Oh man.. the day is not going well.. it is such a long story but I will share anyways..

David went to Grasso Tech last year.  He really thought he was going to do well.. but he didn’t .. he was in danger of failing the main classes (although he did great in Culinary) so Summer school became an issue.. however.. you could only take two courses.. so there was a possiblity that he still would not pass and we did not want to pay that much money for him to still have to take it over.. so.. since David wanted to go to the local High school we wanted to see what they thought.. However they needed the transcript.. I would call and call Grasso.. but no one ever called me back.. and summer school was starting in a few days.. finally we managed to get the transcript faxed over and they said because he managed to pass English.. he was fine and would move on to the tenth grade.. great.. (Now Grasso had told us earlier that he would not be allowed back in for another year) So I called Grasso and ended up leaving another message to start the transfer.. I had not heard back after a while.. so I called back and was told that they were now on vacation and would be back on the 16th of August and that someone would call me then.

Fast forward.. 16th – I called.. left message after message.. no one ever calls me back.. so on wednesday I call again.. this time I called the main office.. They go to transfer me and I say.. no.. no one is there and no one is returning my calls.. so she puts me on hold.. she gets me to one of the counselors.. This guy takes down the info and then tells me we are all set.. all we have to do is contact the local school.. So I call and they won’t be back til the following monday.. ugh

So that monday (a week and one day before school starts).. I call and they make an appointment with us for wednesday morning to come in, register and get his schedule done.. they ask if I can call Grasso and request some of his health records since I can’t sign a release form til I come in on wednesday.  No problem.. so I call grasso back.. and I get the secretary.. well.. she informs me that David has not been withdrown and that we need to come in to withdraw him.. oh.. and the counselors will not be back til monday.. !!!!.. I politely tell her that the counselor told me he was all set.. she tells me no.. so I tell her that david has an appt with the school and that school starts on Tuesday and there is no way we can wait.. so she forwards me to the assistant principal.. guess what.. voice mail.. so I leave a message..

well, no call back.. so I call a few more times.. and leave more messages.. oh at one point I am told that talking to the assistant principle is not going to help me.. ugh… then finally I get a call.. it is some guy.. and he tells me the assistant principal is gone for the day and will call me.. Nope.. never happened..

So tuesday I call the local school to cancel the appt and I explain why.. so she says.. let’s get this started and at least get him in the computer.. so we do.. then she called to say she has a basic schedule ready .. but it may not be set because of the health records.. well.. then we realized that hey.. david’s doctor. (thanks steph) So this morning, david’s doctor faxed the health records to the high school.. the nurse called .. he is all set.. the guidance called.. and faxed me his schedule.. (although that didn’t go as smoothly as planned since hubby and I forgot that he never reconnected the phone line back into my computer.. so she tried to fax it 6 times with me frantically trying to set it up.. ugh) I now have his schedule.. and managed to get through to grasso today.. the counselors will be in tomorrow.. so I will be there at 8am ready to grab the first counselor I can get my hands on..

I never knew it was going to be this hard!.. it is now 11:30.. I am still in pj’s.. anna hasn’t even eaten yet.. and I am stressed to the max and ready for bed.. not a good way to start my day.