I just came back from voting. 

 Bonk Candidates 

She did well there.  She is still very very tired.  She has been drinking now and has not thrown up again.  Her temp was low… like 99.6 .. last time I took it.  I was always told not to worry unless it is over 101.  She has gone pee (makes me happy) and is now requesting food.  I am skeptical.. however, she is requesting fish sticks, so I think I will let her try one or two.  The screaming has ended (thankfully).  Hubby and I decided to see how she is tonight.  If it is anywhere near last night then we are taking her in first thing in the morning.  I am going to keep making sure she drinks .. usually drinking is never a problem for her.. she is on her 3rd cup since she last threw up .. so that is a good thing (I think) since she wouldn’t drink before that.    

Raking Leaves

My Anna is sick. 

It started last night when she fell asleep.  She was very restless and kept screaming off and on..  I tried to keep her next to me to comfort here.  However, she would wake screaming.  So I asked her if her mouth hurt, teeth, ears, tummy.. anything I could think of.  She was also gagging during her screaming sessions.  She would either shake her head no or just continue screaming. 

After a while of this, I brought her into the living room.  She slept off and on but continued to scream every so often.  I started to notice that she would put her hands over both ears.. so I wondered.. double ear infections, maybe??  I asked her if her ears hurt and she said yes.  She then indicated that she had to go pee.

So in the bathroom she still refused to move her hands from her head.. (ears).. so I helped her on the potty.. she then vomitted yellow bile over herself and the floor.. I cleaned her up and changed her.. she got into her bed (she never sleeps there) and refused to move and wanted nothing to do with me.. so I covered her up and she fell back to sleep.  This was around 5am.

So I went back to my room and fell asleep and sometime before 6:30 she woke and came into the room.  She climbed onto her futon and fell back to sleep.  What I didn’t know what that she had thrown up yellow bile again on her bed. 

After tossing and turning a bit she is back on the couch again.. she has thrown up again twice.  The bile is also foamy.  She is drinking very little here and there, will not eat, and sleeping off and on.  The last time I asked if her ears hurt, she said no. 

I do not take her in unless necessary due to the fact that I do not trust doctors and most meds (including antibiotics).  But will take her if I have to ..

Anyone ever experience this or have any idea?