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We go to get the girls today.. whoo hoo!! 

I did a 3 hour grocery shopping yesterday.. I think I am ready for them..

Can ya tell I am excited!


Wow.. it has been a week.. I have slacked online.  Here is an update..


I finally went to get a hair cut and eyebrows waxed.  Now anyone who knows me knows that I hate to be the focus of someone’s attention.. and I really dislike the entire salon experience.. however, I love the feel of my hair afterwards.  My last haircut was in June and eyebrows I have only had waxed once and that was for my wedding over 5 years ago..

Angel at first told me he was taking friday off work.. He had worked most of the weekend before and finished all his hours.. great.. it was perfect timing.  Then it turned out that he would have to work about an hour.. he would take anna with him and drop me off.  Now previous experience told me the it would be more than an hour and I would end up waiting for him for quite a while.  When he dropped me off he said.. 2 hours.. ok.. I told him I will call him and walk around to wait for him.

I got the hair done (long layers).. and the brows.. (man did that ever hurt) then went to the thrift store next door.  I found an awesome 3 layer dinosaur puzzle for annaleah and some little things for the girls this weekend.  Then I went to the phone booth.  I only had two quarters.. So I called Angel’s cell, like he had requested.  He wasn’t answering..So, I hung up before voice mail so I can retreive my quarter and call his desk.. nope.. no quarters came back.. ugh..

So I walk across the street and head for the bathroom in Stop&Shop, (had to go since the minute I got dropped off 2 hours earlier)  While washing my hands I glance in the mirror.. oh my word.. my brows were 4 times the normal size and bright red.. I looked like a freak!

So I proceed to walk to the cash register covering myself with my hair and a bit and not making any eye contact with anyone.. I buy a bag of candy for .99 and take my change to call angel.. He says he will be a bit longer.. so I walk around forever.. I pick up some groceries, not much. and then I found myself in the book/video/dvd section..

Do you know those huge bin of dvd’s.. They just toss in the movies so it is a disaster and you have to weed through them to see what titles they are getting rid of.. (walmart has them for 5.50 a movie.. ) Well, if you go to stop&shop in Norwich, CT.. you will find them completely organized.. that is right.. I stood there and while browsing through all the titles.. completely organized them so that anyone and see all the titles without moving a finger… Talk about boredom..

Angel showed up about 4 hours after he dropped me off.. (the battery in his car died as he was trying to leave work.. )


We headed out to RI.  Angel dropped me off at my mom’s.  Later on, mom had a full house.. My cuz Glenda came with her three children (includeing 2 month old), my uncle Chris and my Gram.  We reall y had a great time.. Uncle Chris was a favorite growing up.. He was always so much fun to be around.  Katelynn fell in love with Cole.. I have lots of pics.. but can’t share them because I forgot to ask permission.. =(

That night we sat with the girls and watched part of black beauty and then my mom and I chatted til very late.. It was very nice.


Church.. wow.. getting 3 girls out of the house for church was torture.. and very stressful.. but we made it.. I didn’t go to sunday school because the class for annaleah is overwhelming.. she isn’t used to so many kids.. and there were definately alot of them.. So I was able to stay with her. 

I was able to see one of my best friends in RI.. and her family.  I have not seen them in a few years.. and my the kids have grown.. Korey is taller than me.. Brittney is a beautiful young lady that I did not recognize.. It was totally shocking.. the younger ones have also gotten soo big.. it is always nice to see friends from the past. 

After Church, we headed to my cuz Louann’s baby shower.  It both saddens and excites me to watch the times changing.  Louann lived with me for a few years during her teen years and I am so shocked that she is now a wife and mom to be.. The shower went very well and it is always nice to see my cousins again.. especially Lisa.. we seem to have such a hard time lately, connecting.. We used to be so close.. called each other a few times a day even.. Now I am lucky if we get in contact once every three months.. But I knew it would get harder when I married and moved away to another state..


Spent alot of time catching up on house work.. Also have a chicken that decided to go into nesting stage.  Angel finally got the eggs from under her.. She would probably sit on them forever.. they are not going to hatch as we don’t have a rooster.. 

Oh yes.. valentines day.. we kept it very simple. I bought the kids a movie and a bit of candy.. david got a bag of peanut butter cups and Annaleah got just a little box of chocolates.. she is not a candy girl.  Angel and I exchanged computer games.. He got me the Sims Mega Deluxe (go ahead and laugh) I do enjoy the game.. and my expansion pack I had went missing over a year ago.. I love building and decorating Sims homes.. ( I know I know.. I am strange.. lol)


Even with no eggs the hen is really having a hard time and refuses to leave the nest.  So I finally manage to drag her out and found some broken eggs underneath her.. I can’t even really clean her up because it is getting so cold again.. I cleaned up as much as I could and she went right back in there..

