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<– I really like the green haired one. (how’d you get those anyway?  by zippyboot


I had to do a bit of searching because I couldn’t remember where I got this eprop.. but I did find it.

The eprops I use is called Mermaid Melody.  This site is worth checking out for all kinds of interesting things you can change with Xanga. 


I have no clue what to blog about today.. yesterday was a typical day in our home.  I did finally watch a pre-recorded Super Nanny.. I find the show really interesting.  I felt so bad for the mom in this episode.. To hear that heart-wrenching cry and ignore it.. ugh.. I wouldn’t be able to do it in my opinion.. But I will say.. it worked.. and I kinda like that idea they used as opposed to shutting the door and leaving the child alone.



Well, I guess there is nothing to really say today..  I will be spending the day working in Annaleah’s room.. Have a great day!



Good Morning.. I tried to redo my site a bit.. but the pics won’t show up.. That may mean I need to start deleting from the picture files.. that always makes me sad.  This could take awhile. 

Last night was horrible.. I am so tired.  I went to bed at 10:30, which is early for me.. and kept waking all night long.. Such a pain to deal with.. Then I realized this am.. that I can’t breathe out of my nose.. so the cpap isn’t going to work for me.  So I had to sleep without it.  I guess it has been a long time.. because now I feel oxygen deprived.. Headache needs to go away. 

David and I got into a huge argument yesterday.  Not good with the way I have been feeling because I ended up screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs.. I thought I was going to lose my voice for a bit there.. He is upset because he has been on restriction for 2 months now.  He has slowly been getting somethings back but not everything.. he has his computer back but no internet, and while we did allow him to sleep at Marty’s during the storm. (he works close to Marty’s house) and we let Marty sleep over one night last weekend.. He wants more.. I told him no.. He assumes that restriction is over.. No.  See we made this mistake of letting him make plans every weekend.. we hardly saw him anymore.. and he is having a hard time with the fact that those restrictions are permanent.. He will get his internet back eventually.. but no longer will he be making plans to sleep at others homes every weekend.. not going to happen.. it was a huge mistake to allow it before..

Of course.. after it is over, he always apologizes.. and I always forgive..

Last night we watched 24 (we had taped it).  I am totally enjoying it this year.. Annaleah was busy playing with her spiderman and another doll.. you could tell she was imagining an entire story in her head.. so I was just sitting there watching her.. Well, she caught me and said.. “Mommy, watch tv.”.. I said why?  she said “because I am your mommy and I know what’s best!”.. LOL

I can’t think of anything else to say.. I am trying to get better at commenting at the sites I read.. I really enjoy reading everyone on my list.  I just feel so bad for lurking all the time..

I will leave you with pictures.. If it works that is..

Anna loves the taste of snow.

On the way back to the house

The front yard.. our neighbor made a cave

Our snow filled front yard

Good Morning..

We have another 2-4 inches coming today.. It has already started snowing.. I don’t see spring anywhere at this point.  David is home from school.  Today was supposed to be makeup exams.. but now there is no school, which means he will be home tomorrow also since he has no makeup exams to take.  Angel will probably end up working from home, since it will be easier than driving.  As for me, the snow has changed plans again.  I have not been out of this house in 11 days (yes I am counting) I was supposed to visit a friend for the day.. Oh well. 

I usually enjoy being home.  I mean I am a definate homebody.. but after so long.. I start to really feel cooped up and just need to get out.. even if it is shopping or something.  Maybe we can do something this weekend. 

My poor chicks.  Yesterday they made an attempt to get out.  They have walked on snow before.. but never this much.  They would walk off their ramp and then start to sink in the snow.. freak out and flap their wings like crazy til they are back in the coop.. I think they are feeling quite cooped up as well. 

I started a fire yesterday.. really freaked me out.. I put potatoes into a pan, filled it with water in the sink.  Put it on the burner and turned it on to boil.. Then I left the room.. Not long after I am smelling something..and it isn’t nice smelling.. I look over to the kitchen and the pan is up in flames!

I was in shock.. so the first thing I did was make sure nothing else was going to catch on fire.. then I removed the pan from the burner.. Then I just stared at it.. I was in shock as to why my burner was on fire.. After the I put out the fire.. I had finally figured it out.. somehow one of my pampered chef Nylon Pan Scrapers.. had stuck to the bottom of the pan..

Nylon Pan Scrapers

Oh what a mess.. I did manage to clean it up but we had to live with the smell all night.. ugh.

I got a phone call yesterday.. Jade and Kaitlyn are coming on February 19th to spend a week.. Whoo hoo.. I am excited.. however, hubby is not that happy.  We were going to go to a party with a bunch of co-workers that night.. hmm.. I have to think of something.. He was really looking for some time out as a couple with other couples.. and I don’t blame him.. But I am still excited about the girls coming.. 🙂

Ok, My tea is finished.. so it is time for me to start my day.. That is one neat thing about the paper route.. I get plenty of alone time because Angel always goes back to bed.. I wanted to join him but Anna is wide awake watching cartoons this morning..

Catch you later.


