We take Mom home today.. I will miss her. 

I had mom take some pics of
me the other day.. front, side, and back view.. don’t think I will
share it here.. not comfortable with that yet.. but I figured I
could use some before pics.

Mom has definatly been enjoying her quality time with Annaleah

Thursday is Arts and Crafts day at our house.


Notice the arms.. what a mess!

Anna is showing Daddy her boo boo.. over the phone.. lol

Annaleah is getting really good at taking pictures..

Anna took a picture of Danny.. (that is my arm )

and our kitty, Baby

Annaleah got a paper cut yesterday.. and refused to let us touch it.. it was bleeding too.

a close up of her boo boo.. (no clue why it is so big).. she painted her own nails.. LOL.

Mom snapped a few shots.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Ok.. enough for today.. have a great day!