1. Which is more fun, kid’s toys or grown-up kid’s toys? (ie. Lego’s vs. power tools)

~Kids toys.. I loved pretending house and barbie, etc.. oh but wait.. isn’t that what the Sims is for??  Hmmm
2. What’s your favorite food and why? Which food is your number one weakness?

~My Ultimate favorite food.. mmm.. Cherry cheesecake.. weakness? chocolate and peanut butter together
3. How many blogs/journals/diaries would you say you read?

~Oh probably about 20 – 30
4. Do you feel you have an obligation to spread your religious belief system to others, or do you think religion is a private matter that everyone needs to decide for themselves?

~I see no problem with sharing my beliefs.. however I would never be pushy .. if someone has a question about my belief then I will share and leave it at that..
5. Did you keep a paper journal before blogging?

~I tried to .. but it is hard to find the time to write.. and Iam always at my computer.. so this makes it a bit easier.. although I would love to blog more often.
6. Describe your life in 3 words.

~sheltered, lonely, wonderful (kinda like the stages of my life)
7. What was the last thing you were wrong about?

~umm.. have to think about that one
8. What one thing would you do to help the world be a better place for all?

~Do my part in loving others
9. Are you a dog person or a cat person?

~I love dogs
10. If you could start your own meme (And you can!), what kind of questions would you ask?

~I have no clue, which is why I can’t have my own meme..