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Every year we deal with some damage done by the plow trucks.. we are on a cul-de-sac and I am at the very end.. So we suffer the most.  This year is worse than ever.  We never saw the damage because this is where all the snow goes from the street.  It has finally melted and here is what we see.

The broken pieces are where all the flowers are.. I never planted them.. they came with the house.

I have called the town and water company.. The curbside box for the water is damaged.. can no open.  So far no one has called me back.. ugh.

Anna’s set up .. It is a stage.. she is singing along with shania twain.. LOL.

I am going to finally get my hands dirty this year.  I so want to garden.. I know nothing but will learn along the way.  I want to do container gardening.  I found a window box (the long skinny one) for 3.00 at job lot.  I want to do my cilantro and parsley in there.  I bought two ten gallon bins ( the grey one) and we have tons of those buckets all over the house.

I found these two at the dollar store. 

Annaleah loves strawberries.. so we will see how this goes. I also bought tons of seeds.. Cukes, tomatoes, green beans, lettuce, hot peppers, summer squashes, onions, bunching onions, carrots, eggplant.. and the list goes on..

Yes.. we have new chicks!!  They were just hatched on Sunday and we got them last night.  They are absolutely adorable.

The yellow ones are white rocks.  The black ones are black sex links, and the marking are araucanas.. (they lay green eggs) We got two of each chick.

Thank you for all prayers for Angel.. He was in massive pain again this morning.. It started at 4am.  He is finally sleeping now. 





10 am.  We get ready to leave.  Angel gets a call from work.. Ends up grabbing things  he needs and tells me he will have to drop me off at church.  David also gets a call from work.  They want him in early.  We now have to drop him off at Marty’s now so he can walk down to work for noon.


10:30 we drop David and Marty off and Angel realizes he left the stove on.  We head home instead and he ends up working from home.


12 noon.. David calls to tell me that work made a mistake and meant to call someone else.  So now he is hanging around doing nothing for 3 hours.


2 pm.. David calls he forgot his boots for work.. Angel has to drive down there and meet him.


4pm .. Angel comes from the bathroom with intense pain in his left side.. from the front to the back.. he is doubled over in pain.  Can barely talk.. He tries  walking it off.  He says it is pulsating.. he goes to lay down .. can’t for long.. he is pacing back and forth


4:30pm we call the neighbor for a ride to the hospital.


5:25 arrive at hospital.  During the time in the waiting room, anna tells angel that she is sick and needs to be seen by doctor. 


7:00 (or sometime after) finally go into room, chatted with nurse, etc.. Nurse mentions kidney stones. Anna tells nurse all her boo boos and sicknesses.. lol.. Nurse gets her a band aid and a popsicle.  Anna’s pretty lilac dress and white sweater now where a bright red not to mention her lips.


8:30 Doc comes in and asks questions.. also mentions kidney stones.. He would like to do a cat scan.. Says hospital is very busy so it will take a while.. but he thinks it is possible to get us out by 10pm.  Anna tries to tell him about her boo boos also.


9:00pm David calls Angel’s cell (which he forgot to turn off.. oops)  I take the phone to the waiting room and try to call back.. but I can’t.. I don’t know how to use a cell phone and can’t find the caller id thingy to get the number.. ugh.. and it is written on paper in my purse.. which i left in angel’s room.. So I go back and volunteer guides me to their phone.. whew.


9:30.. Lot of ambulance patients.. they need angel’s spot.. they wheel him out to the hall.  Then tell me that Anna and I have to go back to the waiting room.. She looked so lovely in her stained sweater and church dressed.. lol.. what a sight.


10:30.. I have had it.. anna is driving me nuts!!  she wants daddy and she wants to know what the doctor is doing to daddy.  She has to go pee every 20 min.. and is all over the place.. and decided that she isn’t shy anymore.


11:30.. still no news..


12 midnight.. Still no word.. but yippee .. anna is finally asleep.  I call david and tell him to sleep at friends house.. It is just getting to late.


12:30.. I ask the triage doc/nurse?? if I can find out if Angel was ok.. I am starting to get worried at this point.. He is extremely nice.. gets the info for me.. takes my stuff and puts it behind his station and leads me through a employee only door to sit with angel..


