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**Question in my comment section:

I cannot believe you made it to this age and have never been to a funeral.  I personally hate them and avoid as many as possible. 

How is your son’s arm?  All healed up now?


David’s arm is looking wonderful… it is just a little scabbed area now.. I am so relieved that scare is over!.. thank you for asking..

As for funerals.. hmm.. I was a young teen when my uncle died.. (we lived in florida and he was here in CT.), Still in Florida when my cousin Brian died..(he lived in RI), I was up here when grandma died(dad’s side).. but I barely remembered her.. and David was only like a week old.  I did go to the wake.. but it was such an emotional time watching the family, my dad had us kids stay home.. (I was 20 when david was born but still living with my folks).. Now that was 15 years ago and there has not been any other deaths in the family… (that I can remember)

Now onto my weekend..

The time just keeps on moving.. I need it to stop so I can catch up..

Let’s see

Sunday: Annaleah went to sunday school all by herself again.. whoo hoo.. second time in a row.. She still won’t go to jr. church and I have decided to give her one of two options.. She can either go to jr. church without me.. or service with me.. she of course chooses to go with me.. and that is ok.. I found that if I go with her.. I just sit there.. and I am not hearing God’s Word for me. She does really well upstairs except she is sooo wiggly.. I wish I could glue her to the chair.. lol.

After service we had a church picnic.. with lots of food and the children played. David even played volleyball with the boys and pastor.. which shocked me! Wish I had taken a picture of that.

After church we went to Walmart for some much needed items.. Now, walmart is a very dangerous place for us.. we always spend way too much money there.. Like anywhere between 130 and 200.. ugh.. well I was pleasantly surprised with it came to 25.88..

Then when we got home, I convinced Angel to forget the church paperwork.. so we changed into our suits to hit the pool.. it was so relaxing.. then we cleaned out anna’s pool and refilled it. I think Sunday turned out to be a great family day.. Angel was very glad that he spend some time out of his office.. He had been getting overwhelmed with the church finance records that he barely comes out of his office anymore.. he truly needed some relaxation time.


I attempted to clean out my fridge.. oh my .. what a job that was. I started out removing all the food.. (throwing away anything I didn’t recognize) and then scrubbing it all down.. in the process.. Annaleah stepped on the cover thing on the bottom of the fridge, knocking that off.. well it looked horrible in there.. so I grabbed the vac from the basement and tried to suck most of the junk out.. well.. can’t .. it is like glued to the floor.. ugh.. so I thought.. I am going to have to move the fridge.. however, first I will have to clean on top of the fridge.. well.. I gave up.. I washed the cover and put it aside.. will have to finish it today. It was just too hot and sticky and I still had to get ready to go to dinner.

After Angel got out of work we went to pick up his mom and his aunt in Providence.. we took them out to Macaroni Grill.. It was very nice. Annaleah even insisted on ordering herself something. At first she wanted pizza.. then when it came time to order.. she saw corndog and fries on the menu.. so she wanted that.. then when her corn dog came.. she wanted to know where her pizza was.. lol She had never had a corn dog before.. so it was funny when she realized that a hot dog was in

Ordering was interesting also since Angel’s aunt does not know English.. so we spent alot of time (well, not me, because I can’t speak spanish).. explaining each dish to her.. she went with the pork chops and Angel had the shrimp and pasta. His mom had the chicken cannolli and I had the mama’s trio (chicken cannolli, lasagna, and chicken parm. ) .. then Angel and I split a cheesecake..Yum!..

It was a very good evening. I am realy glad he got to spend some time with his mom.. we went back to Cesar’s place and took some pictures before we left. I know he will really miss her. To link it (the actual code):

Linda, your movie mom match is The Sound Of Music‘s Maria Von Trapp

OK, so maybe you never went straight from a convent to motherhood, but it’s a safe bet that you encourage and support your family in much the same way that Maria did. Playful and yes, sometimes a little mischievous, you tend to lead by doing, and you always make sure to help your children achieve their goals without actually doing it for them.

You inspire your family because you always find creative ways to make even the most mundane chores or homework problems seem fun and important. And you want others to try to find the beauty in life — whether it’s from art, music, books, or adventure. Those are just a few of your favorite things.



