Every day when things happen, I tell myself to journal about it.. but every evening I don’t have the energy and say.. I will do it tomorrow.  Well, it isn’t getting done and I don’t even remember anything anymore.. ugh.. I will get better at this. 

Right now, it is 7:50pm.  Annaleah is in the tub, David is at the store with his friend, and Angel is at church.  Let’s see how long it takes me to write..

Our weekend was very quiet.  On Monday we decided to try to look for Letterboxes.. I was alot of fun.  Annaleah loved it.  If you have never heard of Letterboxing.. go check out www.letterboxing.org .  There are boxes planted all over the place.. to go you start off with a stamp, stamp pad, and a journal.  You go to the area and follow the clues.. here is what we did..

We started off here at the dog trail

We follow the clues

There is a paw print

Mommy, this is scary (she has never been in the woods before)

I don’t think I like it here

Another paw print!

This is kinda fun??

Here is the end.. Now what?? Where is the rock wall?

There it is ..

Anything in there?

Look what we found!

What is in here??.. a journal of visitors

Ok.. we are putting our stamp in there.  Along with Annaleah’s name and date.

Oooh.. their stamp is homemade.

Our First Stamp in our Journal!

That was fun!  Can we go on another treasure hunt, daddy?

The next letterbox is near this pond..


Is that it?? Daddy??

Is that it under the sticks?

Our second stamp (a baseball stamp)

I get to play with the water now.

It was a good day..


She truly had a blast.. especially when the first hunt resembled Blues Clues!  We had other areas also printed out.. but unfortunately you need a compass to get to them.. and the clues are alot harder than these two were..

We are also planning on looking them up in other cities when we visit family and friends..

some of the hiding spots also have a historical story involved.. great history lesson. 

Well, I am done for now.. lots to do before Annaleah’s ear appointment tomorrow.. Thanks for reading!