We decided, spur of the moment to check out a new restaurant in town.. 99.  It was very good.. I definately enjoyed it. 

Wednesday & Thursday

Annaleah is sick.. with a fever of 101.8 most of the day.. She will barely speak except to ask why her nose keeps running, and say “No, Mommy.  I told you I am not hungry”  She ate a few nibbles of things but that was it.  Thursday,  she felt much better but still coughing and nose running.. She is getting very frustrated with that.. and talks non-stop .. guess she had to make up for lost times.. LOL

Friday (Today)

I have been getting ready for the girls this weekend.. prepping menu’s and shopping lists as well as listing things to do with them.. inside and outside.. as well as places to go.. Don’t be surprised if I don’t post at all next week.. I am sure they will keep me very busy.  I will make sure to take lots of pics though.  I have permission to share them via internet.  🙂

Right now i have a child literally hanging from my arms. So I will go.. good night all.

To answer zippyboot:

The tator tots were so easy.. you cook the potatoes but not too much.. so they are firm enough to put through a ricer.. I used a shredder.  add a little bit of flour.. think it is about 1 tbs per 2 potatoes.  Add salt and pepper.  Then you roll them up into little balls and cook them in a pan of oil.. after they are golden you can either freeze them.. or put them in the oven for a bit.. I think I did about 350 for 15 min.. watch carefully so they don’t burn.

As for the profile Pic.. I used a free animator my husband found online.  it was really simple to use.. The extension for this file is .gif.  Unfortunately when we had to redo the computer I lost the program.  Here is a link for some online ones I just found.. but I do not know how trustworthy they are..  Hope that helps.


Yesterday went very well.. I definately enjoyed having company.  I was able to clean Anna’s room before they arrived.. and pickup was a cinch after they left.. Last night we headed to Walmart to pick up a few items.. My only question is.. how does a few items turn into 100.00??  When we came home we watched Smallville then crashed.. I was totally exhausted..

This am there was a huge fog covering the area.. The paper never arrived at the usual time.. After we waited an hour and 1/2.. I decided to call and make sure all was ok.. Turns out the guy in the delivery truck was short.. so instead of saying anything.. he skipped our route and went home and to bed!  By the time our supervisor came and gave us the paper.. we had 30 min to fold them with bands and deliver.. ugh.. definately threw me off..

When Annaleah woke up, she saw outside and said.. oh no mommy, it is sleepy fog.. I am getting sleepy.. LOL.. gotta love Dragon Tales.. Now that we have extended cable again (after 5 years without it) she loves Dora, Blues Clues and Lazy Town.. Her speach just amazes me.. all of a sudden she is using much more descriptive words.. and man she talks forever..LOL.. My little pigeon has also started to eat non-stop.. I see a growth spurt coming on..

Tonight I am making buffalo chicken strips, and homemade tator tots.. one of our favorite meals.. I love spicy hot chicken dipped in ranch dressing.. whoo hoo


I do not like dental appointments.  I had a different hygentist today..and wow did she hurt.. you know it is bad when she is scraping your teeth and everytime she moves her hands.. you see more blood than before covering her fingertips.. ugh..

The Bank situation.. so not good.. Apparently all they are telling me is they have turned all evidence over to the fraud department and there will be an investigation.. I pointed out the lies in the letter and she just wouldn’t answer about them.. just kept going on about how they found out that they could make him pay.. oh.. she did say she still had the check.. If I wanted to see that.. I was like.. what is that going to prove?? She said.. the amount of the check and on the back is the stamp of what it was cashed for.. I said.. that doesn’t tell me how much money actually changed hands..  I am so shocked!  Can they really go after a minor for this.. I thought they are supposed to go after the parents.. and don’t we deserve to see the proof before we dish out the money??  I am totally stunned..

Well, I have company coming today.. lots of cleaning to do..

I feel so good right now.. I managed to complete my entire to do list yesterday.. That is a major accomplishment. 

Today we have dental appointments.. all of us (except Anna).. Then I need to go to a bank to get to the bottom of something..

David started his new job in December.. two weeks later he went to the local bank to cash his checks (Mc Donalds account is at this bank).  He had never cashed a check before, the teller found it extremely humorous that he didn’t know how to sign a check.  David told her it was his first job.  We took him to the mall that night.. He was really hoping for enough money to buy a leather jacket..(lol) and was surprised that he was only getting paid 118.00.. So he did not have enough..

