This picture was a camera error.. but certainly came in handy.

The story begins on Monday evening, after dinner. 

David asked me to give him a hair cut. 

I perfer to cut in the kitchen because of the many lights and the open area. 

We keep two of the bulbs off to save a little bit of $$. 

As I was cutting, I needed more light so I reached up and turned the bulb facing you in the picture. 

Then I continued cutting his hair.


Angel was also in great need of a hair cut, but decided to wait another day. 

Annaleah wanted a hair cut, but I convinced her to wait

Annaleah was helping me sweep up all the hair.

Then she lingered in the kitchen, asking for a slice of french bread. 

After she got her bread, she went to the living room.

I grabbed a dish towel and reached up to touch the bulb

I never got to turn it.

The entire light, fan, everything, came crashing down to the floor.

There I was, in the corner of my kitchen, barefoot, glass all around me,

imagining every thought possible

David, Annaleah & Angel could have all been sitting there. 


Thank you Lord, for, once again, protecting my family.