The results are in.. he has two stones.. one in left side one in right.. and may have passed a stone.  They give him instructions and send us home.


1:30 am the neighbor comes and picks us up.. He is also incredibly nice.. I feel so indebted to them.  The neighbor worked very early sunday morning.. and still waited for us to call them for a ride home.. (we live 30 min away from hospital..


2:00 am  home sweet home.. we all get into bed.. dressed and all. 


4:30 am.. I get up to do the paper route.. but first I weigh in.. it is weigh in day.. Down four more pounds!!!  Whoo hoo.. needed some good news today!


5:30 am.. discover neighbor’s car gone.. he left for work on very little sleep. 


Day starts over again as usual..


I am tired.. angel seems ok .. slept most of the morning.. I need sleep.. going to bed now.. good night.




It has been a very busy weekend.  We took mom home on Saturday, after a tax appointment.. Then we stopped by Abe’s place.  It was nice to see him again.. I was teasing him about leaving us.  We really did enjoy him here.  Annaleah loved seeing him again.  As we were leaving.. Anna asked if we were bringing him home with us. LOL.. she is definately gettiing used to having all that company we have had the last few months. 

After we left Abe’s, we went to Angel’s other brother’s home.  (Cesar).  We had a very good day Saturday.  I kinda miss visiting people like that.  We have two other friends that we haven’t seen in a year or longer.. We have to find some time to go visit them. 

My weight watchers points almost went out the window.  It is really hard when you are on the road all day.  However, I managed not to go overboard.. I used up all my flex points.. (actually went over 1.5 points) and still lost a lb.  8 pounds in two weeks.. Not bad at all. 

Sunday Night we went and checked out a local church.. It was a very nice building and felt more like a church.. The interesting thing was that they have about the same amount of families that we do at our church.. yet they seem to have more things for the kids, and are more involved.  The sermon had a topic.. (which I miss) and even when I did get distracted.. It was easy to get back into it.  At our church now.. if I am distracted.. I am lost for the rest of the service..

The people were very friendly.  I had a nice chat with two of the ladies (one being the pastor’s wife) and Anna played with a young girl.  Angel was bombarded with men on all sides of him.. lol..

We will be going back again to continue checking it out..

Gotta go rub Anna’s tummy.. it hurts..

We take Mom home today.. I will miss her. 

I had mom take some pics of
me the other day.. front, side, and back view.. don’t think I will
share it here.. not comfortable with that yet.. but I figured I
could use some before pics.

Mom has definatly been enjoying her quality time with Annaleah

Thursday is Arts and Crafts day at our house.


Notice the arms.. what a mess!

Anna is showing Daddy her boo boo.. over the phone.. lol

Annaleah is getting really good at taking pictures..

Anna took a picture of Danny.. (that is my arm )

and our kitty, Baby

Annaleah got a paper cut yesterday.. and refused to let us touch it.. it was bleeding too.

a close up of her boo boo.. (no clue why it is so big).. she painted her own nails.. LOL.

Mom snapped a few shots.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Ok.. enough for today.. have a great day!







We made 100 crab cream cheese wontons.. yumm.. they are in the freezer now.



We finally got the car back.. Yeah!!  500.00 though.. but glad to have it back..



We had decided to go to the Outback Steakhouse.. The weather went from warm and raining to freezing cold.. windy and snowing.. but we decided to brave the storm..


We had an awesome time.. I completely lost track of my points.. but it was delish!  We  started out with an onion blossom to share.. David doesn’t care for it.. or thought he didn’t.. but he ended up eating alot They gave us some bread while waiting (which was also good).


I had a dover platter (chicken and ribs) with steamed veggies.. and it was very good.. ribs just melted in my mouth..


Annaleah was so funny.. she has an obsession with spiderman.. and mary Jane.  She kept watching our wattress.. I asked her if something was wrong and she said.. mommy.. that is mary jane (quietly) .. remember.. she kissed spiderman.. (she is also obsessed with kisses)..  LOL.


So for the rest of the dinner.. she was in awe every time the wattress walked by.. lol. 


We truly had a wonderful time..


Then we left for the slow drive home.. the wind and snow was horrible.. but we made it home safely.. It was a good night for us..


But the poor chickens.. they had been out in the warm rain.. I went to check on them and the temp had dropped so fast.. their feathers were frozen.  We ended up bringing in a heater for them and adding extra hay.. They seemed content..


