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<– I really like the green haired one. (how’d you get those anyway?  by zippyboot


I had to do a bit of searching because I couldn’t remember where I got this eprop.. but I did find it.

The eprops I use is called Mermaid Melody.  This site is worth checking out for all kinds of interesting things you can change with Xanga. 


I have no clue what to blog about today.. yesterday was a typical day in our home.  I did finally watch a pre-recorded Super Nanny.. I find the show really interesting.  I felt so bad for the mom in this episode.. To hear that heart-wrenching cry and ignore it.. ugh.. I wouldn’t be able to do it in my opinion.. But I will say.. it worked.. and I kinda like that idea they used as opposed to shutting the door and leaving the child alone.



Well, I guess there is nothing to really say today..  I will be spending the day working in Annaleah’s room.. Have a great day!