Wow.. It has been a long time.  I am having such a hard time keeping up since Christmas.. Let’s see.. anything new around here

  • We started delivering newspapers in the morning..
  • Which means I am now up at 4am
  • It has been freezing here.. like below zero!
  • David has been pretty good
  • Except for Sunday Night
  • When Angel asked him to turn off the music around 11pm
  • Angel ended up shutting off the power in his room
  • David ended the night by slamming his fist into his bedroom wall..
  • Next morning his hand was swollen
  • Mean mom I am.. I sent him to school
  • Then the Nurse called
  • She believed it was broken
  • So we took him to the hospital
  • With me feeling oh so guilty for sending him to school
  • There are no broken bones, fracture or anything
  • They did nothing for him but wrap it
  • So now we have 100.00 co-pay for someone to tell us what I already thought
  • I hope he doesn’t continue to punch any walls til he can pay his own hospital bills..
  • I was supposed to go away last weekend
  • No dishes, meals to cook, laundry to wash.. I couldn’t wait
  • But a blizzard came
  • Plans got cancelled
  • We have 2ft of snow outside
  • I want Spring.. NOW!  Please..
  • I have been eating white bread for the last few days..
  • My face swells up when I touch it now..
  • why is it so hard to stop?
  • I bought 2 gluten free books on Amazon
  • Hope I find some time today to bake some non wheat goodies..
  • I leave you with pictures.

Anna’s favorite toy and hero ever..

She loves the movies too.

She also carries this around everywhere. 

She got Erica doll (from the barbie movie) and now claims that it is Mary Jane..

She pretends with them all day long.


My baby girl is getting so big


Poor Danny can barely go for his potty break


My backyard as I walk to the chicken coop


My girls are waiting for their treat.. warm oatmeal today


Don’t think the girls are gonna want to come out and play..

Look at how much snow I had to clear, just to open the door.



I can’t believe I have not posted.. and right now I need to be in bed.. why?? Because today I started a paper route.. so I now have to get up at 4am, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.. so long night life..

It was kinda funny.. I sat here daily looking at my daily schedule.. and one thing on the list (Walk) never got checked off.. and I whined and complained.. I don’t wanna walk.  Well, then I get a phone call.. David had asked about a paper route 4 years ago.. When he was 12.. and they have a route open.. and it is about 2 blocks away.. right where I used to live.. David doesn’t want it.. Since he now works at Mc Donalds.. so I sat here and thought.. Lord, are you telling me something..

So now I have no excuse.. absolutely none.. I have to walk and deliver the papers before 7am.. The fun begins.. lol..

Ok.. off to bed for me.. night all.


Q1: Let’s say you came into work one morning to find that the daughter of one of your office’s night time cleaning crew members had used your computer to surf the Internet and to type up and print a junior high school book report, all without asking for your permission to do so. What do you do?

I think I would just smile and ask what she was doing.  I am a non-confrontational person. However, the next time she tries she may find my computer password protected..

Q2: You are next in line in the ’12 items or less’ check out lane at the grocery store, and just as you’re about to lay your 10 items down on the conveyor belt, you notice that the guy behind you in line is holding only one loaf of bread. As a general rule, do you offer one-loaf-man your place in line, or do you continue checking out yourself? What if roles were reversed, and instead of being in an express lane, you find yourself holding only one loaf of bread, and the person in front of you in the checkout lane has a shopping cart crammed full with groceries. Do you ask the person in front of you if you can skip ahead of them, or do you patiently wait your turn?

It depends on my mood and who I am with.  I would have no problem with letting that person in front of me. I would never ask someone if I could skip ahead.  I would patiently wait my turn.

Q3: Which are you more looking forward to… this weekend, which signifies the start of NFL playoff games, or, this weekend, which signifies the end of the first work week of 2005?

Mmmm.. neither.. I look forward to my family being home.. so actually I guess that would be the second.. the end of my hubby’s work week.

Q4: Do you buy bottled water? If so, are you loyal to one particular brand over all others?

I do not buy bottled water often.. and I am not loyal to one brand. 


Friday Five — January 7, 2005
This week’s questions were suggested by [info]ladyravenwood.

1. What is the first book you remember reading?

Fifteen by Beverly Clearly

2. What is your favorite book?

Red River of the North Series

3. Who is your favorite author?

Lauraine Snelling

4. Pick up the nearest book (magazine or any available printed material will do). Turn to page 24 (or the closest to it). Go to the 7th line. What is it?

boycott of Nestle’ until the corporation changes the way it (mothering magazine)

5. If you could be any character in literature, who would you be?

Laura Ingalls Wilder


This picture was a camera error.. but certainly came in handy.

The story begins on Monday evening, after dinner. 

David asked me to give him a hair cut. 

I perfer to cut in the kitchen because of the many lights and the open area. 

We keep two of the bulbs off to save a little bit of $$. 

As I was cutting, I needed more light so I reached up and turned the bulb facing you in the picture. 

Then I continued cutting his hair.


Angel was also in great need of a hair cut, but decided to wait another day. 

Annaleah wanted a hair cut, but I convinced her to wait

Annaleah was helping me sweep up all the hair.

Then she lingered in the kitchen, asking for a slice of french bread. 

After she got her bread, she went to the living room.

I grabbed a dish towel and reached up to touch the bulb

I never got to turn it.

The entire light, fan, everything, came crashing down to the floor.

There I was, in the corner of my kitchen, barefoot, glass all around me,

imagining every thought possible

David, Annaleah & Angel could have all been sitting there. 


Thank you Lord, for, once again, protecting my family.

Karen Hellier

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