Wow, it is late and we have had a very busy day.  I went to my very first funeral today.  It was hard watching Angel’s mom, aunt, and uncles go through the loss, as well as the deceased’s wife and family.  I kept thinking about my family and how I haven’t seen my brother Mike in about 4 years. 


It was very interesting to meet the family however.  Some of them had not seen Angel is 14 years and for one it had been about 30 years.  While everyone was chatting and catching up.. I was watching Abraham.. and I started thinking about the first time I really met him.. He was seeing my next door neighbor at the housing complex I lived in 12 years ago.  I was having a little cookout for me and David on my little round grill.  I had invited my neighbor and Abe to eat and they chipped in for meat and such.. Well, Abe was showing off just a little in front of the ladies.. (sorry Abe, if you are reading this.. but it is true.. lol)  He managed to tip the entire grill over and the burgers got coated with dirt.. It was so funny.. he was embarrassed and apologized.. and then made new burgers.. so It was pretty dark by the time we ate.. and after that day we all became friends.. we had an open door policy and were always at each other’s homes.. About a year later, after their daughter was born, Abe introduced me to Angel.  who knew back then that I was going to be a part of this huge family.  I looked around at the uncles.. they age very nicely and have a very distinguished look.  It really felt good to be a part of it all. 


Angel’s mom will be leaving on Tuesday, so we are trying to plan to spend some time with her.  I really want Annaleah to get to know her.. The last time she was here, was at Annaleah’s birth.  She came to see us at the intensive care unit in Hartford.. it seems like so long ago. 


Annaleah was able to spend the night at Katelynn and Ben’s house.  wow did she ever drive me crazy.. “I said I am going to katelynn and Ben’s house” she said over and over again.. before I was able to even ask.. lol.. I am really glad she likes it over there.  It makes leaving her so much easier.  She did a wonderful job in her pullup while she was there.. She had one accident and according to Karen, even went all by herself at one point.  I am so proud.  When we picked her up today.. we came home and all took a 3.5 – 4 hour nap!   I think we really needed it.  although I wish we didn’t do this a 4pm – 8pm.. but she is now sleeping and I am ready to hit the sack also..


Well, I will have lots of pictures to share.. however not tonight.  I will share one. 


Marianna – the birthday girl from last week


Annaleah and Brianna (who wants to be the baby again)


Thursday’s Tattle One Year Birthday!!

When is your Birthday? ~ July 15th

How old are you? ~36! Yikes!

What is the best gift you have ever received for your Birthday? ~ hmm.. the one I remember is the engagement ring from Angel 6 years ago

What is the best gift you have ever given someone for there Birthday? ~I have no clue.. hmm.. I don’t think I ever gave anyone anything really spectatular

Have you enjoyed Thursday’s Tattle for a whole year? ~This is the first time I came across it

Would you like it to continue? ~Yes, I like what I see

What was your best Birthday so far? ~Well, we have the year Angel propose.. we went to Mystic aquarium and then he took me to a really nice resturaunt and proposed to me there.  There was also the year David went to camp for the first time.  Angel took me to Maine for a week’s vacation.  I had never gone away for a vacation before.  It was awesome!

Do you love or hate your Birthday? ~ I love my birthday.. I love birthdays in general.. I just home hubby remembers next time..

Wow.. Anna is really doing great.. I didn’t put her in anything for her nap and she woke up and went pee in the potty.. I am truly amazed.  I was counting on the fact that she would have til sunday and then we had church.. and would deal with potty time then.. however we just got word that Angel’s mom is arriving from Puerto Rico today.  Her brother died last Sunday (I believe).  So we will be on the road to go visit her tonight.  Please keep her and her family in prayers.  Thank you.

Trigger #20: Back to School!!!

1. Are you or your children going back to school this fall? ~Yes, David will be going back to school

2. What is the start date? ~August 30th

3. Are you or your children prepared to go back to school? ~Yes

4. What is your/their favorite subject? ~Hmm.. that is a hard one since he hates school in general

5. How much did you/them spend on back to school clothes? ~about $240 so far

6. How much did you/them spend on back to school tools? (ex: pens, pencils, erasers, notebooks…etc.) ~Not much so far.. maybe 30.00 waiting for a list of needed items

7. If you are done with school do you wish you could go back to school? If you are still in school are you looking forward to going back? ~I loved school and loved learning.

