We made 100 crab cream cheese wontons.. yumm.. they are in the freezer now.



We finally got the car back.. Yeah!!  500.00 though.. but glad to have it back..



We had decided to go to the Outback Steakhouse.. The weather went from warm and raining to freezing cold.. windy and snowing.. but we decided to brave the storm..


We had an awesome time.. I completely lost track of my points.. but it was delish!  We  started out with an onion blossom to share.. David doesn’t care for it.. or thought he didn’t.. but he ended up eating alot They gave us some bread while waiting (which was also good).


I had a dover platter (chicken and ribs) with steamed veggies.. and it was very good.. ribs just melted in my mouth..


Annaleah was so funny.. she has an obsession with spiderman.. and mary Jane.  She kept watching our wattress.. I asked her if something was wrong and she said.. mommy.. that is mary jane (quietly) .. remember.. she kissed spiderman.. (she is also obsessed with kisses)..  LOL.


So for the rest of the dinner.. she was in awe every time the wattress walked by.. lol. 


We truly had a wonderful time..


Then we left for the slow drive home.. the wind and snow was horrible.. but we made it home safely.. It was a good night for us..


But the poor chickens.. they had been out in the warm rain.. I went to check on them and the temp had dropped so fast.. their feathers were frozen.  We ended up bringing in a heater for them and adding extra hay.. They seemed content..


While watching Gilmore Girls.. We had an ice cream float.. Angel put in 3 scoops.. that float was 15 points!!  There goes the flex points for the week.. I gotta be good.. 🙂


Nothing to share today.. just a typical day in this neck of the woods.