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What a day yesterday.. I had planned to do a ton of housework.. but no.. someone had other plans for me. 

It started at aorund 9am when I got a call from the school that David was vomiting and very pale.. Abraham was sleeping so I got Anna and myself dressed and then woke up Abraham.  He drove me to school and wasn’t a bit irritated about having been woken up.  He told me that he was getting a sore throat himself.. great.. no one will be left untouched in this house..

When I get there.. David is looking awful and seems to have vertigo or something.. he was dizzy and his face was drained.. The nurse informed me that his books were on the table.. The only thing there are a black binder and a math book.. So I grabbed them and out the door we went..

When we got home David and Abe went right back to bed.. At 11:30 the school nurse calls again.  She had left a message earlier.. but I didn’t notice because no light goes off or anything… The only way to know is to pick up the phone.  Turns out I had grabbed someone’s binder.. this kid went to the bathroom, came back and it was gone.. Can I possibly bring it back..

Ok, now what.. Abe is still sleeping.. he must be sick.. I am not waking him.. Anna is also sleeping.. what do I do.. hmm.. walk.. wonder how long it would take me.. 30 minutes?? less?? I haven’t walked that far in years.. when If I can’t walk back.. I know.. I will call Karen.. But I haven’t spoken to Karen in months.. it would be awful to call her to ask for a favor.. Let me check and see if Abe is still sleeping.. yep.. still out.. man.. what do I do??

Finally I call Karen and find out her kids are sick.. oh no.. she asks why?

I tell her .. aw.. don’t worry about it.. hope the kids get better really soon.. she insists.. I tell her.. She decided she could use the break, her oldest is also home and they will be fine.. but she has to dig for the car seat.. took her about 30 minutes to dig.. I felt bad..

Got the book there.. had a nice conversation.. now I am back home.. about 30 minutes later, nurse calls again.. “The student just informed me that he had a math book with that binder”.. oh great.. what a day.. I guess nothing on that table belonged to david like the nurse thought.. ugh

David will be home again today, so I am going to ask Angel to drop it off at the school.

Watched part 2 of Trading Spouses last night.. all I can say is wow.. That lady (Barbara) is quite a handful. 

Right now.. I am sitting here alone, Anna is sleeping on the couch.. oh.. now she is crying.. gone for now.. think she is having bad dreams..


Tried to send this last night.. but our dsl wasn’t working..

Ok.. I think I am going to try just listing my thoughts at the moment

  • Thanksgiving Day was great!

  • Although I burned three fingers..

  • steam burns.. ugh

  • managed to get the tree up on Friday

  • garland and lights on Saturday

  • still no ornaments

  • bought Anna a little (2ft) tree

  • she loves it and drags it into each room with her

  • she decorates it constantly..

  • then puts all the little pieces into her pocket

  • I have lots of turkey left

  • I love turkey

  • need to look for turkey recipes

  • I got 5 normal looking eggs in the past 2 days

  • which mean that at least 3 chicks are laying

  • Anna is loving the idea of Santa Claus

  • I am not sure how I feel

  • I never did the Santa bit with David

  • Hubby is all for it

  • I love watching her little imagination go

  • She has been telling me her dreams lately

  • it is just too funny

  • I am sick

  • have been for two days

  • David was sick today

  • I have not been in church for the last 2 sundays

  • Starting to feel guilty

  • but last week.. my back was in alot of pain

  • I am tired

  • don’t know what to say

  • Oh.. the little egg

  • Anna dropped it

  • it had a small crack

  • so we cooked it

  • and she ate it

  • it was the cutest little thing

  • I will upload the pic of it

  • Just watched Desperate Housewives

  • and I cried

  • amazes me how some people have no remorse

  • did anyone watch He’s a Lady?

  • I loved it!

  • David/Wynnona won!!

  • Whoo hoo.. he deserved it!

  • Although Albert/Alberta was gorgeous

  • Yes, I get into my shows…

  • I think that is it

  • I want to go to bed

goodnight all!



Happy Thanksgiving!!

You Are the Turkey
The center of attention, the meaning of it all. Too bad you put people to sleep!

the white is walmart egg (large) second is my regular eggs.. and the third I found in the coop this morning..


Birthday Party Pictures

The kids loved the clown!!

and although Annaleah started off on my lap

(she wanted nothing to do with him)

She started to feel comfortable and join in

There she is clapping away

The Pinata.. what fun.. they decided to go with the pull string this time since poor Jimmy (the one holding the pinata) got hit last year..

A blurry pic of the birthday cake..

The Birthday Girls

I believe the girls got every thing they asked for.. there was alot of gifts!

what a night I had.. no matter what.. everytime I try to get some extra sleep.. it just kills me.. I am normally in bed by 12 – 1am to and my alarm goes off at 5:45 am.. and I wake up fine.. We came home last night and I just crashed.. went to bed at 9pm.. then I tossed and turned all night long.. had a hard time with mask.. and woke up with a severe pain in my back.. My body does not allow me to sleep more than normal.  It is driving me insane.. everone tells me I don’t get enough sleep, but I honestly don’t know how to.. and if I try to take a nap.. I wake up with a severe headache.. I quit!!

Then to make matters worse.. I come to the kitchen where Danny is locked in.. and find pee and  poop all over the floor!!  I was in shock!  So I go to Angel and ask him.. did you let the dog out last night??  He looks at me and said.. no.. I thought you did.. I said.. “I went to bed at 9!” So he apologizes and falls back to sleep.. AHHH so there I am at 7:30am, bending over very slowly to pick up the mess..

Then it is not over.. I had planned to make beef stew.. so I sauteed, fried, chopped, etc.. and then did all the dishes and it was 8:45 am by the time I finished.. 30 minutes till we leave for church.. well, I did not go.. there was no way.  I spent the remander of the day in my bed with a heating pad and watching tv and/or playing playdoh with anna.. I felt much better by dinner time.. I will share pics from Jade and Kaitlyn’s party in the morning.. good night.. I hope I sleep better tonight.

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