Yesterday was an all around odd day.. With Angel being here most of the day.  The taxi he called never came.. Then the newspaper called..


When we deliver our papers, we fold them and put a rubber band around them.  We deliver to apartment buildings.  There are four apartments in every building.. we go inside and deliver to each door.  We deliver 20 sample papers for two week periods as well as our normal customers..


Shop Rite (a grocery store) gave out a sunday sample to everyone on our street.. It came in a pink bag and there were no sunday ads..


Our manager got a complaint today from the apartment complex we deliver to.. They came in to work yesterday morning and found that someone had dumped 4 newspapers outside of every apartment building.. the papers were flying all over the place.. there are 42 buildings.. can you imagine the mess..


Well, we got the blame.. kinda.. the people at the complex didn’t tell our manager everything.. so he thought we were just throwing all the papers outside instead of taking them indoors.. We quickly explained to him what had happened.. No one told him this was going to happen.. he is clueless.. we don’t know whether the store just ordered the papers and didn’t tell them or if the main people in charge didn’t tell our manager..


Our manager is not happy.. this is his zone.. and on his head.. if it doesn’t get cleared up.. He will not be allowed to offer the paper to anyone in the complex again..


What a mess. 


As for the car.. Angel called another Taxi cab.. then called AAA when he got there.. the guy who came to tow the car.. was the same one from last week.. Turns out it is the fuel pump.. dead..


Hopefully we get the car back today.. Tonight we take mom out to the Outback Steakhouse.. I am thankful for weight watchers flex points..



To answer a question in my comment section..


I am doing weight watchers.. all I do is count points.. I have 31 points a day.. I get more points for exercising.. and 35 extra points a week.. in case I need them.. So far I get to eat whatever I want.. like outback tonight.. but I find myself thinking.. Do I want to waste a point on this??  So the food has to be worthy enough for Let me know if there are any more questions. 


Off to start my day.