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Well.. I was fiddling my my web cam that was given to us.. it was old when we got it.  I couldn’t get it to work.. Angel came upstairs and noticed I was having trouble so he asked what was wrong.  I told him it was the vid cam.. he said.. well.. I am getting you a new on for… and he stopped.. he looked kind of confused, then shocked.. then was apologizing, hugging and kissing me.. He could not believe he had forgotten.. He was asking for my forgiveness.. He felt horrible.. and I felt bad for him. 

He has had alot on his mind lately, but he said he was keeping an eye on the calendar.. He even told his co-worker on Wednesday, that thursday was my birthday.. but when the day came.. it completely slipped.. I forgive him (of course).. he really is a great man.. and I know he would never intentionally do anything to hurt me..

He decided to go out to eat.. but I told him I did not want to end up spending 50 – 60 dollars for a meal.. So we settled on Cracker Barrel.. It was very good and under 20.00.. then we continue on our way to pick up Jade.  I will be getting my vid cam sometime this weekend. 

I feel much better now. 


A Question from Crechemom

That’s a fantastic photo of the squirrell.  Did you have to sit there for ages waiting, or was it just a case of being in the right place at the right time?

I was actually sitting at my computer.. I can see into my kitchen from my desk.. and I saw a head bouncing up and down.. I grabbed my camera and he ran.  He came back and I was ready.. I took about 20 pics trying to get closer every time.. He just stared at me and continued chewing.  It was really funny.. for a while there it was as if he was trying to drag it to the roof with him..

Yeah!!  Pictures are loading.. here you go.

We found the culprit!!  We had discovered teeth marks in the birds feeder.. and now we know why.

The 4th Of July

Every year, the neighbor kids throw a 4th of July display right in our cul-de-sac

The Many Faces of Annaleah



We made Onion Blossoms for the special event.


I just loved this .. Annaleah had a ball with those pool tubes.


Ok.. finally.. Good night!

Ok.. since I can’t post pics.. I might as well talk out my thoughts..

It’s my Party and I’ll cry if I want to!

Right now, I am disappointed.. I have waited all day.. and nothing.. I constantly mentioned my birthday all last week and over the weekend.. Today comes and nothing.  I did get a Happy Birthday from my mom, dad, Jade, Brother Mike and my Gram.. however my own husband and son does not remember.  I didn’t expect to receive a gift or anything.. (due to our finances) but a “Happy Birthday!” would have been nice.. maybe some cuddle time from hubby.. and someone to do the dishes.. but nope, nada, nothing

David spent the night out and came back.. asking for extra money for doing something around the house that he doesn’t even have time to do considering he is leaving at like 8am.  Then threw a fit because I said “no”.  What a wonderful way to end an already disappointing day..

I feel childish for letting this bother me too much.. Imagine how bad they will feel when they realize it.  I can’t wait to see the shocked looks.

The Good News

The good news.. We pick up Jade tomorrow night and she is staying for 2 whole weeks!!  I am really excited about that.  Annaleah is going to be thrilled to have her here.  So I will be spending the day getting ready for her.. I need to make room in Annaleah’s room and empty a drawer for her clothes.  I also want to have a list of things we can do for the next two weeks.

Annaleah has a new friend!

We have a new Pastor and they have a 4 year old girl and a 2 year old boy.. Annaleah loves them.. All I hear now is I am going to my church.. I am going to play with H… andd G…. It is sooo cute.. Especially when they are holding hands and giving each other hugs and kisses to say goodbye. 


I am experimenting with something.  I am so tired of spending $75 for meds that only cover up the hives and itchiness.. but do not take care of what may be causing it.. So I have done some research.  This really sound like my problems.. Two friends have mentioned this over a year ago and it has taken me things long to take it seriously..

A friend of mine is also very familiar with Candida.. so she has been helping be figure out what would be best for me at this point..

I am starting with a colon cleanse to get rid of all the toxins and eliminating some of the foods that Candida feeds on.  It is difficult but I can do it.. I know I can. 

Still can’t upload pics .. will have to try again in the morning. 


I haven’t posted in a while.. Alot going on in my head right now.  But here are some pics..


Nevermind.. for some reason it is not working



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