Yesterday was quite interesting..


Angel and I decided to try another church last night.  Even though Anna was feeling great, we decided she shouldn’t be out in the cold so soon. So my mom stayed home with her.


We left to drop David off at work first.  Since we were leaving fairly early we decided to take a walk in the job lot store nearby.  After we were done we went to the car.  Angel talked about getting a milkshake. 


The car wouldn’t start.. We just had the car fixed last monday for another problem that costed 800.00.  So after some tinkering and advice from a stranger.. (it wasn’t the battery) we headed back over to Mc. D’s to talk to David.


We told David that we would not be able to pick him up at 10.. He managed to get a ride.  Then Angel went to order milkshakes but they were not on the menu.  so he asked for the price.. 2.50 for a small, 3.06 med.. 3.89 for a large.. well that completely upset him so we left with nothing. 


We went backt to car at the other end of the parking lot.. still nothing.. so we walked over to the bank at another plaza across the street.  After taking out some money we called my mom at home.. and asked her to give us a cab number from the phone book.  We called the cab and walked back to the car..


now.. we were pretty alone out there.. as it was sunday and most of the stores were closed.. So after about 10 min.. a cab came and we hoped it.. further down the road he was told that the customer was still waitning for him.. turns out .. we were in the wrong


All ended fine as we went back and picked him up, we discovered that he was going somewhere on the way to our place.. but I feel bad that we jilted another cab. 


Anna drove me crazy last night.. She was so hyped up.. and no nap.. I have never experienced a child like her.. yesterday she felt the need to explain everything to me.. and i mean everything.. I was in the bathroom yesterday and she needed to explain that I needed to wipe myself and flush the toilet and I need to let her go to the bathroom too.. I was so not wanting to deal.. lol.. I tried to lay down with her and watch dinosaurs.. oh no.. she had to act out every single detail in the movie.. lol.. silly girl.

Ok.. so this morning I woke up and stepped on the scale.. it says I have lost 7 lbs this week!!  Is that even possible!  That makes a total of 12 lbs lost