I do not like dental appointments.  I had a different hygentist today..and wow did she hurt.. you know it is bad when she is scraping your teeth and everytime she moves her hands.. you see more blood than before covering her fingertips.. ugh..

The Bank situation.. so not good.. Apparently all they are telling me is they have turned all evidence over to the fraud department and there will be an investigation.. I pointed out the lies in the letter and she just wouldn’t answer about them.. just kept going on about how they found out that they could make him pay.. oh.. she did say she still had the check.. If I wanted to see that.. I was like.. what is that going to prove?? She said.. the amount of the check and on the back is the stamp of what it was cashed for.. I said.. that doesn’t tell me how much money actually changed hands..  I am so shocked!  Can they really go after a minor for this.. I thought they are supposed to go after the parents.. and don’t we deserve to see the proof before we dish out the money??  I am totally stunned..

Well, I have company coming today.. lots of cleaning to do..