I am soo exhausted.. can barely stand.. so I don’t have too much to say..

but here are some things I have found and wanted to share

I love this song.. check it out Weird Al’s “eBay song”




Below is my son’s school but it was not his school bus.. but still very upsetting.. David came home with a note today explaining what had happened this morning.



Bus driver charged with drunk driving

MONTVILLE — State police in Montville are investigating a bus driver who they say was drunk this morning, when he drove children to school.

Eyewitnesses called police after seeing the bus driving erratically and police pulled the bus over in Ledyard.

As many as 25 children were on board at the time.

Police and school officials confirm the driver is being held at Troop E and is charged with DWI.

He had already completed a run to the high school on the first day of school in Ledyard and was on his way to an elementary school run.

A state trooper working a construction site was alerted about a bus driving erratically. He found the bus and did a field sobriety test on the driver.

A supervisor then came out to do the elementary school run.

Eyewitnesses News has learned that this driver is a brand new employee of the private bus company that contracts with the school system.


A – Act your age?  No
B – Born on what day of the week? Monday

C – Chore you hate? Laundry

D – Dad’s name? David Antony (but grew up being told it was Anthony David til he saw his birth certificate about 10 15 years ago)

E – Essential makeup item? Eye liner

F – Favorite actor? Johnny Depp

G – Gold or silver? Silver
H – Hometown? Woonsocket, RI

I – Instruments you play? played violin when I was younger.. a little bit of keyboard now.

J – Job title? wife, mom, homemaker, sunday school teacher, La Leche League of Norwich secretary… the list goes on and on

K – Kids? David is 15 and Annaleah is 3
L – Living arrangements? Raised Ranch with hubby and two children

M – Mom’s name? Linda Lou
N – Name what you’ve eaten so far today: umm.. cinnamon ezekial toast (breakfast), pizza burrito and corn fritters (lunch), blt on ezekial toast with chips (dinner) Icee for snack on this hot day.

O – Overnight hospital stays? During the birth of each child (c-section)
P – Phobia? spiders, ticks, (most bugs) and snakes

Q – Quote you like? Children are a treasure from the Lord
R – Religious affiliation? Baptist
S – Siblings? 2 Brothers, Bill is 31 and Mike is 30 (10.5 months apart)

T – Time you wake up? 5:30am

U – Unique habit? hmm.. twisting my tongue in circles

V – Vegetable you refuse to eat? hmm.. can’t think of any right now.. but I know there is quite a few

W – Worst habit? finding and excuse for everything
X – X-rays you’ve had? teeth, knee
Y – Yummy food you make? Cheesecake
Z – Zodiac Sign? cancer