two hours later.. that his poor mommy and daddy were looking for him and he had to go home..

Don’t ya love that wild hair?

~~ok.. I cleared kitchen table, put leftovers into proper bowls with covers (instead of keeping on platter in fridge) and dumped two gross containers from fridge.. yuck..

Today we did alot of raking of grass.. the yard is looking so much better.  Then we got two little visitors from the back yard.. we had let Danny, our dog, out while we were raking an unfenced area.. the two dogs snuck from under the fence to join us.. Annaleah loved it.  I believe I posted a pic a while back of two little white dogs watching our chicks.  They are so cute.. but after they decided to go exploring in other neighbors yards.. I guided them back home..

~~Cleaned my living room (it will be so much nicer without chicken feathers, food, poop and dust flying everywhere), straightened bathroom and picked out Annaleah’s dress for tomorrow.

I guess I should share an update about that biopsy I was supposed to have.. in case anyone was curious.. I went for my second opinion on Wednesday.. The first thing she did was a breast exam.. she did not feel anything.. no one has.. she sat down in front of us and told me that I have alot of lumps.. however.. none show any indication of being cancer.. She explained why.. the shape, how similiar both sides are.. etc.  She explained about what the ultrasound showed.. and what it tells them.. my masses are solid.. the mass that did not show up on the ultrasound, according to the mam.. seems no different then the other masses.. She believes they are Fibroadenoma.. which she has found common among women with Meditterean backgrounds.. She said they may have been there for years.. whoo hooo.. however, of course.. we would never really know without a biopsy.. she recommended 2 options.. the first was an image-guided biopsy.. and the second was that we wait .. and I go for another exam and mammogram in 6 months to see if there are any changes.. She was extremely nice and explained everything.. I mean she sat and talked like she had no other patients.. She answered questions.. she drew pictures.. etc.  There was no need for open surgery like the other doc was insisting .. no need to remove the entire mass.. We were very please with her.  I felt very comfortable.. I feel very relieved..

Well, it looks like hubby is heading for bed.. I guess I should also.. it is now 12:16am.  Not too bad.  I will finish up the rest of the dishes in the morning.. Have a great night.