I feel so good right now.. I managed to complete my entire to do list yesterday.. That is a major accomplishment. 

Today we have dental appointments.. all of us (except Anna).. Then I need to go to a bank to get to the bottom of something..

David started his new job in December.. two weeks later he went to the local bank to cash his checks (Mc Donalds account is at this bank).  He had never cashed a check before, the teller found it extremely humorous that he didn’t know how to sign a check.  David told her it was his first job.  We took him to the mall that night.. He was really hoping for enough money to buy a leather jacket..(lol) and was surprised that he was only getting paid 118.00.. So he did not have enough..

Two weeks later the bank called here.. I had David call them back.  Turns out they claim that David owes them 70.00.. and they want him to pay back the money..

I called the bank the next day and asked to speak with the manager.. I informed them who I was and that my son was only 16.. I asked for info on why they called him.. They claim that the teller accidently rang in the amount of the check to 188 instead of 118.. and handed David 188.00.  They said they had proof that money was given because the computer shows how much was given.. I asked if they have video tapes to show the change of hands and they said it would take weeks to go through it.  They  also told me that they could not force him to pay any money.. and that it was a teller error.. but they were hoping for him to be honest..

I spoke with David.. he said.. he never took the money.. I spoke to hubby and he even said.. we would have seen him blow it.. he doesn’t believe it is true. 

They called David again last week.. However, David was at school.. they closed before he got home.. so the next day he called them back.  I was standing right there when he said he did not get extra money and that he would not be paying them for money he did not receive. 

David received a letter on Saturday.. it claims that they have attempted to call him on several occassions and he has not returned their calls and that they are expecting payments by a certain date..

Does this seem fishy to you??

A friend was cashing a check at another bank and gave them this story (before we received the letter) and the teller there said they can not legally contact a minor on something like that.. and that even if the money was given.. it was a teller error and the person is not responsible..

Don’t get me wrong.. if he got the money.. I would expect him to pay it back.. It would be the right thing to do..

So hopefully this will get cleared up soon.

In response to daylesmilk

according to my doctor it is not uncommon for a child to have some hearing loss after tubes are removed, for up to a year after.

That is really interesting.. Anna’s doc never mentioned that.. However, I think the main concern was the fluid buildup, it was pretty bad, and her speech was getting bad as well.. I was told a child with a cleft palate has to work extra hard on speech and that it was extremely important that we didn’t baby talk and she learned the proper speech.. However, when the hearing loss started.. her speech started getting pretty bad and the therapist was very worried.. it took 6 months to reteach her after she had tubes put back in and the hearing test was normal. 

Ok.. must start my day.