8. What grade are you or your children in? ~David is in the 10th this year

9. Does your routine change dramatically with the arrival of school or does it stay the same? Explain! ~Not really much at all

10. If you could go to a 4 year college free from expenses what classes would you take? ~Web Designing and Child developement

Family Minute with Mark Merrill


Do you automatically tell your kids, “No”?


Well, try to expand your vocabulary. Let me explain. My mom has always been great at turning a “no moment” into a teachable moment. For example, when I was a young child, if I went to grab something I wasn’t suppose to touch, instead of just saying, “No,” she’d gently take my hand and say, “Let’s play with something else.” Then she would direct me to a toy or different activity. My mom took the time to steer my brothers and me in the right direction. So the next time you want to say, “No,” try to give a positive suggestion instead.

Oh man.. the day is not going well.. it is such a long story but I will share anyways..

David went to Grasso Tech last year.  He really thought he was going to do well.. but he didn’t .. he was in danger of failing the main classes (although he did great in Culinary) so Summer school became an issue.. however.. you could only take two courses.. so there was a possiblity that he still would not pass and we did not want to pay that much money for him to still have to take it over.. so.. since David wanted to go to the local High school we wanted to see what they thought.. However they needed the transcript.. I would call and call Grasso.. but no one ever called me back.. and summer school was starting in a few days.. finally we managed to get the transcript faxed over and they said because he managed to pass English.. he was fine and would move on to the tenth grade.. great.. (Now Grasso had told us earlier that he would not be allowed back in for another year) So I called Grasso and ended up leaving another message to start the transfer.. I had not heard back after a while.. so I called back and was told that they were now on vacation and would be back on the 16th of August and that someone would call me then.

Fast forward.. 16th – I called.. left message after message.. no one ever calls me back.. so on wednesday I call again.. this time I called the main office.. They go to transfer me and I say.. no.. no one is there and no one is returning my calls.. so she puts me on hold.. she gets me to one of the counselors.. This guy takes down the info and then tells me we are all set.. all we have to do is contact the local school.. So I call and they won’t be back til the following monday.. ugh

So that monday (a week and one day before school starts).. I call and they make an appointment with us for wednesday morning to come in, register and get his schedule done.. they ask if I can call Grasso and request some of his health records since I can’t sign a release form til I come in on wednesday.  No problem.. so I call grasso back.. and I get the secretary.. well.. she informs me that David has not been withdrown and that we need to come in to withdraw him.. oh.. and the counselors will not be back til monday.. !!!!.. I politely tell her that the counselor told me he was all set.. she tells me no.. so I tell her that david has an appt with the school and that school starts on Tuesday and there is no way we can wait.. so she forwards me to the assistant principal.. guess what.. voice mail.. so I leave a message..

well, no call back.. so I call a few more times.. and leave more messages.. oh at one point I am told that talking to the assistant principle is not going to help me.. ugh… then finally I get a call.. it is some guy.. and he tells me the assistant principal is gone for the day and will call me.. Nope.. never happened..

So tuesday I call the local school to cancel the appt and I explain why.. so she says.. let’s get this started and at least get him in the computer.. so we do.. then she called to say she has a basic schedule ready .. but it may not be set because of the health records.. well.. then we realized that hey.. david’s doctor. (thanks steph) So this morning, david’s doctor faxed the health records to the high school.. the nurse called .. he is all set.. the guidance called.. and faxed me his schedule.. (although that didn’t go as smoothly as planned since hubby and I forgot that he never reconnected the phone line back into my computer.. so she tried to fax it 6 times with me frantically trying to set it up.. ugh) I now have his schedule.. and managed to get through to grasso today.. the counselors will be in tomorrow.. so I will be there at 8am ready to grab the first counselor I can get my hands on..

I never knew it was going to be this hard!.. it is now 11:30.. I am still in pj’s.. anna hasn’t even eaten yet.. and I am stressed to the max and ready for bed.. not a good way to start my day.

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