Annaleah was not doing well at all yesterday. 

At one point went she woke up, she couldn’t even balance herself to go to the bathroom..

It was not a good thing to watch at all. 

Last night Anna was so weak, she got off her fold-out bed to blow her nose and fell asleep like this. 

When I woke her up I laid her down and gave her sippy cup to her, she told me her cup was too heavy to hold..

This morning she felt and looked 100% better!


Here is a pic of a big egg I found in the nest last week

I can’t wait to see if it is a double yolk.

I forgot to mention that I joined weight watchers online last week.  I think I have been doing pretty awesome with the points until yesterday. 

Angel and I took a drive to Mystic, CT. and decided to grab food out.  We stopped at an Indian Restaurant..

It was delish and I didn’t try to eat it all.. but the appetizers definately used alot of points. 

I found out that weight watchers has a site for each ethnic restaurant and I got some great pointers for next time. 

I did have flex points so everything was still good.


I need to lose alot and I mean alot of weight.  I am 36 going on 37 in July.  It scares me to think that I can hit 40 and be like this. 

 My knees are having a hard time lately and I tire so easily. 

I am going to have my mom take pics of me while she is here.. I do not plan on posting them at this time.. lol..

I am just not ready for that.. maybe after I have an after pic. lol..


Well, I am supposed to be cleaning before everyone gets back from church.. so it is time for me to go. 

Thank you all for the comments on Annaleah. 

I didn’t take her to church because I really thought it was too early to get her out in the cold. 

Bye for now.