10 am.  We get ready to leave.  Angel gets a call from work.. Ends up grabbing things  he needs and tells me he will have to drop me off at church.  David also gets a call from work.  They want him in early.  We now have to drop him off at Marty’s now so he can walk down to work for noon.


10:30 we drop David and Marty off and Angel realizes he left the stove on.  We head home instead and he ends up working from home.


12 noon.. David calls to tell me that work made a mistake and meant to call someone else.  So now he is hanging around doing nothing for 3 hours.


2 pm.. David calls he forgot his boots for work.. Angel has to drive down there and meet him.


4pm .. Angel comes from the bathroom with intense pain in his left side.. from the front to the back.. he is doubled over in pain.  Can barely talk.. He tries  walking it off.  He says it is pulsating.. he goes to lay down .. can’t for long.. he is pacing back and forth


4:30pm we call the neighbor for a ride to the hospital.


5:25 arrive at hospital.  During the time in the waiting room, anna tells angel that she is sick and needs to be seen by doctor. 


7:00 (or sometime after) finally go into room, chatted with nurse, etc.. Nurse mentions kidney stones. Anna tells nurse all her boo boos and sicknesses.. lol.. Nurse gets her a band aid and a popsicle.  Anna’s pretty lilac dress and white sweater now where a bright red not to mention her lips.


8:30 Doc comes in and asks questions.. also mentions kidney stones.. He would like to do a cat scan.. Says hospital is very busy so it will take a while.. but he thinks it is possible to get us out by 10pm.  Anna tries to tell him about her boo boos also.


9:00pm David calls Angel’s cell (which he forgot to turn off.. oops)  I take the phone to the waiting room and try to call back.. but I can’t.. I don’t know how to use a cell phone and can’t find the caller id thingy to get the number.. ugh.. and it is written on paper in my purse.. which i left in angel’s room.. So I go back and volunteer guides me to their phone.. whew.


9:30.. Lot of ambulance patients.. they need angel’s spot.. they wheel him out to the hall.  Then tell me that Anna and I have to go back to the waiting room.. She looked so lovely in her stained sweater and church dressed.. lol.. what a sight.


10:30.. I have had it.. anna is driving me nuts!!  she wants daddy and she wants to know what the doctor is doing to daddy.  She has to go pee every 20 min.. and is all over the place.. and decided that she isn’t shy anymore.


11:30.. still no news..


12 midnight.. Still no word.. but yippee .. anna is finally asleep.  I call david and tell him to sleep at friends house.. It is just getting to late.


12:30.. I ask the triage doc/nurse?? if I can find out if Angel was ok.. I am starting to get worried at this point.. He is extremely nice.. gets the info for me.. takes my stuff and puts it behind his station and leads me through a employee only door to sit with angel..


The results are in.. he has two stones.. one in left side one in right.. and may have passed a stone.  They give him instructions and send us home.


1:30 am the neighbor comes and picks us up.. He is also incredibly nice.. I feel so indebted to them.  The neighbor worked very early sunday morning.. and still waited for us to call them for a ride home.. (we live 30 min away from hospital..


2:00 am  home sweet home.. we all get into bed.. dressed and all. 


4:30 am.. I get up to do the paper route.. but first I weigh in.. it is weigh in day.. Down four more pounds!!!  Whoo hoo.. needed some good news today!


5:30 am.. discover neighbor’s car gone.. he left for work on very little sleep. 


Day starts over again as usual..


I am tired.. angel seems ok .. slept most of the morning.. I need sleep.. going to bed now.. good night.