While watching Gilmore Girls.. We had an ice cream float.. Angel put in 3 scoops.. that float was 15 points!!  There goes the flex points for the week.. I gotta be good.. 🙂


Nothing to share today.. just a typical day in this neck of the woods.


Yesterday was an all around odd day.. With Angel being here most of the day.  The taxi he called never came.. Then the newspaper called..


When we deliver our papers, we fold them and put a rubber band around them.  We deliver to apartment buildings.  There are four apartments in every building.. we go inside and deliver to each door.  We deliver 20 sample papers for two week periods as well as our normal customers..


Shop Rite (a grocery store) gave out a sunday sample to everyone on our street.. It came in a pink bag and there were no sunday ads..


Our manager got a complaint today from the apartment complex we deliver to.. They came in to work yesterday morning and found that someone had dumped 4 newspapers outside of every apartment building.. the papers were flying all over the place.. there are 42 buildings.. can you imagine the mess..


Well, we got the blame.. kinda.. the people at the complex didn’t tell our manager everything.. so he thought we were just throwing all the papers outside instead of taking them indoors.. We quickly explained to him what had happened.. No one told him this was going to happen.. he is clueless.. we don’t know whether the store just ordered the papers and didn’t tell them or if the main people in charge didn’t tell our manager..


Our manager is not happy.. this is his zone.. and on his head.. if it doesn’t get cleared up.. He will not be allowed to offer the paper to anyone in the complex again..


What a mess. 


As for the car.. Angel called another Taxi cab.. then called AAA when he got there.. the guy who came to tow the car.. was the same one from last week.. Turns out it is the fuel pump.. dead..


Hopefully we get the car back today.. Tonight we take mom out to the Outback Steakhouse.. I am thankful for weight watchers flex points..



To answer a question in my comment section..


I am doing weight watchers.. all I do is count points.. I have 31 points a day.. I get more points for exercising.. and 35 extra points a week.. in case I need them.. So far I get to eat whatever I want.. like outback tonight.. but I find myself thinking.. Do I want to waste a point on this??  So the food has to be worthy enough for Let me know if there are any more questions. 


Off to start my day.


Yesterday was quite interesting..


Angel and I decided to try another church last night.  Even though Anna was feeling great, we decided she shouldn’t be out in the cold so soon. So my mom stayed home with her.


We left to drop David off at work first.  Since we were leaving fairly early we decided to take a walk in the job lot store nearby.  After we were done we went to the car.  Angel talked about getting a milkshake. 


The car wouldn’t start.. We just had the car fixed last monday for another problem that costed 800.00.  So after some tinkering and advice from a stranger.. (it wasn’t the battery) we headed back over to Mc. D’s to talk to David.


We told David that we would not be able to pick him up at 10.. He managed to get a ride.  Then Angel went to order milkshakes but they were not on the menu.  so he asked for the price.. 2.50 for a small, 3.06 med.. 3.89 for a large.. well that completely upset him so we left with nothing. 


We went backt to car at the other end of the parking lot.. still nothing.. so we walked over to the bank at another plaza across the street.  After taking out some money we called my mom at home.. and asked her to give us a cab number from the phone book.  We called the cab and walked back to the car..


now.. we were pretty alone out there.. as it was sunday and most of the stores were closed.. So after about 10 min.. a cab came and we hoped it.. further down the road he was told that the customer was still waitning for him.. turns out .. we were in the wrong


All ended fine as we went back and picked him up, we discovered that he was going somewhere on the way to our place.. but I feel bad that we jilted another cab. 


Anna drove me crazy last night.. She was so hyped up.. and no nap.. I have never experienced a child like her.. yesterday she felt the need to explain everything to me.. and i mean everything.. I was in the bathroom yesterday and she needed to explain that I needed to wipe myself and flush the toilet and I need to let her go to the bathroom too.. I was so not wanting to deal.. lol.. I tried to lay down with her and watch dinosaurs.. oh no.. she had to act out every single detail in the movie.. lol.. silly girl.

Ok.. so this morning I woke up and stepped on the scale.. it says I have lost 7 lbs this week!!  Is that even possible!  That makes a total of 12 lbs lost

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