Two weeks later the bank called here.. I had David call them back.  Turns out they claim that David owes them 70.00.. and they want him to pay back the money..

I called the bank the next day and asked to speak with the manager.. I informed them who I was and that my son was only 16.. I asked for info on why they called him.. They claim that the teller accidently rang in the amount of the check to 188 instead of 118.. and handed David 188.00.  They said they had proof that money was given because the computer shows how much was given.. I asked if they have video tapes to show the change of hands and they said it would take weeks to go through it.  They  also told me that they could not force him to pay any money.. and that it was a teller error.. but they were hoping for him to be honest..

I spoke with David.. he said.. he never took the money.. I spoke to hubby and he even said.. we would have seen him blow it.. he doesn’t believe it is true. 

They called David again last week.. However, David was at school.. they closed before he got home.. so the next day he called them back.  I was standing right there when he said he did not get extra money and that he would not be paying them for money he did not receive. 

David received a letter on Saturday.. it claims that they have attempted to call him on several occassions and he has not returned their calls and that they are expecting payments by a certain date..

Does this seem fishy to you??

A friend was cashing a check at another bank and gave them this story (before we received the letter) and the teller there said they can not legally contact a minor on something like that.. and that even if the money was given.. it was a teller error and the person is not responsible..

Don’t get me wrong.. if he got the money.. I would expect him to pay it back.. It would be the right thing to do..

So hopefully this will get cleared up soon.

In response to daylesmilk

according to my doctor it is not uncommon for a child to have some hearing loss after tubes are removed, for up to a year after.

That is really interesting.. Anna’s doc never mentioned that.. However, I think the main concern was the fluid buildup, it was pretty bad, and her speech was getting bad as well.. I was told a child with a cleft palate has to work extra hard on speech and that it was extremely important that we didn’t baby talk and she learned the proper speech.. However, when the hearing loss started.. her speech started getting pretty bad and the therapist was very worried.. it took 6 months to reteach her after she had tubes put back in and the hearing test was normal. 

Ok.. must start my day.

Once again.. I have neglected to journal.  It is just amazing to me how time flies..

Annaleah had a wonderful doc appointment this week.  She went in for a hearing test and Ear checkup with the specialists in Hartford.  Her tubes have been out for over 4 months.. Last time they fell out she had suffered a hearing loss due to a buildup of fluid in her ears.. This time.. she is doing great.. Hearing test was great and there is no fluids.. I am so hoping this is it.  I really don’t want to have to take her in again for tubes..

Does anyone watch Super Nanny?  I am really enjoying the show.. so far I have learned quite a bit from her.  I have seen Nanny 911 a few times and I really am skeptical about that one.. I didn’t like the way the pacifier was removed from two children in one episode.. I even expressed myself on a message board about it.. It amazes me how angry people get when one shares her opinion. 

It is warming up here.. whoo hoo.. spring is on its way.. I can’t wait.. now if only the snow would just melt away.. right now with the warm sun during the day.. and the colder nights.. we are left with ice.. and lets just say.. Ice and I do not get along!



Well his restrictions are finally pretty much lifted.  There are a few things that are not changing.  I am trying to find the time to sit and discuss those things with him.. I am definately not making the same mistake twice..


I have been trying to lay off him in alot of areas.. during the last few years he has been changing alot of things.. like the chain around his neck, the plastics bracelets he work, the spiked belts and bracelets, dressing all black and huge pants (that I have refused to buy with our money) and growing his bangs pretty long.. then putting it in dreads..


Well, about 3 months ago, he took off the chain.. 2 months ago, he cut off all of his bracelets, he slowly stopped wearing the spikes and the all black.. has been wearing jeans.. and the latest thing.. He came home sunday night and declared he was tired of his bangs.. and he cut them off..


I am still in shock.. but definately not complaining.


Early BedTime:


My schedule is all messed up.. I used to stay up late.. til around 12-1am.   I would get up at 6am to start my day.. Before marriage, about 5 years ago.. and longer.. I used to do daycare.. I would stay up around 12-1am.. (Jade would get picked up around 11:30 most nights.) and be up at 4:30 am for Samantha and Jacob to arrive.. I did fine.. that was my schedule..


I guess I am now getting old.. I can’t handle it anymore.  Now that I get up between 4-4:30am.. by 9pm I am wiped out.. I can’t function anymore.. not good at all.. I am not the only one.. hubby is practically crawling into bed at 10pm.. We have officially gotten old.. ugh..


I will close now.. I am trying a schedule today and it is baking day.. I am praying that I get it all done..





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